Batman and Robin… part 2

14 Jul

Batman & Robin…part 2.


The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Rays was two scooters, that meant Melvin and Richard were there. The next thing that was more conspicuous by its absence was that Ray’s dad’s car was not there. So the concern about his parents being there was ill founded. I commented on the fact and Toms reply was that it was better to be safe than sorry and that we, meaning I, had better check just in case his dad had dropped his mum off and gone down the club. A wise precaution, I thought, as Rays dad was a pal of my dad’s.

Well, when we walked in we could see that the racing cars had been abandoned so I looked in the front room to see if his mum was sitting there. The room was empty but the fire was still blazing away though. Funny how silly insignificant things stick in one’s mind; I remember thinking what an extravagant waste!
(I was to find out much later that that was not the case; Ray liked to fuck in front of a blazing fire!)


Tom and Rod leaving me to check the front room had gone into the back room and I could hear Ray admonishing them…”About time too, Tom. Where have you been? What’s kept you? We’ve been waiting ages and almost about to give up and start without you.”

“Start what?” I asked as I quickly followed them into the room.

They ignored my question.

“Oh, the dynamic duo…Rod’l l tell you about it.” He replied, and left it at that as he pushed past me muttering something about the car.

I had now noticed who was there; a room full already, waiting for us, why? (I could be so naive at times.)
I noticed Linda and Dave; they had been a bit anti-social off late so it was a nice surprise to see them there. Linda was squashed between Dave and Garry…no sign of Amanda. On the far side of the room were Richard and Mel – I had noticed their scooters outside – they were sitting on the floor sorting through a pile records. I could also hear that someone, or more, was in the kitchen. Rays mum, or maybe Amanda? So I went through to see and say hello. But no, it was neither, it was Sylvia clattering about in the process of making a brew.

We chatted for a minute or two about the prospect of Ray surviving long without his mum to look after him.
“You watch.” She said. “Be like a shit hole in a few weeks.”
I couldn’t but agree with her and told her that my mum was always saying that my dad and brother haven’t the faintest idea of how to keep house and home clean and tidy and that laundry is done by magic!
After a few more observations, to our amusement, at Rays pending domestic doom, I went to see who it was that we had just heard come in.

What a surprise! Anne and Brian had just walked in. They like Linda and Dave had also as a couple been a bit anti social for a several weeks. Anne waved to me but before either of us could say owt Ray wanted to show them around.
“Tea or coffee?” was all I got out as Ray was ushering them back into the hall way. “Yes please.” Was the reply. Oh, phooey! I went back and told Sylvia it was tea for everybody.
“Bollocks” she said handing me two mugs. “That’s you and Tom, the others can jolly well get their own,” and followed me into the room with her own and a mug for Ray, “I’m no skivvy!”

Tom looked up, “Thanks Joy we’ll have this then we will have to go if we’re going to have some time on our own. Don’t forget your dad wants you back home on Sundays by ten.”

“Oh that’s a shame, Tom.” It was Linda. “We were hoping you would both be interested in a game of high-low, but never mind, why don’t we all meet here for a game Tuesday evening?”

“That’s a good idea Linda. You up for that Joy?”

“What’s high-low Tom?” I asked.

“I will explain on the way home, come on drink up.”

Ray returned with Anne and Brian just as Dave was saying that he would sort it out with Ray and that it was a shame we were so late as they were all looking forward to it.

“Sort what out Dave?”

On their entrance Tom announced that “We’ve got to go now Ray. Does anyone want a lift into town?”

So much for being on our own I thought. I looked around, no takers, great!

So that’s why he went back to the car; spread over the front seat was my towel. Not only that, the back seat was covered too! No wonder he was so keen to get away. I was keen now too and even as we were saying our goodbyes I was getting my kit off. Then just as we had started to drive away…Garry and Rod were shouting for us to stop. I stopped removing my clothes. “They mean me Joy not you.” I knew what that meant and I started getting that tingling feeling. This was going to be an interesting day after all.


Batman and Robin

20 Mar

Batman and Robin.

After dropping Eddy off Rod, declaring himself famished, suggested that we should stop off at the Wimpy for something to eat.

“Yea come on Tom, I’m feeling hungry too.” I said.

I was nicely snuggled up to Rod and Tom just looked at us in his rear view mirror. He flashed me a smile, you know the type of smile, one of those smiles that says – ‘Hmmm, though not quite what I had in mind it will fit in with what I really want to do’. –

“That’s a good idea.” He said and headed into town.

At the first road junction Tom, with a big evil grin turned toward me “you wanna get your kit off Joy; Rod will help.”

“What! I have just got dressed.”

“That was for Eddies benefit Joy and also to prove a point.”

“Oh, and what point would that be, Tom?”

“That you’re not always naked in the car; that you don’t always travel like that.”


“But now, well, now this is for our benefit. So come on Joy.”

“Let’s get something to eat first,” Said Rod. “Then she won’t have to get dressed again will she?”

“Good point Rod I never thought of that. We know just the place to park too, don’t we Joy?”

Oh no! I knew exactly where he meant. And sure enough he parked in the little car park just round the corner from the Wimpy where we had parked the previous Sunday.

The Wimpy was practically empty apart from a few lads that they knew but there were none of their regular mates in, or, come to that anyone that I knew. So I chose to sit at a table away from the door in a corner. After a while these lads joined us and started chatting about this and that, as if I wasn’t there, as lads do.

Suddenly Rodney said to Tom
“Yes she will! You said his mum and dad might be there.”


Startled, I almost panicked, sitting there wide eyed. What was he going to say next? These lads we were with were not involved and certainly, as far as I knew no one outside of our playmates group was not even remotely aware of our activities. (Forgetting, of course, that before I started going with Tom, Anne and I had become quite well known locally as easy feels and that they were most probably aware of that reputation. Thinking about it now, I may very well have let one or more of them cop a feel. But then again, if I didn’t recognize any of them they probably didn’t recognize me out of context, that is, not at a tin mish or dance.)

I looked at Tom, he seemed just as taken aback.

“Eh? Oh, oh, yes I see, yes, hmmm, you’re quit right. Well when we’ve finished she will just have to put it all back on again on the way there won’t she?”
Then looking at me…
“You’ll manage that won’t you Joy?”

Aghast at this interchange I looked round, then sighed with relieve as no one seemed to have picked up on this.
“Tom.” I whispered in his ear. “No, I’ve got stockings on and I don’t want them ruined.”

“You could remove them in the toilets here.” He semi whispered back.

“Can’t we go somewhere else, Tom, you know my dad and uncles use that club and you did agree that we would not use any of the town car parks for our bit of fun.”

“It’ll be alright Joy; it was alright last week wasn’t it? Besides, nobody is going there as the club is shut now for a few days while it’s being redecorated in time for Christmas.”

I didn’t let on that I already knew that, as I had heard my dad moaning to mother about it being a nuisance having to use the other working men’s club because it was further to walk back home; there was no late bus on a Sunday.

“Come on Joy, be a good girl, off you go.”

Oh well that’s that then I thought. And reluctantly did as I was told.

When I got back they had all gone, even Rod. My expression must have said all as he said that he had given the car keys to Rod for him to start the engine to warm the car and put the covers over the back seat, ready.

When we got to the car, Rod had moved it to the far corner near where we had parked last time so I was a bit happier about things as it was a lot darker and more secluded.
“I thought it would be better over here just in case anyone forgot the clubs closed” said Rod.

“That was good thinking Rod.”
Then turning to me; “Now Joy you had better get your kit off before you get in. Put your clothes on the front seat, you needn’t bag’em, need you?”

I was pleased to see that whilst doing this I would be between the car and the trees and shrubs bordering the unlit footpath. Also with the car door open I realized that just in case my dad or uncles did happen by they wouldn’t be able to see me from the road or the rest of the car park.

I relaxed somewhat and whilst Tom held the door open for me, by the light of the interior light I started to take my clothes off. As I put my neatly folded clothes, item by item on the front seat I could see that Rod, watching from the back seat, was cranking up for action!
Finally, as I was standing naked in the light of the door wearing only a smile and now beginning to feeling the chill Tom decided that now he ought to check that Rod had covered the back seat properly. Rod had to get out too and that’s when I noticed he was only wearing a shirt and was more than ready for my attention!

I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw his ram rod cock start to droop in the chill night air.

I was beginning to feel the chill too so I cuddled up to Rod. I could feel his cock stirring as he pressed up to me. I had to have a feel as I was now quite eager to play with it!

Finally, and not too soon, I was told to get in; I didn’t need told twice as even with Rod trying to keep me warm I was really beginning to feel the cold. Tom shut the door and from inside in the warm I watched them play rock, paper, and scissors to determine who would be first! Rod had gone soft again.

The best of three; Rod won and was quickly beside me, his cock rapidly getting bigger.

Not being first I now knew wouldn’t bother Tom too much as, of choice, whenever there were a few of them he wanted me to entertain, he would often elect to go last or even wait until he had taken me home and we were saying ‘our’ goodbyes at the little car park on the estate where I lived.

Tom got in the front to watch whilst waiting his turn.

I lay back along the seat waiting for Rod to straddle me on his knees so that I could use both hands to play with him. I just loved to see his balls swinging about as I wanked him; feeling them hitting or brushing over various parts of me; just so nice.

Rod had started kissing me; I just so liked to be kissed! I was so engrossed I had, by now, forgotten where we were and as I now really liked it when I was being worked on by two and had two cocks to play with I was beginning to think that I should suggest that, no, request that Tom should come and join us as there was room enough in this car on the back seat for three to play.

Rod had just now asked Tom to pass over the ‘Morse’ torch. Sod the torch I just wanted more cock action!


Tom made the pair of us jump with that exclamation.

The lights went out and the engine started.

“I’ve just seen Batman and Robin dashing across the top of the car park to the footpath lane end. We had better clear off as they are definitely up to summat.”

Batman and Robin were the nick names of two of our local policemen that always seemed to be called out to investigate if there was a disturbance or anything untoward going on in town. Batman was the local DC and Robin his side kick the station desk sergeant and they would trawl the town for the usual ner’e do wells. So seeing them out and about was a good reason to clear off even if you weren’t on their radar.

Rod was dressed and I had my coat round me as we quickly left the car park from the top exit. As we drove past the footpath/lane end we could see that the dynamic duo were talking to the lads that had been in the Wimpy.

“It’s the lads from the Wimpy” I said “I wonder what that’s all about?”

Tom just said that we had better get dressed. I reminded him that my clothes were on the front seat and that he would have to stop somewhere. Where did he stop??? Of all places the market place!
We were soon on our way though as I was soon, with a little help, dressed, stockings and all.

On our way to Ray’s we started speculating about what may have brought the dynamic duo out of their cave…could have been that lot messing about smoking up the lane was the consensus.

I also observed that; “It was just as well Tom hadn’t passed the torch or joined in. How embarrassing if they had caught us…how would you explain that to my dad, Tom?”

We were still laughing when we arrived at Ray’s.

THE SECRET…why we hadn’t seen our boyfriends all week.

15 Dec

THE SECRET… why we hadn’t seen our boyfriends all week.

I was a little early but much to my surprise Tom was there already, waiting impatiently by the car, door open. “Come on Joy, we are picking Eddy up at Knutsford but Ray wants you to be the first to see what we have been up to all week.”
Well, that took the wind out of my sails. As did the cuddle, the kiss, not to mention the little bunch of flowers.
“Something cropped up Joy that Ray couldn’t refuse so we all waded in to help him out. I’m saying no more, Joy, as it will spoil things for him.”

He held the door open for me and as I got in the first thing I noticed was that there were no mates, just the two of us; no passengers, now that was unusual.
I just sat there, even though my towel was spread over my side of the front bench type seat. I was wondering what they could have possibly been up to that had to involve not only Tom, Dave and Rod but also Brian!

Over the last few months Brian and Anne had drifted off and were seldom involved, as a couple, in anything other than the dances and youth clubs though I still saw Anne at school as well as Guides and church. That’s how I knew that Brian must be involved in whatever it was they were up to.
As Ray lived with his parents I made no attempt to travel in my usual mode thinking that we would be seeing him there; wrong! I was woken from my thoughts by Tom admonishing my lack of action…

“Come on Joy, pay attention. Look where we are.”

We were almost out of town. Whilst I hurriedly got my kit off and stowed in the spare bag I was asking Tom what we were going to be doing.
As I was asking him I thought; that’s a silly question.
He just smiled at me, he thought it was a silly question too,and told me that I would find out soon enough as he pulled off the road into a layby.
“Here?” I asked.
“No, silly, I haven’t seen or felt you all week…”
That was pretty obvious, the bulge in his pants was so enormous I just had to let the beast out for a minute or two, or three, or four. He was soon forgiven.

He didn’t let me wank him off and after an all too short while we were on our way again leaving me eager for more.

“Here we are; this is what it’s been all about.” He had pulled up outside a couple of run down farm cottages on a remote side road a couple of miles or so out of town. It was a large loop caused by road improvements and it seemed right in the middle of nowhere, there was nothing else there apart from a dirt lane that I assumed led to the rear of the buildings; they looked really dilapidated. Tom told me to wait in the car and he went into the smaller of the two.
Shortly after Ray came bounding out. “Come on Joy, come and have a look round. This will be better than Linda’s.” He almost pulled the door off its hinges! “Come on Joy. There really is no need to put any kit on Joy. There’s no need to bother at all as no one lives next door, its empty and there really is no one around for miles, it’s almost perfect, dontcha think?”

Oh what the hell; he had almost pulled me out of the car by now anyway. “Perfect for what, Raymond?” I asked as he led me in.

What he didn’t tell me was that Rod and Garry were inside waiting for me to run in but it wasn’t them that I noticed first.

The front door opened into a hall way and when I ran in the first thing I saw was that electric racing car track (my brother had it; scalectric or something like) looping from the front room into the hall, past the stairs and into the back room, with a couple of mirrors placed, obviously so that from where ever the drivers were they could still see the whole track. I looked into the front room and that’s when I noticed Rod and Garry, big grins on their faces. I just stood there in the door way, them being there was just so unexpected; they had obviously watched me run across to the house and were for the moment no longer interested in the racing cars. Garry, patting the seat next to him on the sofa, invited me to sit next to him.
Standing by the window was Tom, also grinning, “Well, Joy, welcome to Ray’s new abode. This is what we have spent all week sorting out.”

Before I could decide what to do I could hear Ray, who was now behind me, telling me to ignore them as he wanted to show me around his new home.
There wasn’t much to a farm labourer’s cottage, two rooms and a kitchen on the ground floor with a yard and outside loo. Upstairs were three rooms, two bedrooms and a room that had been a bedroom but had at sometime been converted into what was now a dilapidated bathroom, sadly everything was in need of repair and modernising. There was also a flight of steep stairs into an attic room which they had made no attempt to clean; it was in a frightful mess. The rest of the house wasn’t much better but they had had a go at it and to them it was pristine (?). The male attempt at cleaning certainly leaves a lot to be desired.

As he was showing me around, what slowly dawned on me was my situation. I was naked, I was following him around totally naked, yet now, not that aware of it. On reflection this was my first real experience of cmnf. It was quite strange, almost surreal. In the car and at Linda’s when I was naked like this in company there was always a certain tension of sexual expectation, here there was none!

As we entered each room, Raymond was babbling on about his (or was it their)plans for the place, and, when in the down stairs rooms the lads just carried on doing whatever they were doing, ignoring my nakedness and acting as if I were fully clothed. Once I realized that, that there was no sexual expectation from me I relaxed too and very quickly forgot about my nudity.

With a fire on in the front and back room the whole place was quite cosy. Tom and I ended up in the back room chatting with Ray whilst he made a brew. Well, really we were listening whilst he explained how he had got the place and how they had all pulled together to beg borrow or steal to carpet and furnish it. He was telling me that a chap where he worked had inherited the two dwellings and after some persuasion was quite happy to let Ray live in the more habitable cottage for free (!) whilst he renovated the empty one. Sort of like an unpaid security guard as the chap could only work on it when his shifts and family commitments would allow. The only stipulation was that Ray would move out when he wanted to start on this cottage.
Then with an evil smile on his face; “Apart from that, Joy, it takes the pressure off Linda as we can all meet up here now. So on the face of it it’s one of those rare win, win situations. What do you think, all right eh?”

Like I said, it was cosy sitting there snuggled up to Tom. The only thing was that every few minutes a couple of racing cars would come whizzing through. Tom and Ray sometimes shouted a comment but for the most part just ignored them, unless one of the cars flew off the track and they shouted through from the front room for one of us to put it back on the track. I did try but was soon told not to bother.
I couldn’t ignore them, as from where I was sitting, I could see them in one of the mirrors and couldn’t tell if they were looking at me or following the cars; they did often come off the track at the same place.

By now Ray and Tom were deep in discussion about how best to make use of the opportunities that having this place presented for them.

As I was not included in this discussion I joined them in the front room. Garry moved so that I could join him on the small sofa and he showed me how to drive one of the cars. I could now see that I had been in full view and that sitting here I was now in full view of Tom and Ray, they just took no notice.
Rod and Garry were still crashing the cars at the same place. Eventually they decided that the track needed realigned at that place and left me to curl up in front of the fire.
I could hear them mumbling away about doing something or another here but I didn’t take much notice; the flames and embers of a real fire are so mesmerising I disappeared into my own thoughts.

“Joy, Joy wake up. Run a car through please so we can see if it’s all right now.”
As I was about to do as asked Tom came through and told me to never mind that as it was time to go for Eddy. I had forgotten about Eddy.

“Any one wanna come with us?” He asked.
“Na.” Was the joint reply.

Just as we were about to drive off Rod came running out. “Tom, Tom.”
We stopped and Rod dived into the back, “I’ve changed me mind, that ok?”
“You might as well get in the back too Joy, Rod can keep you warm. Don’t forget your towel.”

I snuggled up to Rod and felt for his obviously stiff cock. He just pulled me close so that he could cup my tits, just like Ray does, so that he could feel them jiggling on his palms. And that was it, they chatted as if I wasn’t there!

There was no sign of Eddy so Tom told me to put something on and we would go for a brew while we waited; he was probably there anyway.
Normally whenever we were in one of these places he liked me to flash and he (oft times we) would be scanning around looking for a target but not on this occasion. I was not quite ignored but not completely involved in his conversation with Rod. My ears pricked up at the mention of a party but Tom soon quashed my excitement of that prospect.
“No not one of my parties Joy. Just a house warmer for Ray, that’s all.”

I just switched off, and then went for a look around the shop and that’s where I bumped into Eddy, or rather, he found me.
He came bubbling up, “Joy, Joy, I’m so pleased to see you here; just you and Tom? Have you been waiting long?” Then looking around, “where is Tom, have I time for a drink?”
He looked unkempt. Not really dirty, just the, you know, the sort of been camping unkempt.
“No, Rodney is with us and we have only been here half-n-hour or so. You will find them in the cafe.”

“Oh, Joy, I am really pleased your here too.” He said as he left me to find them.

I knew exactly what he meant by that; he was hoping for a repeat performance on the journey back home.

“Now that’s an idea, Joy.” It was Tom; I was looking at those round sweet lollypops wondering whether to get some for my two youngest siblings. But, before I could even think on the meaning or implications of what he had just said, he continued…”come on Joy, time to go Eddy has decided he won’t have a brew after all. He wants to get on…”

“Oh yea!” I knew what he really meant and so did Tom.

When we got to the car Tom suggested that I might like to travel in the back too.

Rod just smiled but Eddy’s grin was ear to ear. It was obvious that I should sit in between them and getting in I noticed that my towel was draped over the back of the front seats not covering the seat I would be on. I was not to travel naked after all. Eddy would be disappointed.

I just sat back and enjoyed the confusion this caused to Eddy’s expectations as I made no move to disrobe neither did Rod make any attempt to assist me in removing any of my garments. Rod was quite content to sit there and watch my tits jiggle under my top, making no attempt to touch or reveal them. Eddy’s disappointment was so obvious it was amusing to observe the descent into what seemed like a sulk as Tom engaged his attention to talk about his (Eddy) rock climbing trip to the Lakes.

Eddy was to get a consolation prize though.

When we were about half way on our return journey Tom pulled off the road and told me that he had been thinking that as we would be going back to Rays after dropping Eddy off I had better get fully dressed as if I was going home.

“What do you mean?” I asked, a little surprised by this turn of events.

“Well, we aint sure who will be there so better safe than sorry. You had better put your stockings on as well, just in case.”

“Just in case of what Tom?”

“Just in case his parents are there, Joy.”

Oh, I had never thought of that.

The implication of what Tom had just said slowly dawned on Eddy too. In order for me to do that I had to get undressed; it wasn’t long before he and Rod were helping me…

The Barn part two addendum continuation…

2 Dec

The Barn part two…addendum continuation.

It seemed like ages before they got back from looking at Garry’s car. Then, once again the doors of the Wimpy flew open; what was it about a car that could be so exciting? They were all chatter about this aspect and that aspect but the biggest thing they were on about was that for its age (?) it was built with flashing indicator lights! Funny how that has stuck in my mind.
Tom eventually came over to me and I asked him to take me home, whispering that I was still extremely uncomfortable. Much to my surprise he was actually concerned but not so much that as we took our leave Tom told them that they were to wait for him as he would not be long. So much for a goodnight kisses and grope! But to be honest I was quite pleased as I don’t think I would have enjoyed much more.
As soon as we got outside he put his arm around me and cuddled me in telling me how wonderful I had been and asking if I had enjoyed the day as much as they had. The truth is I had and I told him so but for now I just wanted to get home to lie down as I ached so much. He suggested that I should rest for a couple of days and he would see me at Linda’s Wednesday about seven.
We were outside my house now and as we were kissing goodnight two of my younger sisters happened by; “Joy!” they squealed “it’s our Joy. Kissing!” And ran in no doubt to tell our parents what they caught me doing.
“Oh dear! Tom, I’ll see you Wednesday.”
I got in just as mum was telling them to stop shouting and that it was nothing to get excited about, it was perfectly normal to give your boyfriend a little kiss
Mother took one look at me, one of those – I know what you’ve been doing young lady – looks. After sending them to bed she admonished my lack of discretion and suggested that I should take a bath, sort out my things for school and do likewise.
When I got to my room I was horrified to see in my mirror just how grubby and dishevelled I was; I looked like I had been pulled through a hedge backwards! What she thought I had been up to I will never know, she never mentioned it again. I just hope that she thought that my awkward gait was because I had had a drink or two. . Fortunately father was out otherwise I’m sure it would have been a different story.

Wednesday evening at last!
Tom said he would meet me at Linda’s about seven thirty; I couldn’t wait. As was quite normal when both her parents were working late we would arrange to do our homework together. Sometimes she had tea at our house first then to get some peace and quiet we would go back to her house but we seldom did any home work on a possible romp night. Although because of Linda’s paranoia they were now few and far between. I could tell that this evening was likely to be an exception as she was expecting Dave and was so obviously excited about something. She was asking me what I thought of the barn and telling me that she and Dave used it whenever they visited her grandmother but on that occasion they just could not get away. They were both really cheesed at missing all the fun, but hoped to make up for it soon, maybe even tonight! All the time she was also asking all sorts of questions, hinting about things as if she knew what I had let them do…
The first to arrive was Garry, Tony, and Amanda, to be shortly followed by Sylvia. Sylvia? She seldom attended these soirées at Linda’s. The next to arrive was Melvin and Richard; we knew it was them as we could hear the noise of their scooters as they drove up to the house. Eight o’clock came and went and still no sign of Tom, Dave or Ray. We weren’t sure if Rod was going to be there or not. The first to leave were Mel and Richard as they knew (at this stage) that, without Tom, I was not going to be providing any entertainment!
The others left soon after, most probably for the same reason, leaving two very fed up girls. Especially Linda as she had psyched herself into my showing her what they missed at the barn…
One of those rare occasions that I was quite relieved that Tom didn’t show.

Because we saw each other daily at school I knew that like me, Anne and Linda hadn’t seen their boyfriends all week either; no explanation, no message, nothing.
We all usually met up in the Wimpy after work on Saturdays; Tom and Ray were the only ones not to arrive leaving me and Sylvia like two sad wall flowers. It turned out that Sylvia hadn’t seen Ray all week either. When Brian and Dave showed up they quickly disappeared before Sylvia or I could ask them any questions. Just as I was about to leave Ray walked in.
“Ah, I was hoping you would still be here Joy. Tom says he’s sorry he can’t make it tonight but will meet you tomorrow at the usual time and place.”
“But where have you all been all week?” I asked. “Where were you all on Wednesday?”
“Oh! Oh, they have been helping me sort a few things out, Joy. I’ve got the car can we give you a lift home?”
I felt like I wanted to cry. “No, I will get the bus.”
I stomped out. I was so pissed off with them all; with Tom, with the world. I just wanted to go home.

Just wait ‘til I see him tomorrow. I’ll give him what for, grrrr.


24 Jul

rod-tomI found this photo that shows the difference between Tom and Rodney. You can now see why I enjoyed Rodney’s attention so much…It was even more exciting when I started being fucked by Tom and his mates.

Found this photo which really shows the difference;when really stiff Rod was still able to swing his balls around which I found really exciting!

Found this photo which really shows the difference;when really stiff Rod was still able to swing his balls around which I found really exciting!

THE BARN…addendum

23 Jun

THE BARN part two…addendum


Much to Rays chagrin we were back late but fortunately for Ray when we drew up outside the Wimpy we could see that Sylvia, along with a few others was still there. Rod decided that he would join them too but before they got out, each gave me a kiss on the cheek and a, cheerio, squeeze of my tits. And all this outside the Wimpy! I was now getting so blasé about being naked in the car it had become so normal for me I was now more aware of being clothed in the car than not.

“Come on Joy lets go somewhere quiet, it’ll be nice to be alone for a while. I will stop somewhere for you to get in beside me.”

So much for somewhere quiet and out of sight; within a few yards and in the centre of town he turned left into a side street.

“Here will do Joy, come on be quick before someone comes round the corner.”

I was quick, jolly quick. It was almost as if he wanted me to be captured naked. Or, worse still, captured by some one that knows me and my family, as one of the working men’s club that my dad frequents was only a little further along the road and Tom knew that!

“That was a silly risk, Tom, my dad or any of my uncles could’ve turned that corner…”

“I know Joy, but you were very quick so it would have been unlikely that they would have realized it was you or even that you had no clothes on. Don’t worry about it, I’m sure they wouldn’t have even noticed, as you now know most people don’t and if they did it would have been a blur of someone just getting into a car. It’s just the same as you travelling in the car the way I like you to travel with me; you have relaxed about it now that you have realized that people very seldom notice and if they do they seldom react or believe what they have just seen.

“Hey let’s stop here anyway then afterwards we can pop back to the wimpy for a coffee before I take you home.”

Just a bit further up from where he stopped  there was (and still is) a small off street car park that seldom used at night except when there is something on at the WM club.


“Tom, what are you doing? A town car park? You said we would never use the town car parks unless I was dressed. There are cars here, people will see us.”


“We will go to the far side under the trees, no one parks over there and no one ever uses the footpath after dark because it’s not lit.”

Well he was right about the footpath, Anne and I had often taken lads there and in the shadows of the trees  let them have a feel.  He had stopped well away from the other parked cars, so, well ok, just this once. I never gave the interior light a passing thought it was so normal for it to be on to the extent that now I only ever noticed when it was off.

It was so nice to be alone with him, for a change, that I was cuddling up to him trying to get his zip undone which was proving a bit difficult as his cock was ram rod stiff; which pleased me immensely.

“You were magnificent today Joy. I am so pleased with you that I want you to wank me all over your tits and I want you to suck on my balls too while you do it. But first let’s get you warmed up with this…”

A coke bottle! Where did that come from? As if I wasn’t used enough already; how do I get out of this? I didn’t. But, it wasn’t as bad as I at first thought it would be.

“I don’t need to be warmed up for you, Tom, least of all by that! Just kiss me that’s all I need, just you to kiss me.” Well, weren’t they the right magic words I thought he had forgotten about the bottle.

To be able to suck on his balls I had to lie on my back and he, for once, removed his trousers and knickers so that he could kneel over me like in a kneeling up 69 position so that he could reach and fiddle with my fanny whilst dangling his balls on my face for me to kiss them. At first his balls were loose and I could kiss and suck on them – they didn’t taste very nice- but the more I played with them and pulled on his cock the tighter his sac got; the tighter his sac got the less his balls swung about the less I could suck on them so I soon gave up on that; not that he seemed to notice as whilst I was doing that I could feel that he was once again trying to get something into me. By the feel of it, it had to be that coke bottle. Thank goodness it was neck end first as it was slipping in quit easily. Oh well, I thought, I hope he aint going to be too rough! As if I haven’t had enough for one day.

As it turned out I needn’t have worried too much as I could feel him slipping it in, gently pushing until I felt it getting tighter as he got to the first bulge on the bottle and that’s as far in as he pushed it, all gentle like. In and out, twisting it around too but never attempting to force it up beyond the point of getting tight.

Then the bottle stopped moving, it was still there but he had let go of it and I could feel that the base had dropped down between my legs and that the bottle top was still inside me, it felt like it was somehow wedged up behind my pubic bone where it stayed for what seemed like ages whilst he shifted off me to rummage in the glove box.

He produced the flash torch they had used earlier on me; “let’s try this again. I just love it when you make it flash.”

His moving around must have dislodged the bottle as I felt it slowly slide out only to be quickly replaced by the torch. “We won’t need this on now” he said reaching up to turn the light off.

These torches with the little button on the side had to go in quite a long way for me to be able to operate the flashing mechanism by flexing my pelvic floor muscles, a bit like trying to stop your wee! Normally I would not have a problem with this but what with our earlier fun, this time I certainly knew it was there; to the point that it soon became so uncomfortable, not quite painful, but not far short of being so. I realized I wasn’t going to be able to keep this thing in for much longer let alone keep on fidgeting to press the flashing button. I think he realized that too as he was having to constantly push it back in and hold it in place. Eventually he shifted slightly so that I was better able to wank him off and very soon there was a prodigious explosion of spunk. His sudden lifting up away from my face as well as this sudden effusion of spunk – the first shot on my lips and chin the rest in squirted ribbons over my chest and tits – took his mind off the torch and, much to my relief, I was able to gently push down on it until it slowly slide out…The perfect end to a perfect day.

Now for that promised Wimpy.

We left the car in the car park and walked to the Wimpy. As it was only a few hundred yards away it seemed silly to drive there just for the sake of it.

That was a mistake.

Within a short distance that dull ache and sensation of pulling in my lower belly became more pronounced and I started to feel swollen, swollen as if something big was still inside me. I was sure there wasn’t but by the time we got to the Wimpy it was so uncomfortable I felt I was walking in a noticeably peculiar manner. It was, or so it seemed to me, like when they had me walking whilst trying to hold partially inserted in my vagina that swivel head torch to illuminate the way.

Perhaps there was nothing outwardly noticeable but it certainly seemed it to me.  Tom never noticed, he was just babbling on about the day’s events and that it was a shame Dave and Linda didn’t show up…”‘Cos with two of you to play with it would’ve been twice the fun! You have enjoyed the day haven’t you Joy?”…

Tom wanted to know if I had really enjoyed the day and if I was happy about what we were doing and if I was really ok about others, from time to time being involved doing things like today too. “Maybe Dave and Linda as well next time Joy, or even Sylvia? Now that’s a thought, Sylvia, how about that?”

The implication of this, at the time, never really registered and I basically dismissed it as I just thought he meant our regular playmates not the possible involvement of others yet unknown. Also, my immediate thought had been that the reference to ‘we’ meant not the ‘ we’, meaning  just us two, but the embracive ‘we’ meaning  had I enjoyed what ‘they’ were doing to me?

What could I say?

I had not, not enjoyed it, that was pretty obvious. But, then again, I was not over enthusiastic about a ‘too soon’ repeat performance which I was certain he was implying with Dave and Linda involved too. Not only that, today, they had all been a bit too enthusiastic, bordering on being too rough with me at times. Though I must say that when I did complain they without question immediately moderated or stopped whatever activity it was that was occasioning me discomfort only continuing if I was ok about them doing so…In reality I was just as enthusiastic about it all as much as they were, as I thought that this was all leading up to and going to be my first fuck!

“Well, today was certainly different Tom.”

“Will you do it again, Joy?”

I knew it, well I thought I knew exactly where this was going and, to be honest, I was quite excited by the prospect; perhaps next time…


With that exciting prospect in mind…

“Maybe, Tom, but only if you promise not to use anything like that again; it really was too big for me. I only brought that carrot along as a joke between you and me because it looked like a giants stiff willie! I didn’t expect you to show them two, neither did I expect or even really want you to use it on me like that let alone let others see what else I let you do with me; I was so embarrassed.

So only if you promise, Tom, promise?”

I was really hurting now, every step was a pain; I really hoped it didn’t show.

“Tom! Promise?” He brightly, almost too brightly, promised.

“Alright then Tom, but, not if I don’t want to, promise?”

We were at the Wimpy now. Surprise, surprise Anne and Brian were there sitting with Sylvia, Amanda and Linda. Linda? But where were the boys?

Sylvia told us that no sooner had we dropped them off than Garry had whisked them off again to see the car he has just bought.

Anne was watching me, or so it seemed as I carefully slid in beside her hoping she wouldn’t notice my discomfort.

“You two are late.” She said “I thought we were all meeting up at eight.”

“No, not really, we dropped Ray and Rod just after eight and went to park the car….”

I slowly turned to look at Tom; “I didn’t know that, you didn’t say anything about that, Tom.”

Anne had one of those annoying knowing smiles on her face.

“Brian’s just the same Joy. Any excuse parking up and checking that things are still where he last felt them.”

Everyone cracked up at that…so did I; it was just so true.


The door flew open and there they were spilling in.

Dave, who was in first, seeing Brian and Tom, said that they had to come and see what Garry had just got for fifty quid!

As they were all trooping back out the door Rod looked at me and with a big smile on his face said that I would like it too as it had a big front seat.


Sylvia looked at me. “You look rather flushed Joy. Not doing too much, are we?”


Anne just looked at me with one of those searching quizzical expressions. Then after a brief pause – you know the type of pause that seems to last an embarrassing age – we resumed a mundane conversation of neither nowt nor summat ‘till the boys got back…







THE BARN part two

24 Apr

THE BARN part two….

How could I forget Tom? I suddenly felt really guilty as I had been so wrapped up in my overwhelming desire to be fucked by someone, anyone. It was so strong no particular person featured in my fantasy of desire to be fucked; I was so wound up I thought I was going to explode! Or at the least burst into tears of frustration. This sensation hadn’t happened to me before, why was this time so different? I had wanked them before, individually, and as a group. No, it was more than that, all I could think of was that this time the finger fucking was different…was more intense. Rod had certainly touched me in places that had aroused sensations I had not previously experienced; not even from Tom.
I just so wanted to be fucked! One of them or all of them I didn’t care…Just fucking fuck me!
It was Tom saying “My turn now Joy” that brought me back, with a start, to reality.
He had retrieved my bag from the boot containing my tissues and wipes and other things and directed Ray and Rodney to clean me up before I joined him in the front.
Ray and Dave enjoyed doing this and usually made the most of the opportunity to caress and fondle me; this was Rodney’s first time and Ray took much delight in showing him how Tom liked it done. Needles to say Rodney was quick learning a task he was consequently, often to undertake. I too enjoyed this process and would often just lie there enjoying the sensations of their attentions to the finest of detail!
It was quite dark now and when I was finally ready to join Tom he told me to get in the driver’s side as he wanted plenty of space. Space for what, I thought. Is this it? Is he going to fuck me? I couldn’t get there quick enough!
In the mean time Ray and Rod were getting dressed and Ray was reminding Tom that he was supposed to be meeting Sylvia in the Wimpy at eight… So whatever he was going to do to me he didn’t have long.
“Plenty of time” said Tom, looking down at me, as I was by now laying along the front seat with my legs as wide as I could get them impatiently waiting for him to get undressed for what I thought was going to happen.

Now, isn’t it funny how some things in life that have far reaching consequences just happen and having happened cannot be retracted. Some things that we do but if we had had time to think about it, or been asked if we would like to do whatever it is we would (maybe?) very well not have done so. But, having done so once, have inadvertently set the die for the inevitable unbeknown future activities.
This was to be just one of those events.
I am laying there all excited. I am expecting Tom to fuck me never mind that Ray and Rodney were watching; they may get to fuck me too. I found the thought of that happening excited me even more; I am almost beside myself with excitement…But no!
Tom, knowing what was likely to be inside, had picked up my bag and was rummaging inside.
“What have we here Joy, have you brought along anything new?
Because I think it’s about time we showed them what else we can do with you Joy.”
We can do with you? The meaning and implication of that for the moment was completely lost on me
“Oh my, Joy, this looks interesting.”
I was mortified;” oh no! No Tom, no, not that.”
Too late now; He had produced the carrot I had filched from my mothers veg bag. He was holding it up for all to see.
I had brought it along not to be used as our possible plaything but more so as a joke as I thought it looked very much like a stiff willie, albeit a bit thicker and longer than a real one, it even had a recognizable, though somewhat fanciful, bulbous knob end, like a enlarged real one!
“Now this is really something Joy. Let’s see if we can make it fit, shall we?
I could feel him touching me with it. “No Tom, please Tom, not with them two watching.” I looked up and sure enough they were leaning over the back of the seat, all the more to get a better view of what Tom was trying to do to me.
He moved in close between my legs forcing them a bit wider and the next thing I know he is trying to work it into me.
Craning my neck to try and see what he was attempting to do I attempted to stop him, “no Tom it’s far too big” but he just kept pushing my hands aside telling me to stop being silly and eventually told them to hold my hands still.
Funny that I wasn’t happy about them watching Tom do this to me with the carrot, yet I had been quite happy that they should watch when I thought Tom was going to fuck me; strange eh?

After a while the sensations of having Tom trying to work this thing into me was getting me all roused up again, and I too wanted it in me, almost as much as they did; probably more so than they realized.
I finally relaxed completely when Ray observed that it was even bigger than Rod’s rod! Such a ridiculous comparison we all started laughing. After that, instead of fighting them I started to actually co-operate a bit more. Eventually, with some KY spread on it, and also with my hands free to now help guide it in the right direction, with me also trying to squiggle onto it, it finally slipped in. Getting it in was not being helped by the bulbous knob end; it really was too big and was by far the thickest thing that he had so far tried to push in there. All the previous items had been thinner or had had a slight taper which obviously made their insertion a lot easier. When this went in it went in all of a sudden as I finally slipped over the bulbous end; it didn’t hurt but I certainly knew it had gone in as the sudden unexpected insertion made me squeal out loud and jerk away from him. I also reactively grabbed hold of it to stop it going in any further so that Tom thought he had hurt me.
Ray and Rod hadn’t noticed, or didn’t care, and were urging Tom to push harder to see how much of it could be got into me but Tom observing my concern slowly drew it almost out. He, with a wicked grin on his face, almost instantly pushed it back in.
It went in easier this time. And so it went on, alternating sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, all the time getting deeper until I had to ask him to stop as it was pushing too deep and becoming uncomfortable. Not painfully so, just more a dull ache from it being pushed in too deep beyond my comfort zone. Though willing to experiment, I was still, at this stage of my sexual development, unaware of what my body was capable of taking up inside me!
He left it sticking out whilst he had another look in my bag.
That’s when Rod reached over for a twiddle. He was a lot more, gentle, about it than Tom, in fact his manipulation was rousing as he had pulled it out to see how much of it had been in me, he then pushed it back in a bit at a time, asking me to tell him when it was right in as far as I could take it, I noted that when I did tell him to stop there was always quite a lot of it sticking out!
He did this several times at what felt like different angles of insertion and I could also feel him moving it around inside me. This carrot, apart from Toms attempt to get a coke bottle into me, was by far the biggest and longest object that Tom had so far succeeded in getting right into me. At first, having such a large object moving around inside me was a novel, not altogether unpleasant experience. I had no idea such a thing was possible even though Tom had done something similar with his torches they were nowhere near as long or difficult to get in.
His manipulation of it was less invasive than Tom’s efforts but even so I still felt full; I now know it was too much too deep and a dull ache again developed.
Ray wanted a go now, which meant that he and Rod had to change places. That was when Rod decided to get in the front too. At first there was not enough room for Rod to fit in behind the steering wheel but Tom told him how to move the whole of the front bench seat back, which made things for me a lot more comfortable. As I was then able to lean back on Rodney, who happily played with my tits, I was now, slightly propped up and as I found, in a better position to take the carrot, which Ray was busily trying to tease me with. Unfortunately for Ray his turn was to be short lived I was now beginning to experience a dull, deep ache and wanted him to stop pushing it in so far. (I now know that, that dull ache is the first sign of internal bruising from too deep or aggressive penetration) Ray partially pulled it out leaving just enough in that I could feel would stop it falling out. Ray then asked Tom if he had found anything else in my bag to which Tom replied that there wasn’t anything of interest just the usual things we played with. Which, I recall, rather surprised me as, If I remember right, there were a couple of other things in there that he liked to play with; a long large plastic bead necklace – you know the type that has very large beads at the front reducing to small beads around the back of your neck – he liked to push it in and slowly draw it out. There was also a large tube of, make up, foundation cream; he liked to push large tubes of that ilk in until all we could see would be the crimped ends (I would soon be finding out what that was all about).
Ray wasn’t to be put off, “There must be something else Tom, what about all those torches, why are they there?”
“Yea, so what’s with all the torches then Tom?” Rodney was joining in now.
After much badgering from the pair of them Tom told Ray to pull the carrot out, which rather pleased me as it was becoming mighty uncomfortable, Tom had now decided to show them what we did with the torches, did I mind?
As always, my minding or not wasn’t going to be a consideration anyway, I had got used to this charade, and so out came the torches. The lights were switched of so that I could demonstrate that when a lit torch was pushed in no light leaked out; the various torches with flash buttons were then inserted too, for me to show how I could make them work; he even had me walk around doing that too and then to follow that I had to walk up the track and back with that swivel head torch stuffed into me to light the way all the time concentrating on keeping a grip on it so that it didn’t fall out; not the most comfortable thing to do!
They were really enjoying themselves and started to think of all sorts of things to stuff into me, but it was mostly the torches as they were fascinated by the fact that no matter how bright the torch if it went in no light came out – though sometimes there would be a very faint glow. After a short while I had to ask Tom to stop as with all this poking about I was beginning to feel a bit sore and I was more and more aware of that deep dull vaginal ache! That’s when Ray realised the time; he should be meeting Sylvia and it was now gone seven.
Tom suggested that I should ride in the back with them two as the front interior light reflected too much on the screen whereas the rear seat lights didn’t, besides, they could keep me warm!
We were soon on the road back and it wasn’t long before Ray undid his trousers and put my hand inside. Rodney seeing this soon did the same.
Ray was going to be late; Sylvia wasn’t going to be too happy about that and I, I was holding his willie

I should, by now have realized that Tom, at some time or other, would be wanting me to have others involved with stuffing me with various objects; there was no question of ‘if’, as it was in their agenda of hoops for me to be trained to jump through; it was only a case of them judging which hoop and the opportune moment, they were seldom wrong.
Looking back on this particular occasion once again my minding or not wasn’t going to be a consideration as they knew by now that my curiosity would get the better of me and that if they took things a step at a time it was going to happen anyway, it was just a question of when!
This was also another of those situations that seemed, at first, to me to be opportune, however, once again looked at today with the benefit of hindsight I am now almost sure that many, if not all of these events were to a greater or lesser extent pre-planned, almost choreographed by those to be involved to get me to behave in a particular way for the greater groups mutual benefit. What we would call today grooming!
The fact that I rather enjoyed being so used is quite beside the point, I think.

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