19 Mar


As I got out of the car and walked to the front door(I would normally run but on this occasion I didn’t have to.) my belly was a riot of butterflies and I was all a tingle with that peculiar skin tingling excitement I now experienced from the anticipation of not knowing what Tom had in store for me. On this occasion it was most probably accentuated by Tom not recognizing , or knowing who would be in the strange car. Would there be lads there that Tom did not know, and, if so, would Tom still give me the signal; still expect me to behave as if it was just our normal group of friends. Stranger still that I was eager to find out, would I or wouldn’t I? Yet at the same time I felt somewhat mollified knowing that I didn’t have to and no one would be any the wiser that I had refused his signal to do so.

Tom opened the door, and, taking a deep breath I went in. At first I heard the hubbub of voices from the back room but then what really caught my attention, and all my butterflies of anticipation disappeared like in a puff of smoke…That bloody car racing stuff was out!

I felt so cheated.

I looked into the front room expecting a few lads in there but no! There was only Ray tending a huge blazing fire. I also noted that the sofa was facing the fire and that there were sheets draped over the sofa a bit like when Tom covered the seats in his car. I thought that a bit odd and wondered why. But it was the look on Rays face when he saw me, it was priceless. It was more what he said that really amused me and went a long way to ameliorate my initial disappointment…

“Joy! It is you… what a lovely surprise. But your…erm…er…wheres Tom? Owt wrong?”

Tom following me in started laughing “Do you mean dressed, Ray?”

We were both laughing now at Rays obvious confused discomfort. Ray now told me… “Its probably just as well Joy.”

Then turning to Tom. “I was just about to pick this track up, will you give me a hand as we will now need it out of the way for later.”

“Why Ray, whats going on?”

“It’s a long story Tom, Elsie arrived with a couple of pals for a tournament then Tony and a few of the others turned up with a better idea. You two are just in time as we are about to pass a parcel.”

“Oh goody.” Said Tom. “This’ll be a first for you Joy, you should enjoy this; something we’ve been promising you for a long time ain’t it?”

Ignoring Ray’s request for help he headed for the back room. As I was about to follow, Ray put his arm across my shoulder and gave me a cuddle. “I’m sorry if I embarrassed you just then Joy.I didn’t mean to but When I realized it was you…well…it just came out.”

“In the circumstance, Ray, forgiven.” Giving him a peck on the cheek. “Isn’t this the game that Amanda was supposed to show me how to play?”

“That was a while since Joy. And, by pure chance, tonight Amanda is the parcel, so she will get to show you how its played. There are so many variations of it too, but with this being your first time I suspect that they will keep it simple now so that you will get the gist of it tonight. You may even get the chance to play too if you want.”

“If I want?”

“You’ll soon see what I mean Joy.”

I then followed Tom leaving Ray picking up the track.

On entering the room I could sense, nay, feel the tension, the excitement that permeated the room, it was almost toxic! A few looked up and said hallo when I entered but their attention was on the bustle of shifting and organizing chairs for all to be seated in some sort of horse shoe shape facing another blazing fire.

Tom made a bee line to Elsie who was standing with two lads that I hadn’t seen before, well, I thought, that accounts for the unknown car. Elsie introduced them to me and Tom as a couple of pals from Wigan but I cant for the life of me remember their names. As Tom was introduced too it was obvious to me that he didn’t know them either. Which brought an interesting question to my mind…did anyone know them???

All Tom said was; “any pal of Elsie’s is a pal of mine,” and we all shook hands. One of them said to me that Elsie had spoken highly of me, his pal Tom’s red haired girl friend, and did I mind them being there. I could see Tom looking at me with a broad smile on his face awaiting my reply…how could I mind! Though I did wonder what he meant by highly???

Thats when Amanda joined us and drew me away for a chat, so we stood in a corner out of the way. She was so excited at our unexpected arrival that without me having to ask she remembered that she was supposed to show me this game and started to explain the simple rudiments of it…
“Look, it’s no different, Joy, to when you take your clothes off when they just want you to be with them naked but acting as if you weren’t. Well, alright, there is sometimes a difference, but basically its very similar it’s just that here we get passed around like the parcel in pass the parcel and they get to take our clothes off, just like unwrapping the parcel in pass the parcel, thats all. Joy the best way to learn is to watch and then be a parcel too. You up for it?”

Whilst we were chatting we could see that Tom, Tony and Ray were also deep in conversation…

Then, before I had a chance to tell her that so far it sounded fun and that I was happy and willing to give it a go she continued with…

“Look at them Joy. Tony asked me to play a different version tonight but with you being here they may just keep it simple for your benefit. Now they will be deciding what version of the game you are most likely to be willing to play or even the possibility that you would be willing to join me and play as a double act. You up for that too Joy?”

“Different…?” I queried.

“Yeah, well, originally I had agreed to be passed around and then when unwrapped Tony was to take me into the front room, hence the fire, blindfold me and then they would come in one at a time for me to guess who. But, like I said, I suspect as it’s your first time we will be doing something else.”

The thought went through my mind that to do that she must’ve, at some time, been with them all! Otherwise how would she recognize them? I had only been with four of the lads here.

“How were you supposed to identify whomever?”

“Tony never said Joy but most probably by feeling their willies. Like I said Joy, there are variations on this theme to suit all occasions; limited only by the imagination of those playing. You’ll soon get the hang of it and when you do it can be tremendous fun. I think you’ll like it. In fact, Joy, I will be very surprised if you don’t. Like I said it’s similar to getting your kit off for them like we do in the car only here they do it for us. The bonus is that we get to take something off them too.”

So far so good the whole concept of this game was beginning to appeal to me…feeling willies blindfold? I was even beginning to feel happy with the prospect that too. Though I was still a little concerned about the presence of the two unknown lads, probably more so than the prospect of being blindfold. So I asked her about the two lads that were strangers to me. Did she know them? She told me that she didn’t but that, that, wasn’t a problem for her as they must be alright otherwise they wouldn’t be here. I had not looked at it like that,so thought, yeah a good point I could go along with that.

That single comment from Amanda, unbeknown to me then, was to eventually influence so much regarding my future activities.

Eventually Tom, Tony and Ray joined us and started to outline, for our agreement, what they had in mind for us…


Elsie 3

23 Dec

Mum, when it suited her, had radar ears where dad and us kids were concerned yet at times she couldn’t hear the telephone even if she was standing beside it!

“What was that all about Joy?”

“What all about, mum?”

“You know very well what I mean young lady, seems like secret signals to me, nods and winks, so come on what’s that all about?”

Quick, think.

Then I remembered the game that mum and dad play when they have friends round…”Oh nothing much mum, just strategy for tricks we sometimes play on our friends. It’s a bit like that mind reading game you and dad play to tease your friends, when they come round.”

I could tell she had her doubts. “Hmm, well its nice to know that your not doing anything silly…”
You know that look and that tone of voice, we have all been there…

“now have you done your home work? Better get it sorted now and be ready for bed before your dad gets in.”

Sod the home work I joined the others watching the telly, the only one missing was Carol. They couldn’t wait to tell me her new boyfriend had called for her and that mum didn’t like the look of him. Which explained why she had been so funny with me when I came in as she didn’t like Tom either. In fact as time passed we all got to realize that she never liked any of our boyfriends, even the ones we eventually married; dad was just as bad!

Linda, as usual, was waiting at the road end to join us for our walk to school.

As we had to pass the junior school on the way to our school my next sister down and I had the task of escorting our brother and younger sisters to school. Much to our chagrin it was a task that our Carol never did!

When I saw Linda waiting for us my heart skipped a beat. I immediately thought that she would be pissed off with me for not being at Rays for the much vaunted game of hi low that she had banged on about so much.

But no! She was all smiles. And, much to my surprise, as soon as we had delivered the young ones and Judith had gone on ahead out of ear shot she was all apologies for putting pressure on me and Anne to play the Hi-Low game.

“I’m so sorry Joy, we girls thought you had done it with them that day at the barn. What with the way Ray and Rod came bouncing into the Wimpy just as the lads were about to have a look at Garry’s new car. They looked so pleased with themselves we knew something had been going on. But before rushing out they told us that they had all had such a wonderful time with you at the barn and that Dave and I had really missed out. They then rushed out all a giggle leaving us girls to make of it what we will. And, how you looked plus how you were walking when you and Tom finally came in to the Wimpy. Not only that; how you very carefully sat down! Sylvia took one look and winked at me and said it looks like they have all had her, and more than once too.”

At first I did not know what she was on about; and she continued…

“It did look like that to me too Joy…Even Anne, when you sat next to her and gently slid along the bench thought you had been up to summat.”

Then PING! “Linda!… I never…I haven’t…”

I don’t know why I felt so indignant about this revelation after all it was what I really wanted them to do though I wasn’t wasn’t going to tell her the truth of the matter but even before I could say anything else she interrupted…

“We know Joy , Ray put us right last night and assured us that no one has yet, not even Tom. He put us right about Anne too, she hasn’t done it yet either. So we had got it all completely wrong.”

We were at the school gates now and her parting comment as we went our separate ways really made me think…” We will talk about it later but don’t you think its about time you let them do it Joy.”


I was in turmoil about all this and needed to have a chat with Anne. However by the time I found her in the refectory my thoughts had mellowed to Linda’s parting comment and I was now wondering if Anne and Brian had done it yet. Not only that, it wasn’t me not letting Tom it was him not wanting to; but why? Perhaps Anne could ask Brian to find out why.

I found Anne sitting alone in the refectory so collecting some lunch I went to join her but even before I had chance to sit down Anne was wanting to know all about last night.

“Well, what happened; did you enjoy it; who was there; how many played???”

So many questions one simple disappointing answer…

“We didn’t go. He said all along that we wouldn’t but I thought he was just teasing me, but no! We had to see LC (Elsie) and his sister Anna for some obscure reason that was never explained. Anyway that’s not what I want to talk to you about.”

After briefly telling her what Lynda had said on our walk to school I asked her if they had done it yet??? “No!” She said quite emphatically and suggested that we meet after school in the Wimpy as – looking around – “it wouldn’t do for anyone to overhear us, would it???” She then changed the subject and started talking about our next Guides meeting on Thursday.

At the Wimpy after I had explained everything she said that she would ask Brian to discretely find out what he could for me…

“Though all afternoon I have been thinking about this, Joy, and I think there is a simple answer that would suite as both.”

Now this did interest me.

“It’s Christmas soon and Brian has been telling me that Tom always has a party about then, it would make the perfect Christmas present and wouldn’t cost us a fortune; we could let them do it then.”

I was wondering what to get him for Christmas…

“Now that’s a jolly good idea Anne but Tom hasn’t said anything about a party.”

“Well he wont because, according to Brian, he needs to know what weekend his parents are going away before he can organize anything. Apparently its usually the weekend before so we can prepare the way now. You can tell your mum you’re staying with me and I can tell mine that I am staying with you then we can both stop over at Toms and let them do it all night! In fact I could mention something to your mum when I’m there Thursday.”

This was such a good idea we started making giggly plans there and then…

“Gosh, look at the time. I am seeing him soon so must dash, I will ask him and let you know what he says. We can talk about it more after guides on Thursday. I will meet you at lunch time anyway.”

I got home with just enough time to have my tea, to change and rush down to the bus stop where Tom was to pick me up.

” ‘Lo Joy.” we kissed and he gave me a gentle squeeze. I didn’t check if my towel was in evidence I just, as normal, started to get my kit off. “Oh, no need for that Joy, don’t forget we are starting a new system.”

With the excitement of Anne’s suggestion still very much in my mind I had completely forgotten. I was just thinking of Christmas!

“I’ve no idea who or even if anyone will be there, not that that bothered you before but taking into account your recent reservations this new system should make this sort of situation easier for you to deal with. This being a trial run we’ll just see how it goes. Don’t forget, a wink and a nod and you wink back so I know you know then nod if you are or wink again if there is someone there and you don’t want to, then we can leave the room to talk about it. You okay with that?”

Tom now knew that I always found the unknown or new exciting and this was now no exception even though the chance of there being someone there outside of our group unlikely, he knew now just the thought would be enough for me.

“Right, here we are, we’ll just see how it goes Joy. Its up to you how you go about it, whether you leave the room and come back naked or just start taking your kit off. Whatever you think would be the most appropriate for the situation; okay?” Then with an impish grin. “Who knows, we just may get to play a few games.” I knew exactly what that meant and I immediately wondered what he already had in mind for me…the barn sprang to mind.

As we parked we could see that Garry was there, or his car was; just how many passengers did he have, if so who were they? Mel’s scooter was there too which probably meant Nick or Richard would be there too. So far no real issue But then my tummy did summersaults with a sudden flutter of butterflies. Who else was there? There was also another car that Tom didn’t recognize! With a big smile on his face he turned to me, “Just as well we’ve got this new system, normally you’d have your kit off by now and who knows what we would be walking into,eh! As it is this could still be interesting, ready Joy?”

Ready? He knew I would be as intrigued by the unknown visitor as he was.

MEETING ELSIE…continuum…Part 2

29 Aug

MEETING ELSIE…continuum…Part 2

ELSIE Part 2

Our journey from Elsie’s was mostly in silence until he pulled into a small car park just out of town by the canal. We had often used this place after dark as there was a small recess next to the canal shielded by shrubs and bushes from casual passersby on the road. Also by reversing into this space we would be instantly aware if anybody else drove in before they would even know we were there; not a problem if we recognised the car.

“I’ve been thinking Joy and I hate to disappoint you like this but on reflection I think that it may be best if you don’t automatically get your kit off whenever you get in the car because our pals or whoever else is there are expecting you to do so. We will have to think of a signal for this too. I think we should keep them all guessing now, don’t you?”

Disappoint me!?

I was more than pleased with this new idea. Although basically I had no objections about being naked when our regular pals were there or even the occasional extra pal of his that I had previously met but whom had never had the pleasure of my naked body. In fact I was getting to enjoy these surprise occasions but I was now becoming a bit uncomfortable with the increasing incidents when he wanted and expected me to be naked, or remain so, in the company of the, to me, random total strangers or hitch hikers that he was quite willing to give lifts to. I had mentioned my concerns about this on several occasions but to no avail.

I was always mollified by his assertions that I was perfectly safe and that nothing would happen to me that I didn’t want to happen.
“Joy, I just want to show you off to the world and share with my mates why I love you so much. What can be so wrong with that?”

Tonight I finally got it through to him that that, was not my main concern, as I trusted him explicitly. I was more concerned about the possibility that even if just one of these strangers worked where my dad worked, my dad through gossip, would realize it’s me they are bragging about.

Much to my surprise he saw my problem.

“In that case, Joy, when your kit is off we won’t stop for anyone unless you agree, ok?
And, also from now on, never mind looking for a signal from me if there are others in the car, when you get in just look in the glove box and if the towel is there and you feel happy about it you will know what I want you to do but they won’t know any different if you choose not to, ok? Hmmm, just thought, it might be a problem if you have to get in the back how will you know…?”

“Well, if it’s Ray, Dave or Rod it won’t be a problem, will it Tom.” I said with a big grin on my face. “They will no doubt be only too willing to help me out of whatever I am wearing.”

He laughed at that…”That’s not what I was thinking about; if there are others look at me in my mirror and if I want you to get your kit off I will give you a wink and a nod and it will be up to you. Though if any of them three are there too they may decide for you…You ok with that so far, Joy?”

I was, and mighty pleased with these proposed changes so far, though there was still the signal thing to sort out but it seems this was going to have to wait….

“We haven’t played with these for a while have we Joy?”

I didn’t get to see what “these” were as he had pulled me to him kissing me and maneuvering for me to lay along the seat. My first thought was that “these” would be the flash lights especially the coke bottle torch. I wasn’t far wrong as it fascinated him that the torches with the little flashing button on when pushed into me I could make flash. By now he had several versions of this type of torch and every one had to be tested, even the few that we discovered that when inserted I could retain and after a fashion still walk and illuminate the track or path. In this case it was, fortunately, just around the car and not along the tow path…

Back at the car park near my home where I cleaned up and got dressed he told me that he would not be seeing me until Friday at the usual place and that I should be suitably prepared as we would be going to a mish dance. I knew exactly what he meant by that; we hadn’t been to a mish dance for awhile and even just the thought of what may or may not be expected of me was exciting enough. Just before getting out of the car I gave him a big kiss “Can’t be soon enough Tom” and flashed him a big silly grin.

Then outside our house as I was leaving the car he called out to me…”I think we will try a wink and a nod and you wink back, twice if you have reservations. I will pick you up tomorrow and we can try it at Rays, night Joy.”

And drove off!

“What was that all about?” My mother asked when I went in.

Meeting Elsie…

24 May


School on Monday was abuzz with stories about the antics of batman and robin concerning their “keystone cops” style investigations and attempts to apprehend a naked woman reportedly seen to be cavorting of an evening in various car parks around t
There was so much gossip it was almost impossible to discern fact from fiction. It was common opinion that this girl was the same girl that had been seen of an evening cavorting naked in parked cars on several occasions over the last few months but that complaints had not been taken seriously. That is until Batman and Robin had had nothing better to do. How we and the local press poked fun and laughed at their expense…
Needless to say that some of the lads at school were claiming to have seen this mystery naked girl, they would, wouldn’t they; not that us girls believed them. However some of them with older brothers claimed that “yes it was true as their brothers, when out in town, had seen this girl several times over the last few months in a car parked up in the dark corners of some of the towns’ car parks .”
We didn’t believe that either.
Besides, as far as we were concerned Linda had more important things on her mind for us to talk about. Yes, she was all a bubbly concerning the anticipated game of high-low that we were supposedly going to be playing at Rays Tuesday night. So much so that Monday morning she was waiting for me at our road end to walk to school with me. Not something she was in the habit of doing as I was invariably late and often with one or two of my sisters.
For the next two days she, at every and, any opportunity, was constantly banging on about how much fun it was going to be with out actually telling us anything about it or answering our questions. I never let on to her or Anne that Tom had told me all about it. I just could not understand why she was so keen for us to be there with her. But then the penny dropped; I recalled that first session with her by the river and the few romps we had when her parents were out. That is until she got paranoid about getting caught. She liked to have other girls involved but not only that, Tom enjoyed those romps involving her too. So the more Linda went on about it the more confused I became about Toms intention to visit Elsie that night. Was he just teasing me? Normally he would be taking every opportunity to play games with me that involved his mates. It was also odd that the more Linda went on about it the more adamant Anne was that she had arranged to help out at the Brownies meeting that night. That in its self wasn’t unusual as we often helped out but not if our boyfriends had other ideas. Brian was picking her up after Brownies so they could still join in later, though they were becoming less involved in our group activities. Not that they didn’t join in with some of our activities it was just becoming less often. Especially the sexual side of things considering what the pair of us had got up to together before we met our respective boyfriends.
All this just made me more and more intrigued and certain that Tom was just teasing me.

By Tuesday evening I was beside myself with anticipation; Linda had done a good job manipulating my imagination. So much so that my mother eventually told me to “settle down Joy the clock can’t go any faster. Where is he taking you tonight that’s got you all wound up?” She said it in such a way that just seemed to reinforce the fact that neither of them approved of Tom. That in its self just made him all the more attractive.
She was right, I left with plenty of time in hand, consequently pacing up and down at the bus lay-by waiting for Tom I couldn’t get the minutes to tick by any faster; time was standing still. At last, I thought as I saw his car coming round the corner. I couldn’t get in quick enough. Never mind about putting my bag in the boot or if my towel was out or even checking if any one else was in the car; Linda had done such a good job.
I gave him a kiss. “Lo Tom we going to Rays?”
“No. I already explained that.”
“But Tom, Linda…they will be expecting us.” I just felt so disappointed I could’ve cried.
“Don’t worry so Joyce, there will be plenty of other opportunities, ‘sides I don’t think your quite ready for this game yet.”

I didn’t pick up on the subtly of that not being ready yet, he had called me Joyce! Oh dear, he was annoyed he had called me Joyce. I couldn’t help myself I was on the verge of tears and slipping into a sulk.
Then a voice from the back made me jump.
“Hello Joy, remember me?”
That shook the pending sulks out of me; I turned to see who owned the voice.
Did I remember him? Well, taking a good look, yes I did, sort of. How could I forget, I couldn’t be sure of his name, if I ever knew it, he was one of those pals of Toms that we always seemed to be giving lifts to when I first started going out with Tom. As I remember he was one of the first to realise that I had stopped wearing a bra and if he could, took every opportunity to cop a feel. He was also a semi regular dance partner at the tin mish and copped plenty of feels there too.
For whatever reason he hadn’t been a passenger for ages, neither had he been to any of the tin mish dances for a long while.
“Leigh, Leigh isn’t it?” I asked.
Tom started laughing. “Well I never. You win that bet Elsie. It’s been that long since you’ve been around I never thought she would remember you.”
“Elsie, you’re Elsie?”
“Its a long story Joy, Tom will no doubt delight in telling you in graphic detail about all the fights I got into at school because of him. Tom latched onto my initials, L C sounding like a girl’s name. The more he called me Elsie the more annoyed I got and the more annoyed I got the more the other lads started calling me Elsie too even though I would hit some of them rather hard. Fighting other lads about it only made matters worse and eventually the name stuck and the whole school, even some of the masters knew me as Elsie. A boys school too Joyce, I didn’t have a hope in hell did I so I just accepted it. Now, its only real friends that I allow to call me Elsie; aint that so Tom arse?”

“Tom arse! Tom arse?” I looked at Tom he visibly winced. All my pent up tension and possible bad mood sulk disappeared into our laughter at Tom’s expense.
“There is a story to tell there too Joyce, I wonder if he will ever tell you. Never mind, I will if he doesn’t…”
We stopped off at the station to meet Leigh’s sister, Anna, arriving on the Manchester train. She was at uni and this was another reading week. Leigh was a bit caustic in his manner about this so I never persued the matter. Besides he was chatting away to me about neither nowt nor summat, and then told me that I too should call him Elsie. A gesture that pleased me immensely. I told him that I was known as Joy, and that I was only called Joyce when I had done something wrong or, someone, I looked pointedly at Tom, for some reason or another was annoyed with me and trying to make a point.
The chat with him was easy and all too soon the train arrived and he went off to find his sister before she got the bus as she was not expecting to be met at the train station with a lift home.

“Are we all going to Rays?” I asked Tom.
“How many more times Joyce? No, we are taking them home as there are a few things I need to sort out with Elsie. Then, maybe then, depends on the time. Or, I could drop you off at the Wimpy as Tuesday is usually one of your girls nights out aint it.”

“We could go somewhere as I’d rather be with you Tom.”

I smiled to myself. The right words at the right time always have the desired effect with chaps. A big grin crossed his face as he pulled me towards him feeling for my tits and giving me a kiss. “Now that’s an idea we could play with a…”
Just at that moment Leigh and Anna clambered in.
“Nice surprise Tom” she said “and this must be the girl we have heard so much about.” Then turning to me…”Joy, Leigh tells me to call you Joy, I’m Anna.”
And would you believe it she held her hand out and we shook hands. Shook hands, how formal is that! Even with such a formal introduction the chat with her was easy and comfortable so much so that you wouldn’t think we had just met.
When we got to their family house Tom and Leigh went off leaving me and Anna in the largest kitchen I had ever been in. Not only did it have one of those massive aga cookers it also had a table for six and a three piece suite!
Anna was busying making a brew. I asked where their parents were and was told that dad had a camera shop and mum had a photographers studio and that they often had to work late processing photos and making up wedding albums.
Tom and Leigh reappeared, briefly, with Leigh telling us that he was just going to the garage to show Tom his new motorbike; did we want to come too. Anna and I looked at each other and in unison said no and both of us started laughing. With looks of disdain, which only made us worse, they left us to it.
We slipped into easy girly talk as Anna got on with making their tea. We heard the motor bike start up and drive off. Anna just smiled at me, plated their food and left his to get cold.
“Come on Joy fetch your tea, we’ll go and sit by the fire in the other room. They can get on with whatever they are getting on with.”
The time just flew by, she was such easy company and all too soon Tom and Leigh returned and it was time to go.
Leigh kissed me. Much to my delight and they told us to visit again. Anna added that weekends were good as their parents would be guaranteed to be at work till late and that some weekends they would be away working on photo assignments. She then looked directly at me and winked. “In fact Joy I have some friends from college coming over Saturday why don’t you both come round too. From what Leigh tells me I’m sure you will enjoy their company too. Say six o’clock.”

When we got in the car I could see the towel was there and when I looked the back seat was covered too. He had obviously taken on board my comment about going somewhere. I turned to Tom, a question on my lips.
“Before we go anywhere Joy I need to talk to you about this.” He said, indicating the towel. “I have put your main bag in the boot the other one for your clothes is tucked under your seat.” In other words I was to get my kit off pronto. “Now then Joy I have decided that I’m going to stop using the towel out as a signal for you to get your kit off. From now on when ever you get in the car, regardless of who is there I expect you to get all your kit off as quick as you can, except your knickers, of course when it’s that particular time unless I pointedly indicate otherwise. You ok with that Joy?
There will also be changes when visiting; where I have previously indicated by placing your towel somewhere prominent for you to see that I have wanted you naked, Well, that too will change. I am not going to be so blatant about my intentions as the others see the towel and know what you are about to do. I think we should keep them guessing now, don’t you? Not that where ever we go you will automatically, like in the car get your kit off but that from now on it will be a signal from me that you are to do so, ok with that too Joy?”

Okay with that too? I was okay with all of it, well, most of it.
Strange to say I was quite excited by the prospect that they would not know if I was or wasn’t. I never liked the towel on a chair signal as most often it was put out when I was out of the room and they all knew before I did which could be awkward if for one reason or another I didn’t want to do it. Not that that happened often but it had on a couple of occasions and this meant that I had to somehow indicate to Tom, usually by leaving the room, that I wasn’t happy about something or someone. Then we had to go back in and make some feeble excuse as to why I wasn’t going to entertain like I wasn’t feeling too well. It also sometimes ruined the whole thing because if I wasn’t going to do it, if other girls were there, they often wouldn’t either. So I quickly realised that with this signal business if I didn’t want to strip off for one reason or another no one would know and it would not stop or influence the actions of any of the other girls that did this too that were from time to time becoming involved in our frolics.
I readily agreed and suggested that perhaps we should use the signal too in the car for the same reasons. He thought about that for a few minutes then said that he thought it a good idea as it would keep every body guessing all the time. So, in light of that, he decided that I should just automatically get my kit off when there were no passengers in the car.
Whilst he was talking to me I had put all my clothes in the bag and was sitting there thinking about these changes when I realised we hadn’t moved let alone started the engine. I suddenly felt vulnerable as the interior light, as always, was on and we were in full view from the house.
Tom laughed at my sudden reaction. “You needn’t worry Joy, Anna like you, likes to be naked in the company of friends too.”
Now some of our conversation about being relaxed in the company of certain people made sense. She knew but how did she know? At first that perplexed me then it dawned on me that Elsie was probably most likely aware of my travelling naked in the car if nothing else. I relaxed, not so bad after all.
“So! We will have to think of a discrete signal from me that’s not too obvious and a response from you so that I know you have seen it. Now don’t forget when you see my signal you without question start to get your kit off. For the moment, and we will see how it goes, it will be up to you to decide if its all at once or a slow bit by bit tease. But it must be as if it was quite normal for you to be naked and that you act as if you were still dressed. Also when you are to be the entertainment or there is the prospect of a romp we had better have a return signal if you don’t want to do so. This way nobody gets upset or disappointed by your lack of enthusiasm. You ok with that too joy?”
I agreed as for the circumstance I couldn’t have put it better or asked for more.
“I just love you so much Joy I want everyone to know why.”
Then with a wicked grin on his face “Where shall we go, what shall we do now Joy? It’s about time we got moving.””

Batman and Robin…part 4

26 Nov

Batman and Robin…part 4

When we got to the car park on the estate where I lived I asked Tom again;
“What’s high – low Tom?”
His response was a bit evasive, or so I thought.

“Ah, yes, well, it’s a game we sometimes play when there are a few of us together with our girl friends.”
“But Linda was saying….”

Well, there’s not much to say, really.”

“Come on Tom, tell me about it.”

“Oh, okay. It’s a game we occasionally play when a few of us are together with our girls and sometimes it’s played when there is just one of our girl friends available and willing to play. For instance, you know how much I like it when you get your kit off and you’re naked when we are in the company of my pals.”

I nodded now having a good idea of where this was going.

“Well this is a game that would just involve them a bit more in the process of getting your kit off, that’s all.”

I was intrigued and at the same time quite excited at the prospect of playing this game. “So this is the game Linda wanted to play and wants to play on Tuesday, so how do we play it?”

“Well, there are loads of versions it just depends on how many lads, how many girls and the proposed outcome. Basically if it was just you we would deal out a card each the one with the highest card would take something off you and we would keep taking a card until you were naked. A variant of that could, if you were game for it, be that you would remove an item of clothing from the lad with the lowest card and you would wank the first lad naked, hence the name High Low.
However if there were several lasses playing then the lad with the highest card would take an item of clothing off the lass with the lowest card and the lass with the highest card would remove an item from the lad with the lowest card. This would continue until a lad and lass were naked. It seldom works out even sometimes it can be two or more girls naked and only one lad or vice-versa. The game stops when there is someone naked on each side.”

“Then what Tom, then what?”

“Ah, well that depends on what’s agreed before the game starts. Sometimes they just have to stay naked, sometimes there could be a forfeit like the girls take the lads for a wank; you know, something like that.”

For some reason I could see that he was feeling a bit awkward about describing this game but couldn’t quite figure out why. “That sounds like fun Tom. Are we going to play that Tuesday?” I was getting quite excited by the prospect.

“No, Joy, they know that I think that these games should not be pre-planned. To me it takes all the fun and excitement out of it. So I am going to take you to meet a friend of mine you haven’t met yet, and hopefully his sister Anna. Anna, like you now seem to be, is quite happy to be the only one naked yet composed as if not.”

Composed as if not! I was not aware of being like that but thinking about it I suppose I was because I felt safe with his friends even if Tom was not there, and did now rather like being the centre of attention.
. As I got dressed I asked Tom what was so special about this chap he wanted me to meet.
“We have known him since school as Elsie because his initials are L C. His dad has the camera shop on the High Street and his mum has a photography studio. Now let me check you over Joy make sure it’s all cleaned up before you get your kit on. We don’t want any awkward questions do we?”

Well, that was that then.

When I got in my mother asked me if I had been in town as there had been some sort of commotion involving the police; did I know anything? Much to her disappointment I didn’t.

Then when dad came in he was full of the gossip about it. A young woman or girl had been spotted at several places at various times of the day and also, later in the evening, wandering about naked! Apparently this had been reported before but the police had just laughed it off. My dad was most amused that this time when it was reported Batman and Robin were on duty and that they would be most keen to investigate this most heinous of crimes.
Mum wasn’t as amused as dad was she thought it was disgusting for a young lady to behave and reveal herself like that for all to see.

Not only was it the topic of the week at school it also made our local evening paper and our local weekly paper too. Mystery of the Naked Lady were the headlines; anyone with information that will help the police with their inquiries are asked to contact DCI****** or Sgnt***** at…etc, etc.

Another crime, that despite their best efforts and frequent sightings of a cavorting naked lady, Batman and Robin, were never able to solve.

Batman and Robin part 3

8 Aug

Batman & Robin part 3

The journey back to town was for the most part quite uneventful. I very quickly had my clothes off and safely stowed in my bag whereupon Tom stopped at the side of the road for me to get out and join them in the back whilst he put my bag in the boot out of harms’ way, no surprise there then!

At long last, I thought, some real action. We all took advantage of the situation and I soon had stiff willies in hand.
Despite my protestations for some reason they wanted me to lie along the seat, which would be the last thing I would want to do in a travelling vehicle. Fortunately Tom told them not to make me do that as it would make me travel sick and that was the last stuff he wanted to have to clear up. Then he added “wait till we get to town then you can do what you want whilst we wait for your bus Garry. We can park up just round the corner near the Wimpy.”

Garry thought that a good idea as we would see the bus pass by on its way in but that we would have to check the bus times first as he wasn’t too sure of the times.

At that bit of news with all its implications we three just cuddled up; them with a tit each and me, stroking their willies wondering what Tom had in mind for me.

Tom soon told them for me to sit up in the middle with my hair out of the way so that he could see in his rear view mirror my jiggling tits – something they all liked to watch. I didn’t mind either way as I still had each hand full.

There were a few people standing around and some waved as we drove past the main bus stops and turned up past the Wimpy into the, by now, usual little car park stopping, much to my relieve, in the exact place we had parked earlier.

Tom turned and told us (or was it me?) to enjoy ourselves as he would go down to the road where he could keep an eye out for the Dynamic Duo just in case they were still on the prowl. And that Garry should probably go first but in any event was not to worry about his bus as if he didn’t join him he would let him know when it passed on its way in.

At first I stayed sitting up with them kneeling on each side which gave me a clear view of Rods swinging bollocks. Garry’s bollocks had like most lads, as I was now aware, seemed to go tight and shrink!

Rod suggested that it would be much better if I was lying along the seat and that I should get out so that he and Garry could make sure that the covers were actually covering the back as well as the seat. “You know how precious he can be.”

We knew only too well and I got out and stood between the car and the bushes shielded from the road by the open door. I looked for Tom but at first could not see him anywhere, then saw him at the far end near the footpath lane end talking to a few folk.

“Right Joy, you can get in now and lie along the seat, Garry had better go first.”

I quickly did as instructed as I was now feeling a bit cold, followed by Garry who knelt astride my middle obviously so that I could wank him over my tits. I looked up to see that Rod, with a big grin on his face, was in the front leaning on the back of the front seat. I smiled at him. I liked being the centre of attention and set to work on Garry to give Rod a good show.

So much for a good show of my wanking skills; It didn’t take long before Garry was squirting his stuff over my chest and tits which he decided to rub in and not leave to trickle and tickle, which is a sensation they all knew I liked.

“Thank you Joy, I’d better go for my bus now.” He gave me a kiss and got out to put his trousers on. “See you Tuesday” Was his parting comment.

I didn’t reply as Rod was now climbing over me deliberately tickling me with his swinging bollocks, Garry a distant memory.

I was all smiles now as I really liked it when I was able to pull on Rods rod to make his sack swing about brushing over and into my tits.

The front door suddenly opened, which made us both jump. It was Tom so we soon resumed what I was doing.

“It’s okay Joy; Garry is keeping a look out. He said he would whistle if the Dynamic Duo showed or when he had to go so carry on enjoying yourselves.”
We didn’t answer; we were!

The next thing I knew was a prodigious explosion of cum! It was such a surprise I let out a squeak! It was over my tits, into my chin and running over my neck…it was running everywhere.

Rod sat back to survey my handiwork, it certainly put Garry to shame. There was so much of it, it really was everywhere. Then with a big grin on his face he turned to Tom, “now then mate let’s see you follow that!”

Peewee Eeeee.

It was Garry’s whistle!

Quick as a flash Tom switched off the light.

“See anything Rod? Probably Garry letting us know the bus has arrived but it just could be them two.”

. Stay there Joy, we had better go somewhere else. What you doing Rod, coming with us or stopping in town?”
I never heard Rod’s reply as I was a little preoccupied. I was somewhat disappointed that I was not able to enjoy the sensation of being covered in cum; a sensation that I had now got to like, and was busying myself trying to mop it up with the few tissues that I had handy. At the car park exit we could see that Garry had just let us know that his bus had arrived so our immediate panic was over. Tom was big grins when he saw the state I was in. “We are going to have to go somewhere where you can get cleaned up Joy. I can’t take you home looking like that. And you had better help her Rod seeing as it’s mostly your doing. Now any suggestions of where we can go?”
We waved as we were slowly driving past Garry at his bus stop and that was when Rod suggested the water troughs at the bottom end of town near the goods yard. Adding that as some buildings had been demolished it was now a temporary car park, dark too, and would be ideal for our purpose. And, would Tom please put the light on so that he could see what he was doing to me!
He wasn’t much help. As I tried to wipe it off my face and brush it out of my hair he was busy enjoying himself spreading it around and rubbing it over my tits which left me feeling rather sticky!
Rod then started pulling his cecks on and asked Tom to drop him at the “Nags” as it was on our way as he fancied a pint.
After dropping Rod at the pub Tom decided that we would have a look at the place Rod had suggested but if I didn’t like it we could go to that little car park by the river and I would be able to get cleaned up properly there. I must confess that I wasn’t too sure about the water troughs car park but when we got there I could see what Rod meant. There were only street lights nearby and no lights in the parking area. There were only a few cars parked and as luck had it the water troughs were still full of water and still working. Not only that they were on the far side away from the few cars and, much to my relief, in deep shadows so that we would not be that noticeable to someone walking by. The fact that the inside light was on never crossed my mind; it was always on so I never gave it a thought.

At first he got in the back with me but after a short while decided that we would be better in the front so that he could keep a look out for Batman and Robin in the mirrors. I had to wait outside while he put some covers over the seats.
That didn’t suit so once more all change to the back seat. This time he had me laying full stretch with him astride my waist slapping my tits with his cock. “This is better Joy; I’ve a good view of the area so if they do happen by I’ll see them in good time for us to clear off. Now you keep it close don’t want it all over the place.”

He needn’t have worried about his precious car in the event it was all over me! He must’ve been pretty wound up because it didn’t take long before it was exploding; the first shot once again into my chin and over my chest. The rest, much to his amusement, he had me squeeze out into to fill my belly button which much to my delight tickled immensely.
As I have often mentioned I loved the feel of warm cum landing on me (I still do) the sensation of it tickling as it trickled off me, especially around my neck is most enjoyable; an experience to savour!
I was laying there revelling in these sensations, thinking what a day of mixed non events this had been but that it had cum right for me in the end…
I was smiling at my own joke when the reverie was broken by Tom telling me to get out to get cleaned up. He retrieved my bag for me but I was not to get dressed yet just cleaned up. He left the door open so that from the light that spilled out I could see what I was doing. It didn’t take me long as it was quite cold outside. Alright for him sitting in the warm car, engine running, watching me to no doubt make sure I didn’t miss any of it. Needless to say I didn’t take long and we were soon on our way and looking at my watch I wasn’t going to have to rush to get dressed when we got back to the estate car park near where I lived.
On the way back through town I suddenly remembered what Linda had said about Tuesday.
“What’s high low Tom?”

Batman and Robin… part 2

14 Jul

Batman & Robin…part 2.


The first thing I noticed when we arrived at Rays was two scooters, that meant Melvin and Richard were there. The next thing that was more conspicuous by its absence was that Ray’s dad’s car was not there. So the concern about his parents being there was ill founded. I commented on the fact and Toms reply was that it was better to be safe than sorry and that we, meaning I, had better check just in case his dad had dropped his mum off and gone down the club. A wise precaution, I thought, as Rays dad was a pal of my dad’s.

Well, when we walked in we could see that the racing cars had been abandoned so I looked in the front room to see if his mum was sitting there. The room was empty but the fire was still blazing away though. Funny how silly insignificant things stick in one’s mind; I remember thinking what an extravagant waste!
(I was to find out much later that that was not the case; Ray liked to fuck in front of a blazing fire!)


Tom and Rod leaving me to check the front room had gone into the back room and I could hear Ray admonishing them…”About time too, Tom. Where have you been? What’s kept you? We’ve been waiting ages and almost about to give up and start without you.”

“Start what?” I asked as I quickly followed them into the room.

They ignored my question.

“Oh, the dynamic duo…Rod’l l tell you about it.” He replied, and left it at that as he pushed past me muttering something about the car.

I had now noticed who was there; a room full already, waiting for us, why? (I could be so naive at times.)
I noticed Linda and Dave; they had been a bit anti-social off late so it was a nice surprise to see them there. Linda was squashed between Dave and Garry…no sign of Amanda. On the far side of the room were Richard and Mel – I had noticed their scooters outside – they were sitting on the floor sorting through a pile records. I could also hear that someone, or more, was in the kitchen. Rays mum, or maybe Amanda? So I went through to see and say hello. But no, it was neither, it was Sylvia clattering about in the process of making a brew.

We chatted for a minute or two about the prospect of Ray surviving long without his mum to look after him.
“You watch.” She said. “Be like a shit hole in a few weeks.”
I couldn’t but agree with her and told her that my mum was always saying that my dad and brother haven’t the faintest idea of how to keep house and home clean and tidy and that laundry is done by magic!
After a few more observations, to our amusement, at Rays pending domestic doom, I went to see who it was that we had just heard come in.

What a surprise! Anne and Brian had just walked in. They like Linda and Dave had also as a couple been a bit anti social for a several weeks. Anne waved to me but before either of us could say owt Ray wanted to show them around.
“Tea or coffee?” was all I got out as Ray was ushering them back into the hall way. “Yes please.” Was the reply. Oh, phooey! I went back and told Sylvia it was tea for everybody.
“Bollocks” she said handing me two mugs. “That’s you and Tom, the others can jolly well get their own,” and followed me into the room with her own and a mug for Ray, “I’m no skivvy!”

Tom looked up, “Thanks Joy we’ll have this then we will have to go if we’re going to have some time on our own. Don’t forget your dad wants you back home on Sundays by ten.”

“Oh that’s a shame, Tom.” It was Linda. “We were hoping you would both be interested in a game of high-low, but never mind, why don’t we all meet here for a game Tuesday evening?”

“That’s a good idea Linda. You up for that Joy?”

“What’s high-low Tom?” I asked.

“I will explain on the way home, come on drink up.”

Ray returned with Anne and Brian just as Dave was saying that he would sort it out with Ray and that it was a shame we were so late as they were all looking forward to it.

“Sort what out Dave?”

On their entrance Tom announced that “We’ve got to go now Ray. Does anyone want a lift into town?”

So much for being on our own I thought. I looked around, no takers, great!

So that’s why he went back to the car; spread over the front seat was my towel. Not only that, the back seat was covered too! No wonder he was so keen to get away. I was keen now too and even as we were saying our goodbyes I was getting my kit off. Then just as we had started to drive away…Garry and Rod were shouting for us to stop. I stopped removing my clothes. “They mean me Joy not you.” I knew what that meant and I started getting that tingling feeling. This was going to be an interesting day after all.


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