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A Willing Victim; meeting Tom

14 May

A Willing Victim; how I met Tom.

1965 what a wondrous year that was experimenting with our sexuality and discovering  just how much power we seemed to have over the boys that wanted to feel our tits; we were having so much fun.
By the end of that year I was fourteen and had changed so much, almost beyond recognition. Whereas Anne looked younger than her age I was now beginning to look older than my years. Helped, no doubt, by the fact that I had become quite skilled in the use of make up; much to my dad’s disapproval which only made me use it all the more!

My body shape had changed and my bee sting tits had developed into what many lads said was ‘a perfect hand full’.  I had filled out too, so to speak, and developed a (to me) nice figure.

So I was quite happy with everything.  So was Anne, we were getting lots of attention from lots of boys all wanting to date us, what more could we want???


I had also started a part time job at Woolworths working Saturdays and, during the school holidays on the midweek market day too. Anne didn’t have to work as she was an only child and only had to work around the house helping her mum to top up the pocket money her dad gave her.

I think I was better off though, because loads of lads would come into the shop and I would get to flirt and chat to them. I was often asked out by the lads that came into the shop. Many of them knew my name; “are you Joy” they would ask. I was so flattered by this I never gave it a thought as to how they knew my name.

Though at the same time we knew that lads that we had let have a feel were telling their mates about us as easy feels and that they in turn would seek us out to try and get a feel, which really didn’t bother us that much it just added to the excitement and seemed pretty harmless.

If directly challenged we would just deny all knowledge; just bitchy gossip we would say. Besides we enjoyed the attention that it brought from older lads that were working and had the money to take us out.          Mercenary bitches eh?!


Woolworths was where Tom entered my life. I seldom worked on a regular counter; I moved about the store covering for rest breaks but seemed to be on the section selling records most of the time when I was not on cover. This is where I often was when Tom came in the store.

Tom was different. He didn’t come and try to chat me up like the other lads did that wanted to go with me. When I first noticed him He would just smile at me as he passed whatever counter I was working at. After a few weeks of this I was now on the lookout for him so that I could smile or wave to him first. He was so gorgeous; would he never talk to me? Then eventually at a quiet moment he gave me a photograph he had without my knowledge taken of me at work and asked if I was Joy.

That was it…I fell in love.

When I met Tom he took this photograph

This is the photo Tom took of me at work. His comment when he gave it to me was;” That’s a bargain, I’ll take both. When do I get to unwrap them?”

Looking at the photo and realising what he was on about I replied “Depends where you take me.”

“Ok Joy, Meet me in the Wimpy after work.” And then he walked off. I don’t know who had the biggest smile, him or me!

I could swear the clock slowed down but eventually it was home time and I rushed over to the Wimpy bar. Would he be there? Was he just teasing me?

No! There he was waiting, alone, for me; ME!

He wanted to take me out that night but said he couldn’t as he already had a date but if I would be his girlfriend he would tell her they were finished and he would go with me. Would I meet him in the Wimpy after work on Wednesday?

Would I?

I couldn’t wait to tell Anne about this gorgeous fella that had asked me out.

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