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19 Jul

A Willing Victim, Me Travelling Naked and Then First Time With Ray.

The time of our next date had arrived and I was feeling quite nervous about it. Nervous and excited at the same time, why had I agreed so readily to his suggestion to my traveling naked at all times. It wasn’t so bad returning home like that as I was on the back seat and could shrink down a bit to hide myself a little but travelling in the front was a bit different. Also would he want me to get undressed as soon as I got in the car or would he let me wait until we were moving? I was so wrapped up in my thoughts and doubts that I did not notice that he had arrived. He had pulled into the nearby bus stop and was standing there holding the passenger door open for me. “Joy, Joy come on there is a bus coming” As I got in I noticed that he had neatly covered the front and back seats with towelling just like proper car seat covers, how thoughtful I thought. When he got in I leant to him and gave him a kiss and confessed to being a bit nervous and told him that I would only do this out of town. Anywhere, but not in our town! To my surprise he did not argue he just smiled at me and told me just whenever I was comfortable and in my own time. So, as it was broad day light and still quite busy, and to please him, I unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall open. He couldn’t resist a quick feel. I eventually slipped it off when we were well out of town. I made no attempt to remove my skirt and as he said nothing about it I put my shirt in the bag by my feet and just left it at that.
I just travelled topless only being totally naked when sitting in the back for the drive home after we had stopped somewhere which at this time wasn’t very often. He seemed quite content with me just sitting there topless, whilst cruising the lanes listening to the radio. Over time I became less tense and more relaxed about it all I even stopped worrying about passing through any of the numerous villages that always seemed to be on our routes. I had, by now, got into the habit of crossing my arms across my chest; you know, right hand on left shoulder – left hand on right shoulder and by doing that my tits were mostly covered and one could not really tell that I was topless. Tom didn’t complain because once there was hardly anybody about I would uncross my arms and sit back to enjoy our rides out to places I never knew existed. But he had to get more adventurous and I noticed that he was now beginning to drive through more suburban areas of our local towns and I just knew it wouldn’t be long before he would have to drive through one of the town centres. When it happened I didn’t say anything to him I just crossed my arms and let him get on with it. It was also becoming surprisingly obvious to me that pedestrians just took no notice of the occupants of passing vehicles and if we were held up in traffic people were in their own little worlds and still just took no notice. Those that did look twice if I just acted as normal and just ignored them or gave them a sweet smile they would just carry on about their business. The more I became aware of this the more relaxed I became in the towns too and it soon got to the point where I did not care or worry about where we were driving. I was beginning to cope with any situation now. Or so I thought.
We had often given his mates lifts, sometimes they were with him when he picked me up and we would drop them off at their girlfriends, or their girlfriend would be with them and they wanted a lift to the cinema or somewhere. We would also often stop to offer a lift if we saw any of them out and about. And that’s why when we first talked (talked??) about me travelling naked day or night I insisted that it would only be when we were alone so if anyone was in the car when he met me I would always wait until we had dropped them off before removing my top. So when on one of our drives round we saw Ray walking along the road I did not expect him to stop. To my consternation he did just that.
“Wind the window down Joy”
“E! But I’ve no….”
“Wind the window down.”
There was an edge to his voice so I did as he said and carefully wound the window down and at the same time trying to keep myself covered. Ray came to the open window “Hi Joy, hi Tom – bit of luck you coming along can you give me a lift. I left my car at my Aunts last night, too much drink and went home on the bus.”
Despite my feeble protests Tom agreed and Ray got in the back only to lean forward between the front seats to chat with Tom. I sat there feeling most awkward, knowing that Ray was staring at my tits, or what little he could see of them from where he was. Then I realized that they had been talking about me and Ray was saying something to me. “Er…what what was that Ray?” I squeaked. I wasn’t feeling too happy about this!
“I was just telling Tom what nice tits you’ve got Joy.”
“Oh! I could feel myself blushing. Then I heard Ray asking Tom if he could have a feel of them. Before Tom could answer and before I could object he had moved behind me and both hands were pushed under my crossed arms to firmly grasp my tits. As I went to pull his hands off Tom started laughing. “Joy, just relax. It’s alright; I don’t mind Ray having a feel.”
“Joyce I said it’s alright, now relax and enjoy it. Especially after I have said he can, now be a good girl…your lucky I’m not jealous about this sort of thing, Joy, relax and enjoy it.
I just sat there – not that I could do much else- and it did feel kind of nice and naughty. More so once he had relaxed his firm hold of them and I could feel the vibration of the travelling car through his hands. I t was a very nice and different sensation.
When he got out Ray quietly whispered into my ear. “Nice tits Joy, thank you for letting me feel them, I enjoyed that. Did you Joy?”
Well I wasn’t going to admit to that! “Oh, you’re welcome Ray”. Oh! Shit! Why did I say that? Sometimes I was just too polite for my own good. I just knew that both of them would pick up on that comment.
When we set off I asked Tom to please not do that again. I knew it would be a futile request and his response was only to confirm that.
“But Joy once you relaxed you looked to be enjoying it, Ray certainly did. And, besides, Joy I didn’t mind you enjoying Ray playing with your tits; what pleases you pleases me Joy. So if I think something is going to be pleasurable for you and I don’t mind and say its ok, whatever it is… well then its ok! Ok Joy?”
“Not really Tom, not really, but if it’s for you… well ok.”
By now he had pulled into a road side layby and giving me a great big kiss he said “Well, Joy, with that in mind, the skirt, Joy, you did agree to travel naked day or night. So you can start taking that off now. That is what you agreed to do for me didn’t you?” He smiled at me. “You have got to do what we agree you do, so come on Joy, skirt off and put it into the bag with your shirt.”
“Ok.” I said and took of my skirt.
“Right. Now I want you to sit with your knees as wide apart as possible and place your hands under your thighs; sit on your hands, ok? You are not to move from that position or touch anything unless I say so, ok Joy? However you may move without my permission if its going to help me get into you whatever it is Im trying to get into you or if we are driving down a particularly bumpy road or track then you are to put your hands behind your head so that I may see your tits jiggling about Joy, Ok?
I nodded.
I thought, Oh dear as I was more concerned about how am I going to cope with this when driving through town than I was about him trying to shove things up me when driving along…I should’ve been!
It was almost as if he could read my mind. “There is a small towel in the glove box. You may put it over your lap but only when I say so. Ok?
I breathed a sigh of relief
Within minutes he was trying to get his fingers into me. And that, whilst driving along was very, very nice. He couldn’t quite manage it, even with me edging toward him and squirming about so It wasn’t long before we were parked up!


Tin Mish 1

19 Jul

Tin Mish


It seems strange now after all these years just how easily I let Tom exact so much control over me and in such a short period of time too.

He did such a good job of it that he eventually had total control, not just over my sexual activities and who they were with, but also over aspects of my social interactions with others too.

As soon as I complied with one thing it was closely followed by another which when related didn’t seem unreasonable, or seemed a logical consequence. A good example would be when he told me that on future dates I was not to wear a bra, which was swiftly followed by the suggestion that I travel topless in the car.

Some control elements were quite subtle and the future implication for the most part went unnoticed. Those that were not so subtle I was quite willing to accept as I so much wanted to please him.

This control started almost as soon as we had met Brian and Tom.

Yes. Brian was putting Ann through the same process too

As I have stated earlier, at the Tin Mish dances and the youth clubs we attended we had become well known as easy pickups and eventually as a double act willing to let the lads have a feel of our tits and sometimes swop over. Unbeknown to me, though, Ann was beginning to wank some of them off!

Eventually I was many years later to find out that we had become so talked about; so well known that we had come to the attention of a group of lads that included Tom and Brian. A couple of these lads (I have no recollection as to which ones) had decided to check us out to see if we were as easy as they had been told. Much to their delight we were and had apparently entertained them on several occasions.

They had also noticed that we would on occasions entertain several lads each during the course of the dance, but the deciding factor was not so much because of me but more because of Ann’s willingness to wank off whomever she was with.

This group of lads decided that two of them should befriend us not only to invite us to one of Toms parties but that maybe with a bit of careful nurturing (grooming) we just might become one of those rare star acts – a double act performing in the same room – where it was hoped we would take turns to entertain most if not everyone there with our favours.

The group decided that as Brian had liked the look of and was particularly attracted to Ann he should try his luck there.

Tom had apparently told his mates that though he thought I looked a bit young he had checked me out as working in Woollies. As I seemed to be a bit shy and not so forward as Ann he didn’t think I would be much good for what they had in mind. Ann seemed the better bet but he would give it a go and see what he could do with me. He had also told them that he would make some ridiculous demands of me and see what happened he did not expect the reaction he got. The more he demanded the more I was willing to do. For some reason I was never able to say no to him; or to certain others either come to that. The more off hand Tom was with me the more I wanted to be his girlfriend.

We would often go out as a foursome and they would let us dance with whoever asked us to dance. These dancing partners were often lads we had previously been with and expected us to entertain them if not at half time then at some stage of the evening. But, although we admitted to each other that we were often tempted we made it known that we now had regular boyfriend. When they realized who our boyfriends were none of them ever tried to push the point.


After a while Brian and Ann became more Brian and Ann and she also stopped telling me about the more intimate things they were doing to each other; which we had hitherto delighted in telling each other about. She had also stopped dancing with anyone that asked and only danced with Brian or lads from his friendship group.

We were still very good friends though and when not with our boyfriends we were still going places together, not entertaining any lads though, just meeting our friends in the Wimpy and doing all the usual girlie social stuff that girls do.


Tom, though, still let me get on with it, dancing with whomever I liked as I really enjoyed dancing and that lads wanted to dance with me. Tom, on the other hand didn’t. He just wanted to listen to whatever group was playing as sometimes they were pals of his.

The control element here I was not aware of until well after it had happened.  Tom started asking me if I would like to dance with this or that lad so I would look around to see if there was any particular lad that I fancied and Tom would then go and talk to him and eventually fetch him over.

But that soon changed and I could only dance with the lads he chose, that was how Tom introduced me to Ray and Dave M who were, as it turned out part of the group!

These chosen dance partners after I had danced with them would give me a hug and a peck on the check and some if they thought Tom was not looking would give my tit a gentle squeeze. As much as I liked that I always told them off just in case Tom was looking.

At first it puzzled me that he never reacted to this tit squeezing as I was sure he had on several occasions seen this happen but as the expected reaction never happened I just let them feel away.

With all this attention I would become somewhat aroused and at the interval we would sneak off to his car or leave the dance early to park up somewhere nearby.


It was on the drive home after one of the dances soon after Ray and Dave M had joined in with our sexual adventures that Tom suggested, and if I agreed, that perhaps I would like to be a bit more adventurous in what I would do for him at the Tin Mish and other like places and maybe involve Ray and Dave too.


I remember his comment…”you think about it Joy and what you might like to do. Don’t forget that your pleasure is my pleasure too”.

I remember that I asked him what it was he had in mind and that he just said that it would be nothing more than I had been doing already.

So I though why not I would give it go…it could be fun!



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