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Summer Holiday

28 Aug


Well, our Alpine holiday was tremendous fun, we met up with some friends for a week’s walking and climbing in the Tyrol then moved on to the stubai Tal to climb some high Alpine peaks that were still snow covered! Before they went off on their adventures they took me on an acclimatising trip to stay at the Hildesheimer Hut and to climb the Schaufel Spitz. At 3333 meters my first high Alpine peak – see the photos.  Like I said, it was tremendous fun and very invigorating. We also checked out a new area, Alpbach, for our next skiing trip; roll on February, can’t wait.


Climbing the Schaufel Spitz – I am at the back

164 descending to Hildesheimer Hut

Descending to the Hildesheimer Hut.


We also managed on our way back to visit and stay with my parents for a few days, which was an added bonus for me although I am always on tenterhooks worrying that someone, will say something. So, even after all this time, I am still a bit selective as to where we go to socialise just in case….

Never the less we still had a good time. I still see Ann from time to time and she came to join us for a short while which funny enough, although, Ann and I are still in contact this is the first time I have seen her since writing this blog. Seeing Ann and Brian has brought to mind several things that I must tell you about. The problem I have with this is fitting it in with the chronology as so many events that happened to us were in parallel. For instance what they were trying to do with me they were also doing with Ann.

And my events parked up with Tom were also concomitant to his control of me at the tin mish dances.

Another problem is continuity of dialogue; following a sequence of events to a certain point and then having to revert back because one thing influenced another and what I did had a consequence for Ann just as much as what she did had a consequence for me but those events are only apparent after the event and with the benefit of hindsight…get my drift?


In my next blog I will mention my early journeys  travelling naked then have to go back to the beginning to mention what was happening to Ann and how I influenced that and how her response reflected back to their efforts with me…

But first I am off again for a few weeks touring in our new motor home. The joys of being retired!

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