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Why I became the centre of attention and the start of my training to be Toms whore.

11 Sep

I need to recap a few things now.

When Ann and I started going out with Brian and Tom it was an enjoyable shared experience as a foursome. We, that is Ann and me, just treated the situation with these two lads like we had done with the other lads we had been with so when we were in the same car it wasn’t unusual to park up somewhere for a kiss-n-cuddle and let the lads feel our tits.
And, yes, as they could see the obvious difference it wasn’t long before we were letting them feel the difference too; it just added to the fun!
Mine were small and firm whereas Ann’s were, in comparison, huge and soft – and as I was eventually told, she could wank off between them; something I have never been able to do though many have tried!

We were, at this time or stage of events, still in the habit of comparing notes and telling each other about what we were letting them do with us, so it soon became amusingly obvious to us that they wanted us to do similar things. It also soon became apparent that all the other control type things that were being imposed on me Brian was imposing on Ann, like; meeting Brian at day specific places with the same type of conditions, deciding who she may dance with at the tin mish and like places, not wearing a bra, travelling topless and no knickers and all the other little controlling rules as to what we may or may not do. She never admitted to travelling naked, though, but I am told that she occasionally did.

I have been told that They really had high hopes for the pair of us as things seemed to be going quite well but it seems that Ann was never as relaxed about things as me or as keen to try new things and when Brian tried to introduce a third person, Dave, she refused.
I think that must have been the time when Brian realised he was in love with Ann because it was about then that we slowly stopped going out as a foursome.

From then on all attention was to be focused on me and that seems to be from when I ended up on the back seat with Ray and Dave.(as described in my last blog)

It was also about then, when things became more sexually adventurous, that Ann slowly stopped talking about the things we were doing. Mind I hadn’t told her about the things that Tom was stuffing into me, or about my travelling naked, but I am sure the same things were happening to her too.

So, how much she was aware of what they were up to I am not sure as we have never talked about these events since! Brian was never involved with my (training) activities which, on reflection, is probably why Ann and I have stayed friends.

It seems that Ann was never as relaxed about things as I was or as keen to try new things so when Brian decided that he didn’t want to push or force her to continue with their scheme all attention was to be focused on me. Not that I was aware of all this and not that I complained about all the attention I was receiving; I liked it.

I must confess though with all the sexual attention on me, that I liked it that much that I took every opportunity to indulge so it often was sex, sex and more sex! I liked it so much that I just wanted as much as I could get, and, as often as I could get it. If Tom wanted to do or try something and he said it was alright I just did it without too much question.

It was all so new to me that I had no notion of what was normal or abnormal.
It was just such an adventure of sensual discovery that I was so willing to try anything.
So instead of two they just had me and in the event I was to exceed all their expectations!

Ann did, however, still accept Brian’s control and was still going braless and knickerless and strange as it may seem it became quite a turn on for me knowing that we were both without underwear! And, for all I knew doing the same things…

It was also about this time that Tom suggested to me that I would like to be a bit more adventurous at the tin mish. I did agree not knowing what it was he had in mind but thinking it could be fun and maybe something to do with my lack of underwear as he just said that it would be nothing more than I had been doing already.
Hither to I had always slipped my knickers back on, it turned out that he just wanted me to be without underwear all the time now, no matter where we were going or what we were doing.

I was soon to find out there was to be more to it than that!


One of Toms motives for me not wearing underwear and how Dave got involved.

4 Sep

I have previously mentioned that Tom now required me, on all dates, to not wear a bra, tights or knickers, no matter where we were going or what we were doing; a request that I readily agreed to and was quite happy about too though not really realising the full implication.

As I said earlier he often gave his mates lifts and often the car could be quite full – in those days nobody worried too much about overloading with passengers – and as I was usually the last one to be picked up I had to squeeze in somehow. More often than not I had to clamber onto the lads on the back seat sitting on their laps as best I could. As we all got to know each other better there was always a lot of teasing and fooling around and I am sure that eventually they became aware that I had no bra or knickers.

It was about this time in my developing sexual awareness that I started getting the idea that lads had a permanent erection and that it must only go soft after sex or a wank. Being crowded on the back seat or sitting on someone’s lap I could feel it prodding me. It was the same at dances or where ever it was crowded enough for lads to have to press up against me. It fascinated me, especially as I now knew what it was! So in the car as they would accidently (??) grope me so I would grope them.

I am sure Tom was aware of all this because the front seat was now more often than not fully occupied. I would also often see him looking in the rear view mirror watching me and what was going on; he made no attempt to stop anything.

They also started teasing me about my always having one or two shopping bags with me. I got Tom to put them in them in the boot, it embarrassed me that they might find out that the contents were to be our play things for later as well as various items of clothing for me to put on before getting home.

Then one particular afternoon the car had been as full as ever and I was bundled onto the back seat to eventually end up squeezed between Ray and Dave ‘M’ – there was more than one Dave. There was the usual fooling around and Ray was trying to get a feel of my tits again and at the same time encouraging Dave to have a feel too. After various people had been dropped off there was only the three of us on the back seat so when the front seat became vacant I made to get in the front to be beside Tom.

“No stay there Joy and put your arms across the back of the seat please.” Ray and Dave moved apart so that I had room to do so, which I did without even thinking why. When he saw that I had he continued to tell me that as Ray had been enthusing so much about how I had let him feel my lovely tits he had decided that Ray could see how fantastic they looked jiggling about when we drive along a bumpy road.

“I said you wouldn’t mind and that you wouldn’t mind Dave being here either so long as I didn’t mind. Well I don’t mind at all”

“What about me?” I said.

To be truthful at first I was not that keen; not that there was much I could do about it. It was so obvious to me that Tom wanted me to let them play with my tits so I reluctantly did.

But whilst all this was going on Ray and Dave had closed in and were fumbling to unbutton my blouse. As there wasn’t much that I could do to stop them I just let them get on with it, besides Tom said they could do so, so that was it. They were, however, so clumsy trying to undo the buttons we ended up laughing and somehow my top was removed and thrown onto the front seat and they sat back, slightly sideways, to watch my little tits jiggling and bouncing as we drove along.

Dave said they were “Just like two jelly moulds on a plate.”


This is cropped from a group photograph – my two jelly moulds!

For most of the time I was aware that Tom was watching what was going on but after a while I stopped noticing especially as I had become aware of the growing bulge in their trousers. So much so that I just had to give ’em a squeeze. One in each hand, now that was novel, they felt enormous! Did I make that happen to them??? They just sat there with me rubbing my hands over their rock hard knobs.

At this time we were travelling down a track toward a car park that we used by the river and I was beginning to wonder what next.

Neither of them had noticed that we had arrived or were aware that Tom had turned round in his seat and was watching me. He had a big smile on his face. “You enjoying that boys’, you ok Joy?”

“I’m fine Tom, fine” I said letting go of the bulges pretending I hadn’t been rubbing them.

Then the spell was broken. Tom was reminding them that they were supposed to be going fishing.

“Must do that again Tom” they both said. Ray kissed my right nipple and Dave did the same on the other and both gave my tits a squeeze. “Thank you Joy that was great. Can we do it again real soon Joy, can we?”

As for doing it again, I’m thinking, that won’t be my decision. It was nice though and I would be quite happy to as I had quite enjoyed it after all. At the same time I was trying hard not to say ‘you’re welcome’. In the end I just sat and smiled at them.

Tom got their fishing kit out of the boot and I could hear them chatting as I got into the front seat.

When they had gone he brought my bags and told me to get back on the back seat and to remove my skirt.

“Let’s put some cream over your jelly”. He said which he soon did in prodigious amounts…

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