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ray and dave part 7

30 Oct

Just because Ray and Dave were in the car didn’t mean that they had anything planned for me, or, as they often put it “to perform for them”.

Now, even with Ray and Dave in the car I was however, unless Tom told me otherwise, expected to be undressed and my clothes stowed away by the time we reached certain points on the various roads out of town.

He didn’t always stop for me to join them in the back, and, if he did that didn’t necessarily mean that anything specific was planned for me either at where ever Ray and Dave were being taken to.

Consequently I was most often in a state of eager anticipation whilst awaiting Tom’s arrival at our arranged pick up point. For, even if Ray and Dave were not there, now that we were using the tent thing, I never knew if we were going to join them later or not.

In either case, upon arrival I would be left sitting in the car whilst they set things up, or, if we arrived later Tom would check that they were still there. If they were and I was to join them one of them would come and get me.

If it was Ray or Dave that came for me I could be reasonably certain that nobody was about and quickly make my way to the tent. But if it was Tom, well, he seemed to delight in the possibility that somebody would capture me naked, on my way to or from the tent.

This did happen a few times. Thankfully whenever this did happen they were often a reasonable distance away but it would have been obvious that I had nothing on. I had to ignore them; pretend that they were not there and continue our measuredly walk to the tent. Some times when we were seen he would tell me to run and I think that was to make it even more obvious. It all depended on what mood he was in.

Sometimes I would settle into the tent all expectant only to have a mug of tea and then Tom and I would leave to do our own thing. It was on one of these ‘mug of tea’ visits that as Tom and I were about to leave that Dave, having watched me running to the tent, reminded Tom about the promised prize he won when we had the wankathon (A modernism, I know, but I couldn’t think of a better description.) a few weeks since.

“I had forgotten about that, Dave.”

Then Tom turned to me. “What do you think would be a suitable prize for Dave, Joy?”

Three pairs of eyes were on me! They were all looking at me for an answer.

“What!” I had quite forgotten about that too! Wide eyed with surprise I looked at each one. “Me? I think, I think you had better make that decision Tom, don’t you? After all I am your girlfriend and I only do what you specifically want and allow me to do, so you decide.”

Now all eyes were on Tom.

Ok Joy you go and wash the mugs and things and put the stuff away whilst I talk about this to Ray and Dave. Especially Dave, we don’t want to disappoint him do we?”

As I went to sort things out, typical I thought, just typical. Something that will obviously involve me and I aint even included in the discussion. This so called prize was obviously going to involve me and I was just beginning to wonder how when Tom called me to join them. It hadn’t taken them long to decide whatever it was that Dave was going to do to me, or come to that, whatever I was to do to him! I was intrigued now.

“Well, Joy, we were stuck for a suitable prize for Dave. however It seems  that the thing I havent let them do to you is finger fuck you. Oh you looked surprised Joy?  They have told me that neither of them have finger fucked you properly. So I’ve decided to leave you alone with Dave for twenty minutes or so and you can let him finger fuck you. Ok?”

“There you are Dave give her a good seeing to and get her warmed up for when we get back.”

“And Joy, let him do whatever he wants with whatever he wants.

What’s up Joy, You don’t look too happy?”

“I’m not sure about this Tom. I’ve never been alone doing things like this with anybody before; you have always been there too.”

“You’ll be ok Joy. You’ll do fine.”

“But you’re the only one that’s ever done that to me…”

“Oh! Come on Joyce, after all you have done with the three of us! just Relax and enjoy it. Besides I’ll only be over by the river with Ray. You’ve just got to shout if you’re not happy with anything Dave does to you, but I’m sure you’ll be fine. Now, just get on with it.”

“Ok Tom. Ok!”

I didn’t like it when he got annoyed with me. It wasn’t that I didn’t like Dave, I did. It was just that it would be the first time I had been alone for any sexual activity with anyone other than Tom! Though I must confess I did find the prospect exciting.

I did slowly relax when Dave started kissing me and I soon softened to his caresses.

I kept looking over to Tom but his back was to me and he was in deep conversation with Ray. He did turn and smile at me a few times and eventually I got the message; to just get on with it. So I did!

Tom had told me not to wank Dave off as all three of them would play with me later but Dave did not take any of his clothes off so I couldn’t have tried to wank him any way!

Dave took his time and slowly kissed his way down my body. I found this very nice and I was really enjoying the sensations of his lips and tongue on my skin. I slowly let myself relax into his touch. And when I finally felt his fingers gently touching my …my lips, I was so moist and eager; there was no need for the gel that Tom often seemed to need to use to get his fingers into me. I couldn’t wait for him to thrust into me! I parted my legs and when I felt the moment was right I thrust onto his fingers and felt them slip deep into me.

Hoooo, that was incredible.

He was so surprised he pulled them straight out!

I tensed, expecting a brutal thrust but he didn’t just push them back in like Tom would have done.

Dave was hesitant and very gentle, tickling and teasing so much so that eventually I could stand it no more and grabbed his hand and pushed his fingers back into me.

This was incredible. This was so different. Tom would just shove his fingers in and out, but Dave; I could feel his fingers slowly and gently moving about inside me. He was exploring my inner regions; an exquisite experience.

Much, much better than the way Tom did it. So much so that I just let myself float off with these new, tremendously pleasurable sensations. It was so enveloping, so intense that I couldn’t help myself; my reactions were involuntary and uncontrollably active. My enjoyment, my excitement had become so very obviously active and noisy that I slowly became aware of what I was doing!

When I  opened my eyes to see why Dave had stopped and was pulling his fingers out I became aware just how active I had been.  Because of my wriggling and pushing onto his hand and fingers we were now outside the tent thing and Tom and Ray had come over to see what was going on. They had obviously been watching.

I froze.  Oh shit! I thought, I’m in for it now. How was Tom going to react to my obvious pleasure and enjoyment of another lad’s attention? I had never reacted like that to his fingering.

I needn’t have worried.

Ray was standing there opened mouthed. “Wow, Joy, wow. when’s it my turn Tom? when can I have a go?”

Tom was smiling at me.  “You want to let Ray have a go now or later Joy?”

Not waiting for my response to that he continued.

” Joy, that was amazing. We never expected that Joy. That was such an incredible thing to watch I want you to do it again. Not right now but another day, soon, but perhaps with someone else next time. You will do that for me, won’t you Joy, no matter whom so long as I am there and say it’s alright. You ok with that Joy?”

I relaxed and nodded thinking that he wanted me to now let Ray have a go, I had not really taken in the implications of what he had just said but felt so relieved that he was so pleased with me.

“Did you really like me doing that with Dave?” I enquired as I moved back into the tent expecting Ray to follow me for him to have a go. But it was Tom that followed me, so Ray would have to wait till next time. Some thing for me to look forward to! As he followed me in Tom was saying…

“Like it? You were unbelievably good Joy. I am really looking forward to watching the whole performance next time you do it for me.

Now let’s all get back into the shelter. You ready for some more action Joy?”

Whether I was ready or not didn’t matter, it never did, I was going to get it anyway.

Some times when it suited Tom they decided the order of wanking by tossing a coin and that’s what they did this time. They would each place a coin on me covered by their hand. When all three were on me they would lift their hand to reveal the coins the odd one out would go last. Then the remaining two would do the same again only this time would call for odds or evens as to who would be first. I thought it was quite a fair way to make those sort of decisions. It was kind of exciting for me too…

For some reason that I had never really understood Tom always liked to be last so on this occasion he lost and had to go first.

When Tom was last and I was wanking Ray or Dave I could feel fingers slipping in and out of me whom I always assumed was Tom. I had never given it a thought until now.  Who was it doing that when I was wanking Tom?

But this time, now I knew what it was like with somebody else, I could tell it was Tom by the way he was aggressive in thrusting his fingers to and fro into me.

When it was Toms turn to be wanked he straddled me and those two were with their backs to me holding my legs as wide apart as they could get them. So that no matter how much I tried I could not see or discern whether it was Ray or Dave tickling and pushing into me.

I thought I would know when it was Dave, but even though he had just been working on me I could not be sure. However, I certainly knew when they were both tickling and alternating slipping their fingers into me and when they both started pushing into me I’m sure Tom felt me responding to their double entry too!

Surprisingly it did not bother me I found it quite erotic that I did not know whose fingers were actually inside me at any one time when they were all working on me. It was all so very new and exciting, especially the sensation of two sets of fingers tickling and pushing into me.

When we got back to the car park near my home where I would clean up and get dressed, Tom told me, as he watched me sorting myself out that he would have to think of a special treat for me as a reward for such a phenomenal performance.

He kept kissing me, telling me that I was so, so special to him. How proud it made him feel, and how lucky he was, to have a girlfriend like me!

I was walking on air and already looking forward to our next date, would  that be when Tom would let Ray have his turn???


when I went in my parents commented on how pleased with myself I looked. I told them that a few of us had been for a picnic by the river and that we had, had, a really good time!



26 Oct

This blog is so true…

Ray and nDave…Part 6…first romp in the shelter

16 Oct

It was a bit crowded with us all inside the tent thing but after a bit of fooling around with them groping me, and me pulling on their huge willies; Tom sorted us all out.

There was just enough room for me to lay full stretch along the tent with Ray and Dave kneeling on each side and Tom astride my waist.
Tom tried to push my tits together to tit fuck me but he soon gave that up; they were just too small for that to happen, much to Ray and Dave’s amusement.(Just look at the photo of – Tom doing what he liked best – you will see what I mean!)

at a party being held down on the sofa in the living room so that others could wank on or fuck me. Tom went first.

at a party being held down on the sofa in the living room so that others could wank on or fuck me. Tom went first.

This is one of the photos of me that I found in Toms car after his party its when, in front of everybody, Tom fucked and then wanked over me in the living room

They then leaned over me and started smacking and poking at my tits and nipples with their nobs and Tom moved up to my chest and started poking at them too. After a while I tried wanking them two at a time, but this proved a bit awkward. It would have been alright if there were only two of them but with three one always felt left out, neglected, or not getting what they thought should be their fair share of my attention!

It was also a bit awkward for me too, so as this wasn’t working to well after a while Tom told me to shuffle down and stretch out my arms, back, behind my head as this firmed my tits! He then moved to be behind me with a knee each side of my head so that I could not move my arms.
In this position I could only look up at his hairy bollocks bouncing about onto my face.

Eventually he moved back slightly, I thought, so that I could see what they were doing but I was wrong. It was so that when Tom moved back, and with me Positioned like this they could wank themselves to shoot all over my face, neck and tits. But mostly they were aiming at my face!

When they did start to squirt they were to be within seconds of each other and there seemed to be so much more than the last time that they did this; there was so much of it. When the last drop had been squeezed onto me they sat back and I could see them all smiling at me.

“Wow, Joy that was incredible! Did you enjoy that too?”

Tom sat back but did not release my arms; they were watching my discomfort, shaking my head about, as the spunk on my face was trickling into my eyes, my nose and if I tried to speak, into my mouth.

I didn’t like the taste of it and Tom knew that but he made no effort to ease my discomfort until I started spitting it out. That’s when  he eventually let me move my arms to wipe it off my eyes and mouth.

I was then able to chat with them about how it was for me and that I did not particularly like it all targeted onto my face and that I much preferred it over my tits

However, whilst they had a cigarette and looked at me covered in their juices I just lay there and enjoyed the experience of all that spunk tickling as it trickled off me.

I was also telling them, that though having them do it like that was alright I much preferred me or them wanking on to me one or at the most two at a time as I liked to watch them squirt and I had also got to like the feel, in my hand, of the convulsive throb of a knob ejaculating!!!

All three at the same time and with Tom leaning over my face from behind meant that with his bollocks on my face I could not really see what was going on; I felt out of it as I just felt the cum landing on me. I just did not feel involved and I told them so, not that I did not enjoy it, I did, but that I would not like to do it like that again.

They looked at each other somewhat amazed, I think, at my reference to doing something similar in the future. Yes I was now  really enjoying these romps involving Ray and Dave.

“Oh! What do you suggest then Joy, what would YOU like us to do?”

Well, that put me on the spot.
Fortunately before I could think of a suitable non-committal answer Ray and Dave started to laugh.

“Well, what’s so funny about that?” I asked.

“It’s not you Joy. It’s Tom. Just look at Tom Joy he’s got a pout on. He’s all a grumble because you’ve got to get in his car like that; covered in spunk! But we know how to fix that Joy. Don’t we Dave.”

“It’s all right Tom we will clean her up for you.”

“Come on Joy out you get and we will sort you out.”

Oh this could be nice, thinks I as I got out of the shelter. Having them two gently wiping me down; remembering when after one of our romps they took me home and had to clean me up at my estate  car park…

Waiting for Ray and Dave to get out I stood there watching Tom get dressed I was thinking what a miserable git he could be over his precious cars.

Mind, looking at myself there was loads of it still on me; I had been well covered.

As I had to wait a while – they were getting dressed too – it dawned on me that there I was standing there starkers’! The tent flap had been left open and anybody walking by or on the other bank would have been able to see what we had been doing!

Had anybody walked by? Had anybody seen us? My panicky thoughts were interrupted as the three of them came over to me.

“Right Joy let’s get you cleaned up.”

At that Ray and Dave, on each side of me in one swift movement picked me up; arm and a leg each swung me back and the next thing I was in the river.

They threw me in the river!

“Well that’s solved that problem.” Said Tom as he helped me out of the river and handed me my sandals.
I was furious. “I could have drowned.” I shrieked.
Ray and Dave were in hysterics, laughing that much they were almost crying.
The more angry I got the more they laughed; the more they laughed the more angry I got until I was hitting and kicking them!
“I could have drowned.”
Ray pulled himself together; “For Christ sake Joyce it’s only waist deep at the most if that; you stood up and walked out. Didn’t you?”

I was so angry that to calm me down Tom held me in his arms. Not only that, the water was so cold that I had started to uncontrollably shiver.
Ray came over and put one of the blankets over my shoulders. “Come on love it was only a bit of fun and look, look at Tom. It’s really pleased him; you’re all washed off! You know how precious he is about his cars.”
He pulled me away from Tom gave me a big hug, kissed me on the lips and wrapped the blanket around me.

To cover my modesty; or to keep me warm???

Come on said Tom let’s get you to the car and get you warmed up.

As we walked away my parting comments to Ray and Dave to indicate that I wasn’t that mad with them any more.
“Well, you two don’t do that again. I don’t like being under water like that…it scares me.”

“Ok, Joy we promise we won’t throw you in the river ever again.”
And we parted all smiles.

Tom then took the blanket and gave it back to Ray, telling me to run back to the car…”Come on Joyce, I will put the heater on to warm you up and we can go for a nice ride around.”

ray and dave…part 5

15 Oct

Then, on one trip when I got into the car I could detect that there was a buzz of excitement. So I quickly sorted myself out thinking that they had something special planned for me but, to my disappointment Tom drove right past the first lay by, and the second. That’s when I realized that they were more interested in something else; Dave was telling Tom that he had collected from the Game & Sport shop the order that he and Ray had been waiting for.

I remember just sitting back feeling pissed off.

So we drove straight to their favourite site on the Dane.

When we got there I was left sitting in the car for some considerable time – well, it seemed like it to me – whilst Tom went off with them to see what it was all about.
When he eventually came back he was all smiles “you’ll like this Joy.” He said, opening the door, beckoning me to get out. “Come on, you needn’t get dressed it’s just down the track and there is nobody here to worry about.”

Not that that would have made much difference to him, I had learnt that much by now.
Whatever it was, was exciting him so much he was trying to pull me out of the car as I was trying to put my sandals on!
The grass track went passed some bushes and led to the river.

I had been there on several occasions as this part of the river walk was an occasional  day ramble with the Girl Guides. Then, about 50 yards or so away I could see what all the excitement was about!

A tent!

They had bought a bloody tent!

“What’s so exciting about a tent, Tom”?
“That’s not a tent. That’s a fishing shelter” said Tom as he was rushing me along.

“I think you will get to like this.” He added, ominously.
Now what are they going to do to me, I thought, what is it about a tent like thing that I am going to really like?
I could see that all the fishing stuff was set up and Ray and Dave were watching our approach. Well, mine actually; they would be watching my tits bounce which, I’m sure was why Tom was making me half run and pushing me in front of him.
When we got there I could see that it was like half of a ridge type tent open on one long side. The long open side faced the river and there were two poles supporting a canopy that could be dropped to close off the open side to keep out any bad weather. In the canopy side were two roll up flaps so that sitting inside they could still see their fishing lines; not a bad idea really.
I noticed that all their fishing tackle was still outside and looking in I could see that they had spread some blankets. They were all talking at once!
“What do you think, Joy?”
“Go in, Joy, make yourself comfortable.”
“This is going to be brill, Joy, better than in the car.”
“You want to give it a go, Joy, shall we all get cosy? You up for it Joy?”

When I had got in it felt quite cosy as only tents can, if you know what I mean.

I hadn’t really been taking much notice of what they were saying to me I was more interested in what was inside.

When I had sat down and looked back at them they had all taken their clothes off and were standing there, hands on hips thrusting their stiff willies in my direction.

This was the first time ever, that I had seen a completely naked man.

It was so…so different. I had seen them with their trousers off but never completely naked. I couldn’t take my eyes off their willies. I just stared, they were so individually different. Why I thought they would all look the same I don’t know…They were so stiff too!
I didn’t give a thought to what they were going to do to me, I just wanted them in here with me; I just wanted to feel their stiff cocks. I just thought that I am going to enjoy this!
As they got in with me, their cocks wobbling about in front of them – I still couldn’t take my eyes off them. I must have been really wide eyed, no wonder they were smiling and no wonder nobody thought about dropping the canopy flap – none of us, it seems, gave a thought about anybody passing by or walking on the other side of the river.

Ray and Dave…part 4

15 Oct

For a while it was as if nothing exciting had ever happened I just sat in the front and joined in the general conversation and we would drop them off at their various fishing places.

Over the next week or so there were only a couple of occasions that Tom pulled into a lay by and asked if I would like to join the boys…which I always did. They would help me out of my kit and I would give them a  wank.

If that didn’t happen then  where ever we dropped them of, even if it was at a busy public car park, as they were getting their fishing kit sorted out Tom expected me to get my clothes off, and to keep them clean, stash them in my bag in the front foot well and be ready on his return for whatever he had in mind for me.
Sometimes the boys would stand and chat for a while, I never took much notice of their conversation as I was always getting my kit off and putting things away as Tom expected it. I sometimes thought that Ray and Dave just did this so that instead of waving goodbye to me they could come over to say goodbye and look at me!

001 (3)
:center;”>A fuzzy snap of me in Toms car taken by Dave as we left them at one of their fishing spots.

However I did pick up snippets here and there and I had become aware that they were expecting something from the fishing shop, and, if I heard my name mentioned I always tried to hear what they were saying.

The only one snatch of conversation I did fully understand was when Dave asked Tom why, unless they had planned to do something with me, he didn’t let me take my clothes off until they had got out.
I had wondered that too but when we drove off I never let on that I had heard Dave ask that and Tom said nothing about it either.
I didn’t have long to wait though because the very next time they were in the car Tom said to me that as Ray and Dave had become, as he put it, ‘playmates’ if I wanted to I could get ready or wait until we had dropped them off…It was up to me.
Once again the decision was to appear to be mine but it wasn’t really.

What the hell I knew what Tom and those two expected me to do.

So, just as we were leaving the town, I started preparing myself, as if it was just us two, the way he liked me to travel, putting my clothes in my bag to keep them clean and sitting on my hands with my knees as wide as I could get them.
And that was how my travelling naked with others in the car first started; though other people weren’t to be involved (apart from Lynn, Dave’s girlfriend but more about that later) until after Tom’s party; something else that was a consequence of what I did at the party!

Strange; it was kind of exciting now to strip off with those two in the car but Just because Ray and Dave’m’ were there didn’t mean that anything was going to happen. When I got into the car nobody would make any indication or comment about any plans for me.
At first the only indication that I was expected to perform would be if Tom pulled into a layby after I had taken my clothes off. Then, no matter how much traffic, other parked cars or even the weather, I was not allowed to climb over the seat I had to get out; I had to use the doors to get in the back with Ray and Dave where I would wank them off whilst on the way to where ever they were to be fishing.
I was to soon learn that not pulling into a layby would not mean that they had no plans for me but at this time it did, and if we didn’t, which was most of the time, we just dropped them off and if that was the case they would often reach over the seat to grope my tits as we were driving along or as they were leaving; Tom just seem to take no notice now, just letting them grope me whenever they wanted to.

Not that I complained!

Ray and Dave…part 3

14 Oct

I always looked forward to my dates with Tom and was always so disappointed when he failed to up, however over time I got used to it and his non arrival somehow added to the anticipation.

But now with the possibility of Ray and Dave ‘M’ in the equation there was an extra tingle, an extra dimension to my expectations; will they, or, will they not be there. I never knew in advance as there was no regular pattern to their fishing trips and there was no guarantee that Tom would tell me to join them. I don’t think they knew either and that in a way added to the excited anticipation too.
If there was only the two of us I stripped off as usual but not if they were there even though, by now, we knew what was likely to happen. ( Though in due course this would eventually change.)  However, unless the front seat was occupied I was never allowed to get in the back with them until Tom said I could.
Whenever Tom arrived to pick me up I would wave at Tom and eagerly look to the back seat; it seemed ages since they had been there, it seemed so long that I began to think that they didn’t like me after all. In the end I just had to say something to Tom about it…
“They work shifts, Joy, and sometimes the shift pattern doesn’t work out for them. Things should be back to normal for them in the next couple of days; just be patient, Joy, they will be here.”
Looking back on all this I think that was a deliberate ploy by Tom to see how keen I was about it all; and how much farther he could push things with me.
Sure enough a couple of days later they were there big grins on their faces as I got into the car

“Hello Joy, Tom tells us you missed us; have you?”
My big smile gave it away, I was so pleased and excited to see them, though I ignored them and flashed a look of feigned annoyance at Tom as I kissed him then told him off for saying such a thing.

He smiled at me as he slowed down to pull into a lay by – I assumed for me to get in the back with them – but, much to my surprise, decided to drive on.
Nobody had said anything about me getting in the back or even why Ray and Dave were there I had just assumed, secretly hoped really, that it was to continue from where we had left off last time we were all together, then Tom spoke.
“Joyce, we are not going to make you do anything you don’t want to do Joyce. You know I love you and that whatever we do only pleases me if it pleases you too.”
Joyce! He called me Joyce. No one ever did that unless they were being serious about something that was of importance to me or when I had to make a decision about something directly affecting me.
Now by a peculiar twist of logic I really thought I was so very lucky having a boyfriend like Tom. He loved me so much he would do anything to please me. So I in turn would show my love for him.

” To please you Tom I would do anything, you only have to ask and if it’s alright with you it’s certainly alright with me.”
“You sure, Joyce?”
“I’m sure, Tom.”
“Wow Joy…you don’t know how happy I am to hear you say that. Look, Ray and Dave are too…Ok boys, let’s go for it.”
At the next lay by I got in the back and every one of us was wearing a big grin of expectation as I settled in between them.
Tom looking in the mirror at me told me to strip off as usual, then as I started to take my top of he pulled off the road and drove a short way down a farm track of some sort into a grassy field.
“Now you should enjoy what we have in mind for you Joy.”
“Help her out of her skirt boys; we don’t want to make a mess of it!”
That was the end of that fishing trip.
After a bit of messing around with my tits they decided to remove their trousers and I got my first look at another lads cock; Rays. It was similar to Toms but Dave’s made my eyes pop! It was so much thicker; not quit so long but a lot thicker. I hadn’t noticed that difference when I had wanked them off in their trousers last time I was with them. I was fascinated by the difference between them and it made me wonder what other cocks would look like; I couldn’t keep my eyes or hands off them, much to their delight.
Eventually Tom insisted that some towels and a blanket were spread over the seats to stop them getting messy. To do this the three of us had to get out whilst Tom sorted things out to his liking; he could be a bit precious about his cars.
Yes, you’ve guessed, as soon as they had pulled their trousers up I was pulled out of the car as I was, Tom would not allow me to get dressed too and just for a bit of fun to fill the time in they chased me around the field, playing tag. At first I thought they were just messing around to make my tits jiggle about and to give a good excuse for groping bodily contact. This was fun at first then I realised that they were chasing me nearer to the main road and when they finally caught and picked me up it was near the field gate and to my consternation were obviously  intending to dump me at the road side. Then tom shouted; he was standing by the car beckoning us back, “come on you lot, whose going first?”
They looked at each other, dropped me and ran back to the car. I could see that whatever they had planned for me Dave was going  to do it first.
I deliberately sauntered back – I didn’t want to appear too eager, though I really was! They were shouting at me to get a move on so I ran the last few yards just to make my tits bounce for them.
Did I think of rape?
No! It never entered my mind. Because Tom was there and he said it was ok I never give it a thought. He said I was to enjoy it…so I intended too.
By the time I got there Dave was kneeling on the back seat, minus his trousers, a huge thick stiff cock in his hand. Tom and Ray were kneeling on the front seats so they could watch whatever Dave was going to do to me.
Tom told me to lie along the seat and then Dave on his knees straddled my waist. Then Tom told me that I was to wank each in turn onto my tits. I was to use both hands and to wank as hard and fast as I could and just for the fun of it they would time how long it took for me to make them cum. The longest time would be the winner.
“What’s the prize?” I asked.
“Oh! You most probably, we will decide that later, wont we boys” was Toms’ reply.
Hmmm wonder what that could mean I thought. I was to find out a few weeks later.
Whilst I was wanking Dave I could see that Tom was trying to reach my dodo; he eventually changed places with Ray and I could feel him gently finger fucking me whilst I wanked Dave and then Ray.
It was incredible, I had only ever wanked Tom and knew how he reacted when he was about to cum. Dave just leant forward onto his stretched out arms and the first squirt went right up my nose the next squirt over my face and the rest over my tits. There was loads of it, it seemed to be everywhere. Before I could really recover from it Tom is telling them to be quick.
“Come on Ray it’s your turn. Grab her hands Dave.”
I didn’t have time to wipe any of it off my face before Ray was astride me and I was wanking him as fast as I could. Every time I tried to wipe my face he stopped me.
“Both hands, Joy, use both hands.”
And just to make the point every time I let go or lost my grip Tom pushed his fingers hard up into me, I soon got the message, the more I did it the harder he pushed up into me.
Rays first shot went over my face and into my hair so I pulled his cock down so that the rest went over my neck and tits.
Then it was Toms turn. He kept his fingers inside me until Ray had got out, then with a final hard dig into me it was his turn.
“Don’t even think about it Joy.”
After I had wanked Tom he positioned me so that Ray and Dave would have a good clear view of me while he gave me a really hard finger fucking. Was this the prize, was he going to let them finger fuck me too?
No, he didn’t and, to be truthful, I was a bit disappointed at that.
Anyway all too soon it was time to take me home.
On the way back home I had a soft cock in each hand, I was well and truly covered in trickling tickling sticky cum and they were well into the corners to keep it off their clothes.
I didn’t mind I was feeling kinda good, it had been a phenomenal experience and I was hoping it would happen again real soon. Tom kept looking at me in the mirror and smiling.
“You’re going to take some cleaning up when we get you to your home car park Joy.”
I could tell by his expression that he was planning something else for me.
“You enjoyed that didn’t you Joy”.

I didn’t answer him…I was thinking about three lads trying to clean me up! I was going to enjoy this.

I think my smile said all there was to say.

Ray and Dave…part 2

14 Oct

Ray and Dave ‘m’ were to become more involved with our fun and games; it just seemed to happen, and quickly too, taking part in whatever Tom wanted me to do. Tom cleverly made everything seem my decision to involve them.

It is only now with the benefit of hindsight that I can see clearly what was happening to me.
As I became more and more under Toms control he just kept pushing the limits obviously preparing me for his next party. If his plan worked I was to hopefully be the star turn. To do that I had to be sexually compliant and at ease naked in front of others that were actively taking part or watching me perform various sex acts. In the end I was to know no bounds!

We never discussed what had happened Tom just said how pleased he was with me that when asked I had let Ray and Dave ‘m’ play with me! He asked me if I had enjoyed the experience of two lads fondling my tits as much as he had enjoyed watching my apparent enthusiasm and visible pleasure. He also told me that they had been on to him since for another ride with Joy. That they had enjoyed the experience with me that much and that as I had seemed to enjoy what they were doing to me as well, and had not objected in any way, then maybe I would like to do it again too.
I told him that though it was quite nice I had only gone along with it because he had wanted me to and that although I wanted to please him in any way that I could, I preferred just doing the things that pleased him, with him.
That was obviously the right answer because we were very quickly parked up and he was all over me. In more ways than one!

It was probably a few days later that when Tom next picked me up sitting in the back of the car were Ray and Dave ‘m’.
When I got in I kissed Tom. He smiled and nodded to the back. “You know what that means don’t you Joy – it’s up to you. I don’t mind either way! “

I was undecided as to what to do. Yes I had enjoyed it last time; it had just happened like everything else I had done for him but this time I had to make a deliberate decision. To do it or not to do it?
Whilst I was thinking all this Tom started reminding me that they had been on to him for days for another ride with Joy. They had all enjoyed it so much.
It was obvious that Tom wanted me to do it, but, even though I had enjoyed it last time would I this time? Did I want to do it because I wanted to do it?
When I heard them saying “Aw Joy. You not getting in the back with us Joy.”
I then remembered that I had felt their stiff cocks, albeit over their trousers. Up till now I had only ever seen or held Toms. Maybe, just maybe, one of them would let me really feel their cock. The thought began to excite me, but, what would Tom do? Would he let me feel another lads cock? Only one way to find out!
I looked at Tom and he winked at me. “It is ok with me Joy. I will enjoy watching you and my mates enjoying themselves doing whatever comes natural. I know that I will get the benefit later. So you go for it!”
I never asked and they never said but judging by the way they were dressed I assumed they were going fishing and we would be dropping them off at the same car park as last time. I didn’t have long!
“Ok.” I said. “Whatever pleases you pleases me too.” So at the next layby I got into the back seat.
This time they had no trouble getting my blouse unbuttoned and was soon thrown onto the front seat. I was between them and they each had an arm across my shoulders with the hand over my tits, they were both sliding their other hand up my skirt. At first I eased my legs apart but thought better of it and pushed their hands away and grabbed hold of their bulges and squeezed.
Ray undid the top of his jeans; took hold of my wrist and pushed my hand down the front of his underpants. Seeing this Dave did the same and they both settled back to watch my jiggling tits and feel my hands on their throbbing cocks; one in each hand! They felt huge and I wanted to see them too but by now we were travelling on the unmade track to the river side car park. What with the rocking of the car and my rubbing and squeezing of their cocks I felt them cum! I felt the sticky cum oozing over both my hands and between my fingers. To my surprise they came almost at the same time.
Now what do I do? I thought.
When Tom parked I was still sitting there with my hands down their trousers, still rubbing away. Wondering what now, what do I wipe my hands on – there seemed so much, a never ending stream of it! I could feel their cocks pulsing in my grip.
Then I heard Tom saying, Joy you’ll have to let go of ‘em Joy. They are going fishing and will need what’s left of their worms.
We all laughed at that and I pulled my hands out. They were covered in so much cum I could see it was going to drip off onto my skirt – which I didn’t want to happen it stains so and I had already had that problem explaining to my parents peculiar marks and stains on my clothes after my dates with Tom. This was one of the many reasons I justified to myself my travelling naked.
Ray, seeing my dilemma took my hands and rubbed them on my tits covering me with their sticky cum.
Rub it in, Joy, the protein will do your tits good…

And then, and then they just zipped up and got out! They zipped up and got out! My hands were covered in semen so their underpants must be too. All wet and sticky and since then I have observed many lads do that when I have made them cum in their trousers. I have never understood how they can do that…

Anyway, as they got out so Tom got in and suggested that he help me get my skirt off before I got it covered in cum. I agreed as it was awkward explaining things away to my dad last time I got cum splashed over my clothes; I am sure he knew what it was. And as Tom got out he gave me a small towel to clean up. Now that surprised me as he normally liked me to stay all messy until we got to the car park near my home.
“No, not you, silly, check the car seats for splashes then get yourself into the front and we’ll go for a drive around and find somewhere where I can add some more.”
What was I thinking!

As I was sorting things out in the car and putting my clothes into my bag I could hear them chatting as they were getting their fishing gear out of the boot and I heard Tom saying something about…”that’s if Joy agrees”.

“Agree to what?” I shouted.

Ray and Dave looked into the car; Tom opened the door and told me to get out as the boys wanted to ask me something.
“But…” Oh, what the hell, I had just been wanking them off so why should I worry about not having any clothes on, so I just did it.
“You ok with that then Joy?” They asked as I was getting out of the car.
“What?” I asked, trying to be nonchalant about my nudity.

“Tom said he would fetch us out more often but only if you agreed, you ok about that, joy?”

“Fine,” I said, “Fine.” Knowing that it didn’t really matter what I thought, Tom had already made his mind up, that that, was what was going to happen.

“She’s ok about it!” said Dave in a surprised tone to Tom.

“Like I said, boys, Joy is game for ‘ought if I tell her it’s ok with me its ok with her. Aint that so Joy?”

Tom was holding the front door open for me and I was getting into the front seat when Tom was saying that and before I could respond he had shut the door.

Tom had a big smile on his face as he got into the car…Don’t wipe it off Joy I will add some more soon then we can go for a nice long ride round.

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