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Rays Turn…part 1

31 Dec


It seems strange to me now but the next few weeks were so frustrating for me as I wanted to find out what it would be like with Ray. Ray had asked Tom if he could have a go with me and Tom did say he wanted to watch me doing it with someone. I assumed that someone would be Ray. Ray, I could see, thought likewise too and that it would be pretty soon but at the moment Tom seemed only interested in two things; his request that I be a bit more adventurous when we went to dances and such places, and, that he had just bought a new torch.
A new torch I hear you ask. Don’t forget that a torch was his favourite toy, but more about that in a minute. First his request to be more adventurous at the tin mish dances.
At the moment when on a date with him I was not to wear a bra, knickers or tights (stockings were allowed as they were held up by a separate belt but I soon gave that up except in the winter) and that if so indicated I was to undress and travel naked. If we were going to a specific place or dance I would on arrival, if naked get dressed and slip my knickers back on. However, for some time now I had agreed to his request that I not wear knickers when going to the tin mish dances. Being knickerless, as I became more relaxed about it, soon became all the time and everywhere.

Although I had readily agreed to this request to be a bit more adventurous I was at first a bit self-conscious. I wasn’t bothered by the fact that it was so obvious that I had no bra. In fact I made it as obvious as I could bar getting them out! Ann and I were used to using them to draw attention to ourselves but, no knickers, that somehow was different.
I was alright about it in the car with his mates, that was a tease, but why he would want me to be without knickers at the dances I didn’t understand so asked him why. He told me that he thought it would be a turn on for him knowing I had no underwear and they, the other lads that he was now choosing for me to dance with didn’t, and that was to it at first. So I did and I, after a very short time found it a turn on too, much to Toms delight!
At first there were some exceptions but as time went by and I got more used to it the only exception was to be when my period started.

His idea of my now being a bit more adventurous was for me to deliberately flash some unsuspecting unknown chap just to see what their reaction would be. Would I do it for him…he would tell me to whom and when.
I wasn’t too sure about this, what if someone other than the target saw me???
What if they thought it was a deliberate invitation to come and have a feel???
What if they thought it was an indication that I was available for some hanky pancky???
But he assured me he only wanted me to do it in such a way that the target would think it was accidental, that it would appear that I was not aware that I had done it…besides, he would be with me. ”Give it a go Joy, let’s see what happens.” Once again something he wanted me to do was made to look like it was my decision knowing that if I didn’t he would go off in a grump saying I didn’t love him…
At first I was not too keen and I think he sensed that because he suggested that we would only do this when at non-local dances or events and if I didn’t like it well no harm done. At least I had given it a go for him.
I was very self-conscious at first as I thought everybody could see or was aware of what we were doing but just like my travelling naked in the car nobody except the target (and sometimes they didn’t notice or believe what I had revealed) seemed to be aware of what we were doing. Never the less it took me a while to get used to doing this as I never knew who, when or where. He would just tell me to part my legs, lift my skirt or bend over to pick something up that he had dropped; whatever would suite the situation so that any lad sitting opposite or nearby would get a quick clear view up my skirt. When he and I noticed the effects it had on the targets; some ignored me, some just sat and looked and kept looking hoping for a repeat, some would nudge their mates and whisper what they had just seen me do; only a few actually came over to ask me for a dance or to chat and find out what I was up to.
I started enjoying this tease and when Tom realized that I was becoming more daring and compliant to give a longer view so his requests to flash became more local. After several weeks of this it was the local flashing that started to worry me; I just did not feel comfortable about it and told him I didn’t want to do it at our local venues. I didn’t mind out of town where I was not known so in the end he agreed that we would only do this for a bit of fun when out and about. I did agree to carry on doing it at some of the other tin mish and places we went to and for a while it became the way we attracted my selected dance partners. Having got their attention I would pretend that I was not aware that I had flashed them or that they knew I had no knickers.
It became quite amusing really as the targets all wanted me to partner them for the slow dances where they would pull me close and press their stiffies onto me where, after a while I would often feel them twitching and jerking! I now knew that meant they were cumming in their pants. I pretended to ignore it as though I was not aware of what was happening but at the same time rubbing myself against them, all the time trying to maintain an innocent expression on my face.
It was Tom that decided we ought to stop doing this at the dances as I was becoming too popular and attracting too much attention. We did not go back to some of them until several months later after my notoriety had become a thing of the past and mostly forgotten about.
I still did the occasional flash when out and about though, Tom and I got such a thrill from the surprised looks on lad’s faces…

As for the torch I mentioned earlier that Tom had bought to play with and couldn’t wait to try out. Well, he told me he had bought it as his so called treat for me for my incredible performance with Dave. Yes, a torch for him to play with me with.
A torch was his favourite toy to push into me. He was fascinated by the fact that he could push a lit torch into me and no light would leak out. If it was small enough to push right in with the lamp last in we would be plunged into darkness; (he always waited until it was dark and it was the only time he played with me with the car interior light switched off) there would be a sudden flash when I pushed it back out! This afforded him much merriment. He tried all sorts of shapes and sizes he would just push them right in. It never crossed my mind that anything might get stuck and I don’t think he had given that a thought either as I managed to push most objects out those that I couldn’t he got out with his fingers.
This particular torch had a little button on the side and we soon found out that if it was pushed in in a certain way with the lamp head poking out I could flex my pubic muscles and make it flash. He had endless fun with this.

When Tom arrived at our meeting place I would eagerly look into the car to see if the lads were there and if they were look to see if the towel was out. Though I should have learnt by now that that did not in itself mean anything exciting involving the lads was going to happen. It seemed that our dates were now taken up with me flashing at the dances and flashing in the car afterwards! Would Ray ever get a turn…we mostly dropped them off and we would go for a drive or they would come with us to one or other of the dances. I don’t think they were aware that I was flashing my “do do”. If they were they never let on.

On the way home from one of these dances Tom produced another new torch. This one had a swivel head on it so that it could be adjusted to shine at any angle, it also had that little button switch. What he wanted to try now was to see if I could walk about with a torch stuffed into me. As it turned out I could move about and walking, sort of, meant that I kept pressing the button. He called me a flash cunt and flash became his nick-name for me. I don’t know where he got some of his ideas from; what he wanted me to do was when at our more secluded parking places to walk about with this torch in me with the beam adjusted to light the way. I could just about do it but it kept falling out. It wasn’t very comfortable either as being made of metal it chaffed quite a lot and tended to make me sore. That’s when he started experimenting with different shapes to see what would stop in when I walked about. He started with small torches as it would be obvious if they fell out. He noticed that at times when walking with a small torch in me there would be the occasional flash of light; that’s when he thought it might be fun to develop this further and started pushing objects in and leaving them in. It wasn’t long before he was pushing small things into me before going into a dance, even on occasions a small torch. Fortunately nothing ever fell out and as far as I know no flash of light. I could often feel some of these items moving about in me which was not an altogether unpleasant experience and something we were to develop a bit more later…



23 Dec









 I know, it’s weeks since I have been able to post anything on my blog, this time of year is just so busy for us mothers and grandmothers; so much to do and so little time. Have you noticed that from October time seems to speed up and what was next week is now tomorrow and tomorrow is suddenly yesterday…Well that’s my excuse!

It didn’t help having to make several trips down to my husband’s ancestral home; he is head honcho now so can’t wriggle out of things like he used to. Still it gave me a good excuse to call in on my parents and we also had a wedding to attend as well which was nice – for me at least, not so sure that himself enjoyed it?!

To attend the wedding of my niece we travelled down in the motor home to make it easier for other family members to be accommodated. I thought we were going to park up outside my parents but much to my surprize he parked up on that little car park at the entrance to the estate; the car park that I used after my dates with Tom and where I had also entertained many of my former boyfriends.

Just as well he can’t read my mind! What a lot of memories it brought back being parked up there. Looking around nothing much had changed but the thing that I really noticed though is that it isn’t as secluded or discrete as I thought it was. I now realized that because of the street lighting, people in the houses nearby and anybody walking past, if they looked would have been able to see me sorting myself out or romping! The neighbours must surely have seen and recognized me especially as Tom always put the interior light on! I had not taken much notice on our previous visits apart from a glance and a wistful smile as we drove past. Like I said, just as well he can’t read my mind…How ironic to be bonking there again.


Oh dear…look at the time…so much to do and so little time left now…I will have to come back to this after the holiday…


Have fun.

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