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Ray’s Turn…part 3 Linda

26 Jan

I knew my naked body in semi-public display turned him on, especially when he could be in control of that display, so I just nodded accepting the fact that from now on whenever I saw that towel I would be expected to be naked as quickly as was possible.

“Come on then we don’t want them to start without us do we?” I started to run toward the tent. He soon caught up with me and laughing wrestled me to the ground.

“Slow down Joy we don’t want to appear too eager do we?”

I knew what he really meant; slow down Joy, somebody may come along and just might catch sight of you.

I was still feeling awkward about all this, though, as, since starting my periods at twelve I had never been naked in front of other girls; not even my sisters.
Well that is apart from Ann when we were together exposing our tits for the lads we had just picked up to have a feel.
You see, I was a bit shy and very conscious of my slow growth of pubic hair and what I thought were under developing breasts. I always thought, ney worried, that Tom might think that my tits were too small for a supposed sixteen year old and realize that I wasnt!

Yet, funny enough, I did not feel at all shy driving around naked in the car with Tom or before I met Tom, being semi naked in the company of any lad that took my fancy. I liked them looking at me and when I allowed it, feeling me. Some, like Dave did that first time he got to see and feel them, likened my tits to two jelly moulds on a plate; firm but wobbly.

Tom eventually, after rolling about kissing and feeling me, pulled me to my feet and holding my hand to stop me running on made me slowly walk toward the tent.

Linda was so eager to get started that when she saw us dawdling along she ran out to meet us.
Yes, her tits did bounce about, a lot more than mine, and I could see that Tom couldn’t take his eyes of them! How she didn’t get two black eyes I will never know.

Taking my hand she started pulling me along. “Come on Joy they are ready and waiting, look.”

Ray and Dave were standing by the tent wearing nowt but their shirts hands on thrust forward hips to emphasise their huge erections!

I smiled at Ray. I was anticipating his full attention and beginning to feel a bit damp.

“You should enjoy this Joy. I have been onto Tom for ages Joy, to get him to ask you to come and join us. I am so glad you decided to, it’s so much better when there are two of us. Shame its in this tent thing, it would have been far better back home but never mind.”

What did she mean by that? I was about to say something to Tom but we had arrived and Linda was still babbling on telling me that the boys had lit a camp fire to sit around later and that she had laid out some picnic blankets, a few beach and hand towels as well as a few cushions in the shelter to make it a bit more comfortable and cosy like!

It was a bit of a tight fit in the tent with just me and the three boys but with Linda there too I just couldn’t see how we were all going to fit in.

I was still wondering what it was they had in mind to do to me; it didn’t look like Tom was going to leave me alone with Ray like that time he left me with Dave; what were they going to do with me let alone how?

Never the less we all piled in and managed to drop the flap. We were very soon just a giggling tangle of arms, legs huge willies and groping hands.

Linda soon took charge, and with an affected officious tone; “this wont do, all out!”

(This made us all laugh as there was a popular television program ‘the rag trade’ about a factory sweat shop full of women making clothes and that was the catch phrase of the female union rep. Linda sounded just like the actress that played that part; Miriam Carling, I think. It was all the more funny because by now none of us had a stitch on.)

Linda suggested that us girls should take it in turns to be wanked over.

The boys were quite happy with this idea, well, apart from Ray. I wasn’t, either, I was hoping for a bit more than just a wanking session and I could see that Ray looked a bit disappointed too. I think he thought, as I did too, that he was going to have his turn for some fun with me!

She also decided that I would be wanked over first so she told me to get in and lay full length with Dave and Tom on each side of me so that I could play with their ‘tackle’ as she put it.

Ray was told to straddle my waist so that Linda could reach round from behind him to wank him off over my tits.
At first it was all right, however I could see that Ray could feel Linda’s tits pressing onto his back so he started jiggling about as if scratching his back. This became so uncomfortable for me that I had to tell Ray to not do it as he was putting too much weight on me.

After awhile it became so uncomfortable for all of us that there was a lot of shifting around re-adjusting things until eventually we got sorted and instead of me laying full length I was propped up on some cushions.
This gave Linda and Ray a bit more room to do their thing and easier for me to pump on Dave and Tom at the same time.

Ray, now with a big smile on his face said that with me propped up like that I made a better target for him!


Ray’s Turn…part 2

19 Jan

In fact most everything of our social and sexual life started at one or other of the local tin mish dances. Linda’s involvement was initiated at one of the dances.

Linda was Dave’s girlfriend. I knew Linda as she was from the same council estate as me and also belonged to our local church youth club. She was the same year group as my friend Ann and she also knew my real age but she, thankfully, never let on.

Ray also came to the same dances with his girlfriend but I didn’t know her and can’t remember her name; it may have been Sylvia.

I know! It seems odd to me now that I was sexually active with these two lads and socialising with them and their girlfriends as if nothing was going on.

It was because Tom was with me all the time, and, as it was all with his encouragement that I did what I did sexually that I never felt awkward when in the company of their girlfriends, and I’m sure Ray and Dave didn’t either when we were altogether.

 As it turned out Linda knew all about what we were doing and she thought I knew she knew, but I hadn’t the faintest idea. Neither did I know that she was also visiting the tent thing for similar fun and games or that Tom was involved too!

I am not so sure about Sylvia (?) although she was at the party and was involved on a few occasions later.

 Linda would often mention the tent thing whenever I saw her socially so I knew she went there.  I never put two and two together, or realised, that she was dropping hints for me to join her until one day when Tom picked me up and she was in the back between Dave and Ray.

I didn’t notice her when I got in as the boys were leaning forward talking to Tom.

 It was a nice sunny day, ideal for a romp somewhere.

 I kissed Tom and as I started to sort myself out – the towel was on my seat so I knew he expected me to get my kit off and stowed. This had to be done by certain points depending on what route we took out of town.

 So I was watching where we were going to gauge when to start taking my clothes of and not taking too much notice of what they were doing or talking about.

 It soon became apparent, though, that they were up to something as the boys did not sit back as they normally did to watch me undress. They remained leaning on the back of the front seats, which was by now to me a clear indicator that they were planning to do something new, with, or to me!

 What could it be this time? I felt that exciting tingle of anticipation of unknown pleasures; to enjoy or endure.


That never entered in to it, I trusted them and as far as I was concerned they never betrayed that trust. . They always asked me to give things a try first and then decide if I wanted to carry on especially if it was something new, or as time went by, someone new but more about that later…  So it didn’t matter what they wanted me to do I was always more than willing to give things a go as  they never forced me to do anything that I didn’t want to do.

So, would this be the occasion that Ray would have his promised turn with me?

It was so frustrating for me as I so wanted to find out what it would be like with Ray as it had been a few weeks now since Tom had let Dave play with me.


Up till now the only thing Tom had been interested in was that I should now not wear any nickers when we went out, no matter where we were going or what we were to do. At first there were some exceptions but as time went by the only exception was to be when my periods started.

Why he wanted me to Be without nickers was a bit more subtle and took me quite a while to get used to; when we were sitting anywhere he would tell me to part my legs so that any lad sitting opposite, or nearby would get a quick flash of a clear view up my skirt. Most times it would be just a quick seemingly unconscious revelation on my part. At first, and for a long time, he only wanted me to do this out of our local area but when he realised I was becoming more daring and compliant to his requests to give the target lads a longer view so his requests to quick flash became more often and before I really took notice the occasional flash became more local.

For the time being that was what he meant by his request that I mentioned earlier for me to be a bit more adventurous when we were at the tin mish or other places we went to.

At this time I don’t think Tom had any long term plans for me. I think that as I was so compliant and keen to try things, these things and activities just evolved.

I also now think that he was still a little unsure of just how far I would go; how much I would do for him. When he did finally realize that I would do almost anything for him then he and his mates just kept pushing my boundaries as far as they could; so it would be several months before the real reason for all this flashing would become apparent, and, it was a long time before I put two and two together. Even then, with hind sight, I got the sum wrong.

It just seemed to me that we were all just so enjoying ourselves…


As I said something was up; would this be the occasion that Tom would let Ray have his promised turn with me? It had been a few weeks now since Tom had let Dave play with me.

We had as a group been out on several occasions since that event and nothing had happened and we had also taken them to a couple of fishing places but just dropped them off. Tom, with me naked as usual had just taken me for one of his cruises.

 I will tell you more about them later.

Then on one of these drive rounds after dropping them off –

I think, on reflection that he or they were doing this deliberately just to see what I would do. In the event I think I did just what they expected, or very nearly so –

 I eventually asked Tom outright if Ray was going to get a turn to play with me. He didn’t bat an eyelid. “Soon Joy, soon.”


Was this the day? It was just so frustrating for me as I so wanted to find out what it would be like with Ray.


I couldn’t contain myself the more I thought about it the more I needed to know. In the end it got the better of me. I just knew they were up to something so as I started to undress and turning to Tom I asked him outright if Ray was going to get a turn to play with me. Is that what you’re talking about; is that what you’re planning to do with me this time?


“Well, not quite Joy, that depends on….”

And that was when I realised there was another girl in the car.

“Hi Joy, didn’t expect me here did you?”


Just as well I questioned what they were planning. I would have been so embarrassed if I had taken all my clothes off as normal, and then found Linda there.

Tom resumed answering my question.

“…..that depends on how adventurous you want to be, Linda is up for it.”

“Adventurous, Tom? And Linda is up for what?”

“Yea, well, what would you be doing right now if you weren’t aware of Linda being here? It’s as simple as that.”

It took a while to sink in! I slowly realized what he was really saying. I turned to see what Linda thought about all this.

I had never been naked with another female; had she? Let alone doing sex things; had she?

What did Tom want me to do???

Linda leaned toward me. “It’s just a bit of fun Joy, I’ve done this with Dave before and I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. It really is great fun once you get into it. Give it a go and if you don’t like it, well, at least you’ve tried it.

Then Dave joined in…”Yea, we were there this morning and everything is set up ready. We really want you to join us Joy.”

I turned to Tom. “Set up ready, what does that mean?”

“There is only one way you will find out, Joy.”

Several things were happening at the same time. Tom was talking to me and was slowing down because we were getting near one of the marker points where I would be expected to be undressed and have my clothes bagged and out of the way. I could hear them in the back giggling and moving about and Tom was going on about the approaching layby and me making up my mind.

I turned to ask Linda a question. They were all smiles. Linda was sitting there with all her kit off! “Go for it Joy it really is great fun when there are two of us.”

As I looked to the front I recall thinking that she was a lot bigger than me; they will really bounce when we run to the tent.


Tom had slowed to pull into the layby and Ray had reached forward and started to unbutton my shirt whispering something into my ear about Linda had wanted me to join them for some time now and that it would be really nice if I did.

Tom smiled at me. “Seems that Ray has made the decision for you Joy.”

Which was Tom speech ordering me to do it…so I did.

Oh well. I Thought. I wonder how this will work out.

I let Ray undo the rest of the buttons and help me out of my blouse.

They must have been planning this for a while knowing that I would in the end comply. I think that Ray’s  anticipation of what was going to happen got the better of him as once my tits were available he kept giving one or other a squeeze. The squeezes became progressively harder the nearer we got to our destination. In the end, travelling up the unmade track I had to tell him he was hurting me. That was when Tom noticed that I hadn’t taken my skirt off; he wasn’t best pleased! There was an edge to his voice. “Joyce” That’s all he said. Ray let go and I took my skirt off and put it away.

As Tom was parking Linda said something to me, looking behind me she said, “I said its far better in the back Joy.”

She had a big grin on her face and a throbbing knob in each hand!


When he had parked Tom told those three to go on ahead and that we would be along soon. I thought he was going to have a little feely session before joining them but I was wrong. As soon as they got out of the car he started telling me off for not getting my kit off quick enough.

“We agreed, Joy, that no matter whom else was in the car if the towel was on the seat you were to strip as we had agreed and no questions asked.”

He then said If I wasn’t going to do that in future I could get dressed and he would take me back home. Right now!

I was horrified. “But Tom how am I supposed to know what you want me to do if you don’t tell me?”

He looked at me the anger fading, “Oh! I’m sorry Joy I thought that’s what we agreed.”

“No, first you said if we were alone. Then you said I could if I wanted to when Ray and Dave were there too.”

“Well from now on it’s whenever there is a towel on the seat, right?”

“No matter who is in the car?”

“Yea. No matter, ok?”


“What if I don’t want to?”

He just looked at me…” Come on Joy they will be waiting for us.”

I got the message.

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