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9 Feb

Hi Everyone

We are off skiing leaving Tuesday and wont be back untill the end of March.

I will have my lap top with me and if I get the chance I will continue posting on my blog but no promisses. I may even post a photo or two of how i have fun now…



Rays Turn – Linda part 5

9 Feb

As soon as my hands were free I started to wipe the cum from my eyes and mouth, and, asking for the towel.
“No! No don’t do that!” said Tom in the tone that I had learnt to heed. “Leave it you know I like to see you covered in spunk like that. Just swop places with Linda. She can’t wait to show you a thing or two. Can you Linda!”

After much merriment shuffling around to swap places and Linda and I receiving lots of supposed accidental finger feels from the boys; as if we didn’t know what they were up to, Linda was in my place propped up on some cushions and folded blankets; Ray and Dave each side and I was behind Tom.
However, Tom being Tom, changed his mind about the spunk on me when he realised it was going to rub off onto him!
Tom asked for someone to, “Give Joy a towel!”

I was to wank Tom over Linda as Linda had wanked Ray over me. I wondered if I would be able to point Toms cock at HER face when he was about to squirt.

It was quite funny, really, Tom and Dave had huge stiff cocks whilst Rays had gone small and soft. I couldn’t help laughing at that and tried to reach it to give it a flick with my fingers.
Then, befor I could, to my amazement, Linda turned to Ray took hold of his soft cock and put all of it into her mouth and started sucking on it! After a moment or two it started getting stiff again and that’s when she started moving her head up and down on it. Also, at the same time wanking on Dave’s very stiff cock.

Watching, I had never seen this before and being somewhat mesmerised by what she was doing, I had stopped wanking Toms cock, so he pulled my hand off and pushing Linda’s tits together started pushing his cock to and fro between them.
He couldn’t do that to me. He had tried a few times but my tits were too small to push together like that.
Because of his tit wanking, or tit fucking, all I could do was put my arms around his waist, lean to one side, and watch Linda working magic on Rays limp cock. It was soon as hard as ever. She then turned her attention to Dave who pushed his cock into her mouth as far as he could as quickly as he could. Seeing the look on my face he smiled at me and told me that this was known as face fucking and that I could have a go later.
I didn’t reply I was just watching, fascinated by what they were doing.
I could see that Linda was enjoying every minute of it. She was holding Dave’s cock in one hand trying to stop him pushing it too far into her mouth; with the other hand she was trying to maintain Rays hard on and Tom was happily rubbing his cock between her tits.
However much she pulled his cock Ray was slowly going soft so she turned from Dave to Ray and started sucking his cock again to get it hard; it soon was.

Lifting her head she smiled at me and still looking at me told Tom it was his turn. She must have known that this was the first time I had shared him with another girl and she was most probably expecting some sort of reaction from me. The butterflies did rise in my tummy and I tried not to show it but I don’t think I fooled her because of what happened next.

Tom lifted up and forward on his knees, thrusting his cock deep into her open mouth and started pushing it rapidly in and out. Linda and I were looking at each other; she looking for any sign of a reaction and me trying to be nonchalant about what Tom was doing.
I was caught off balance by his rapid forward movement and because I had my arms around his waist I fell sideways onto the tent side flap which gave way and I ended up akimbo outside!
Oh shit! Was any one there? Thank goodness; no.
When I stood up Tom was holding the flap open, Ray and Dave were laughing fit to bust and Linda was still gobbling on Toms cock as if nothing had happened. She was looking into my eyes though; her expression was asking me if I was alright about things. I smiled, not very convincingly but she relaxed and got on with pleasuring Tom.
What are you playing at Joyce? Said Tom rather gruffly. Get back in here and…and…and look after Ray he looks rather limp.

I did as I was told but I was not too happy. I knew what the problem was. I was not happy about Tom, my boyfriend, sticking his cock into another girl or being wanked off by her. A contradiction if ever there was one. It would prove to be a recurring problem for me…

I was always – until I met my husband – quite happy if my current boyfriend wanted to share me with other lads; altogether or one at a time with or without him watching. If my boyfriend wanted me to do whatever with whomever I did; where sex was concerned I found it extremely difficult, if not nigh on impossible to say no!
It was ok for me to be in a multi partner situation; it didn’t matter how many lads were involved. In fact, after things had cooled a bit between me and Tom, I often had several sexual partners independent and not known to each other as well as multi partner affairs such as the card school that I got involved with in Manchester.
With the multi partner sessions I was ok about other girls being involved so long as my boyfriend of the day was not involved.
It was even ok for me to have mixed multi partner sessions involving my boyfriend but it was not ok for him to fuck another girl!
I did try threesomes and moresomes; I just did not like my boyfriend seeming to have more fun, more enjoyment with someone else as I watched. Or, even if I was being fucked, and enjoying it myself, by the other girls regular partner; whether in the same room or not. In fact it would be worse for me if we were in separate rooms.

I am still like it today!

It’s alright for me to flirt and be over friendly, to talk and spend time in the company of other men but as soon as he – my husband – does the same thing with women, even if I know them, I don’t like it…

Like I said; a contradiction, if ever there was one.

I digress…

Rays Turn – Linda part 4

2 Feb

Linda was wanking away on Ray while Dave and Tom were rubbing their nobs over my face and trying to push them into my mouth. I was trying my best not to let that happen I kept moving my head about as I didn’t like it; Tom knew I didn’t like it but it didn’t stop him trying neither did he tell Dave or try to stop him! Thinking back on all this I am sure they had this planned because Ray was leaning forward holding my wrists so that I could not use my hands to push them away or cover my mouth.

Eventually Ray let go of my wrists to adjust his position so that Linda could get a better grip. So I took the opportunity to grab hold of Tom and Dave’s cocks in an effort to stop them poking at my mouth.

I could now see that Ray had his hands behind him and was obviously feeling for Linda’s fanny.

Linda and Ray once again started to re-adjust so that Ray could get a better finger poke into Linda.

For Ray to be able to do that they had pulled my legs wide apart so that they, Ray and Linda, could kneel in-between them, this in turn exposed my less than hairy fanny for all to see. So, by leaning sideways Tom and Dave were now able to alternate between one feeling my tits and the other pushing fingers into me.

I heard Linda telling Ray to have a poke too.
Oh, goody. I thought but then I heard Tom say no, not yet.

I was about to make some comment about Tom promising Ray that he could have a go too then I could see and feel why; the three of them were trying and at times succeeding to get their fingers into me at the same time! Because of their activity on me and my subsequent wriggling about I slowly slipped off the cushions and found it difficult to maintain a wanking rhythm. Not that they noticed they were too interested in what they were doing to me.

However, Linda, who was getting more and more excited by my reactions to all this attention, was desperately trying to get at Rays cock. She eventually, and once again took charge of things and the boys finally moved about so that I was once again propped up to be a better target!

Ray was astride my waist again and Linda was able to vigorously wank away on Ray. I had a tight hold on Tom and Dave but they were sitting back watching Linda working on Ray; it was as if she was trying to pull it off! Poor Ray, but then maybe not he seemed to be enjoying it. All the time Linda was rabbiting on about how much fun this was and was I enjoying it?

All I was thinking was, shut up Linda.

Then,Ray suddenly lifted up and leaning forward, His first squirt took us all by surprise, me in particular. There was so much of it. It went on my face, up my nose and into my partially open mouth. As the ejection lost its force Linda kept wanking away until she had wrung the last drops out of him over my tits.

As this was happening to me Dave and Tom clasped my hands to their cocks so that I could not wipe it away. They all sat there watching me splutter and shaking my head as I tried to keep it out of my mouth and stop it trickling up my nose and into my eyes. It seemed that the more I struggled to pull my hands free the tighter they held them. All the time I could hear Linda telling them to let me go.

Not for my sake, oh no.

“Come on you two let her go! It’s my turn now, my turn, come on let go of her.”

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