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Linda part 6

29 Mar

As I was about to get back into the tent Ray got out and told me to wait a mo.’ as he wanted to adjust the flap to try and make a bit more room for us inside. I tried to help him but he told me to keep watch in case someone came along, I think more for his modesty because they never seemed to bother about mine.

Eventually he managed to re-position the flap support poles at such an angle that the flap was pushed away from the side far enough to provide a bit more room but not too far that anybody passing by would be able to see what we were doing inside.

Once Ray was happy with things we got back in and kneeling side by side in this new found space we watched Tom and Linda rearrange themselves to make it easier for Linda to suck on Toms cock and for Tom to push it in as far as he could. When this was accomplished and they were more comfortable he proceeded to slowly push it in until she started to gag. He then slowly pulled it out and, when she was ready, pushed it back in again until she gagged. He did this repeatedly; sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

It was now patently obvious to me that they were well practiced at this! I was just kneeling there watching and feeling more and more pissed off with Tom and generally neglected.

At the same time she was slowly wanking on Dave’s cock; he seemed quite happy to recline there watching Linda being face fucked by Tom.

Ray, by now, had moved down so that he could finger fuck Linda who parted her legs to make it easier for him to do so.

I was beginning to think that it was much better without Linda; I was not the centre of attention and I didn’t like it!

Ray must have noticed this as he suggested that I move closer to him, which I did, and with his other hand started to finger fuck me too. Now this was more like it!
I positioned myself so that I could see his fingers going into me; I could also see his fingers going into Linda too. Now this did start to revitalise my interest and excite me. I started to try and rub some life back into Rays limp cock, but not very successfully as I was in an awkward position and couldn’t quite reach. Ray, seeing what I was trying to do took his fingers out of me which allowed me to reposition and get more comfortable for a better wanking grip.

It was then that I started thinking about how Linda had got it stiff and thought I would give it a go too. So, after much thought and hesitation, for the very first time I deliberately took a cock into my mouth. I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it! I just opened my mouth wide and went down on it.

It tasted awful!

My nose went into his pubic bush and the hairs went into my mouth; YUK!

Then, much to my surprise, his cock almost immediately started swelling.
The force of his growing erection was pushing my head up and lifting my nose out of his bush. His nob was getting thicker too so I lifted off to take it out of my mouth. When it was almost out I felt hands on the top of my head and I was suddenly pushed down on to it and it went deep into my mouth. I started gagging and struggling to get free. As the pressure holding my head down was released, I lifted up gasping for air, only to be pushed down again.

I was forced up and down several times before I could get off it.
I managed to get off it because the motion became rhythmic. As well as having my head pushed up and down Ray was pumping in and out; inevitably it came right out and I was able to turn my mouth aside. However, as my head was pushed down, the shaft of his nob slid along my cheek over my ear and into my hair.

Then I felt the warm trickle of his cum behind my ear and in my hair.
I wasn’t too happy; that could have been in my mouth.

I could hear Ray telling me that what I had just done was incredible but I wasn’t really interested. I was more concerned with who had been pushing my head up and down?
I knew it wasn’t Ray because he was holding my shoulders down to stop me sitting up and away from his nob but who was it pushing on my head?

I sat up and looked around they were all wide eyed and looking at me and Tom was speaking to me.

“Wow Joy that was incredible, shame it wasn’t my cock.”

By now I was getting a wee bit annoyed because I had realised that it must have been, it could only have been Tom that had been pushing me down onto Rays cock.

“Never mind you.” I snapped. “What about me? You did that didn’t you? Yet you know I don’t like it. It was you forcing my head up and down, it were you all the time wasn’t it?”
By now I was thumping him with my fists. “I only wanted to see if I could do for Ray what Linda did.”

The spunk in my hair and behind my ear was beginning to tickle so I sat back to wipe it off.
Linda handed me a small towel; “come on Joy, get your revenge, try and pull Toms nob off.

The thought of doing that calmed me down a bit and brought a wicked smile to my face. So we sorted ourselves out again with me behind Tom squeezing and wanking as hard and as fast as I could. I hoped it was hurting him; my revenge for him being so well practiced at face fucking Linda. It didn’t take me long before he was shooting prodigious amounts all over her face.

Much to my annoyance she was revelling in it and started using her fingers to wipe it into her mouth and eat it.


The next thing she did was to take the hand I had used to wank Tom and lick from my fingers the small amounts of cum that had trickled onto them when I had squeezed out the last few drops!
Then she put his now limp cock into her mouth and proceeded to suck and lick that clean too!
My, oh my, how could she do that? It must taste awful; whatever next?

It was Dave’s turn now. But with whom; me or Linda??? It didn’t cross my mind that he would want it to be both of us!


Trepidation; possible new project.

25 Mar

Wow…what a week this has been.

We got back from our skiing trip last Monday and my mind and emotions have been in a whirl ever since.

One of the many e messages waiting for me really intrigued me so I followed it up. After exchanging many messages and relevant information I thought I would give it a go as it is nothing I haven’t done before; albeit a while since though.

I agreed to take part on the provision that any projects I would be requested to take on would always and only be the one, or ones, of my choice, and that I can always opt out at any time. That was readily agreed, so now things are being set up.

Now, the panic and doubt has set in, I am so excited yet at the same time scared. Every time the thought of any of the possible tasks cross my mind the butterflies in my tummy riot!
I haven’t experienced such feelings for years. It’s so difficult to describe the range of emotions; excited anticipation of the unknown tempered by uncertainty, trepidation and, yes, fear!

I must confess, I really am uncertain as to whether I am still able to undertake such activities, I am after all 62, however, I said I will give it a go so I will.

It’s almost like when at the swimming baths and one is dared to leap from the highest board; as you climb up you feel that everybody is watching and knows your fear and you are telling yourself that you don’t have to do it. You know that you can always go back down and leap from a lesser board…but!

Those butterflies…I have now provided all requested and am now awaiting confirmation and final details…am I going to regret this???

Those butterflies are on overdrive!!!

However, lets carry on from where I left off…

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