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Linda; Daves turn.

3 May

Linda VII

It was Dave’s turn now.

Was I going to wank him over Linda or was Linda going to wank him over me? I didn’t mind, either way would be fun!
But, no! Before we did that what Dave wanted was for me and Linda to cuddle up and play with each other whilst they watched. Linda was quite keen but I wasn’t having any of that, it wasn’t right, and I told them so too! I told them that I didn’t mind messing around like we had been but that I was no lezzie and was just not going to do things with or to another girl and that’s that!
I recall that the lads looked a bit disappointed but I didn’t care I just was not going to do it. Tom seem to cheer up when I told them that I wouldn’t t mind other girls being involved when we were fooling around but that no way was I going to do lezzie type things with them.

Seeing how hostile I was to this suggestion Dave and Linda started kissing and fondling each other. And where Tom had been astride Linda he was now trying to get off her probably to find a space where we could snuggle up. But I could see that we were all getting hopelessly tangled up again so I got out.

I was getting into one of my moody moods. I was a bit pissed off with Tom because he had been more interested in what he was doing to Linda than what I was doing to him; this seemed to be all about Linda.
I know, I know what you are thinking – selfish bitch. But I wasn’t used to this. I was used to being the centre of attention; I was feeling left out, ignored. For me, having another girl involved wasn’t, at this time,(and as it turned out this stage of my training) that much of a turn on though I could see it was for the boys!

Tom and Ray soon came to join me and we sat in the warm sunshine. When we sat down the boys made sure that they could still observe what Dave and Linda were up to. I wasn’t taking that much notice as what Tom and Ray were doing to me was of more import; it was nice. I was between them; a semi hard cock in each hand. Ray was playing with my tits and Tom was gently tickling my vagina with something or other. So, caressed by sunshine and two boys that I liked I was beginning to relax and becoming aroused. Then they both stopped doing what they were doing to me at the same time. Oh goody! Thinking this was going to be all for my benefit I parted my legs to make it easier for them to finger fuck me, but no!
They had both sat up. They were both obviously excited by something that Dave and Linda were doing. They started pulling me up and toward the tent.
“Joy, Joy you’ve gotta see this.” They said almost in one voice.

My eyes nearly popped out of my head. I had never seen this; they were fucking! I could see everything; I could see it going in and out with a squishing sound!

Linda was looking at me pleasure all over her face. OOOh! Joy this is so good, she said.
She was on her back and very quickly Ray and Tom were on each side of her holding her legs wide and high. Dave was in-between and we could all see clearly his cock going in and out. She had her hands round his bum, digging in with her nails and at every thrust noisily puffing her breath out faster and faster.

I suddenly felt very, very moist. I just stared, I wanted this so much. Tom! Tom! Me next Tom.

But Tom was telling me to fondle his bollocks. Whose bollocks, Toms or Dave’s?

I grabbed both but that was a bit awkward for me so I let go of Tom and concentrated on Dave’s. It was just too much for him. He pulled out and I felt his spasms as he shot all over Linda’s tummy.
Wow, wow, oh wow! This was amazing.

Then I could hear Dave’s voice…Let go now Joy, let go you’re hurting me…

We all just sat there watching Linda gathering the cum and licking it off her hands and fingers. She was all smiles. Then she asked me if I wanted to have a go now? There was no indication as to with whom; but the way I was at that moment feeling any one of them could have fucked me. I wanted it so much.

But before I could answer, someone, not sure who, Tom I suspect, suggested that we all swim in the river to cool down and get cleaned up a bit as after all that fun we were all a bit grubby with sweat and spunk!

After messing about in the river we all just lay there getting sun-dried for what seemed like ages until we noticed that the shadows were getting longer and it was also getting noticeably cooler. The boys decided that it was time to go home so they got dressed and started to pack and put things away.

Linda had brought her bag with her from the car so she got dressed too. I had to stay naked as Tom insisted that whenever we were on one of these jaunts I should always leave my clothes in the car.

When this walking naked to our romping sites first started I objected but it was that or go home, after a while I got used to it and it did add that extra thrill to it all, in a peculiar way I actually got to enjoy the risk of being caught!
As I said, I had by now got used to it so I just carried on as if I too was dressed.

Even so there was to be no scurrying back to the car for me. Oh no! I had to help and carry something too. Fortunately for me there were shrubs and bushes around this particular car parking area to semi hide in if there were other people parked there, whilst I waited for Tom to arrive, or, to unlock the car. Then I would move as quickly as I could. Even so, on occasions I was not quick enough as I would sometimes notice someone double take; not sure that they had actually seen a girl with no clothes on! By which time I was usually in the car smiling sweetly.

On this occasion as there was nobody there Tom deliberately kept me standing for quite a while after the others had got in; there was to be no dressing for me as he was looking for the towel to put on my seat. All the time he was reminding me that if the towel was where I was to sit then no matter who was in the car, or where ever we were come to that, I had to get my kit off.

Where I was to sit, or, where ever we were? He was definitely dropping me hints that he, or they, had something else in mind for me, but what?

I didn’t get a chance to question his comments for, as usual, Ray was in the seat behind me so that he could cup his hands over my tits to feel them jiggling about as we drove along.

And the boys all wanted to know if I had enjoyed the afternoon with Linda involved and Linda in particular wanted to know if I would do it again.

I could see Tom looking at me…

Yes, I said, it had been great fun. Let’s do it again real soon. I tried to sound enthusiastic though I wasn’t that eager to repeat the experience because of the possible lezzie aspect of it. The up side of it was that they had respected my saying no and had not tried to force me to do something I did not want to do; so I still felt safe. They never ever betrayed that.

Big smiles all round; that was the right answer.

Linda and Dave started kissing and fondling each other and Ray gave my tits the occasional gentle squeeze.
And Tom?
Tom had a smug satisfied look on his face.

As I remember after we had dropped everybody off in town we still had a couple of hours before I had to be home so we went to one of our local parking places and he played with some of our (his) toys!

Chatting with Tom about the afternoons events and knowing what to expect next time I was actually becoming quite keen about doing it again. Perhaps next time I might get fucked too; I so wanted him to do it!

It was decided that the tent thing was now too small so we started using a cave near Alderley Edge. Tom and I had found it on one of our trips out. It wasn’t too far from where we could park but I still had to walk there and back naked even though the summer days were coming to an end and it had started to get noticeably cooler.

But It was only when the lads started feeling uncomfortable naked that they eventually suggested that as it was getting uncomfortably cooler we should find some other place for our activities.

Linda came to the rescue stating that as here parents worked shifts, though her mum was a nurse and never worked nights and her dad worked shifts at a nearby chemical plant sometimes they were both on the back shift not getting home until after 11’o clock so we could meet at her house.

That’s when things started getting more exciting and inventive!

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