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The end of summer; part 1

27 Jul

It seems ages since I told you about Linda becoming involved, the fact is I have written myself into a corner and I am having such a struggle stitching things together; so much so that I keep putting it off, using any excuse to do other things to avoid the issue. Now, the first time in ages, I have several hours to myself so here goes…
Once again several things were happening at almost the same time and as many of these events were concurrent and overlapped, they inevitably influenced the course of action I took with any one of the others thus making it difficult for me to write about one without details of another.

Linda did as she said she would and asked her parents if she could invite some friends round on the evenings that they were both on back shift and surprise, surprise the agreed but only after they had met the friends she wanted to invite and that there weren’t too many! Which was fair enough, so we started going round for coffee after we had been to our estate youth club night. Needless to say, our boyfriends were on best behaviour, and it wasn’t long before we got the ok from her parents to keep Linda company any evening that they were both working, so long as we did not make a mess or annoy the neighbours by playing our records too loud!
These visits included some of our non-involved friends too and became a regular part of our social life.
However, it wasn’t long before a select few, and, on occasions special guests, were visiting on a different night instead of using the tent or the cave; a far better arrangement!
Whilst Linda was getting all that sorted out Tom and I were carrying on as normal (?) cruising with me naked in the car and the occasional trip somewhere for me to flash my stuff. We were still taking the lads to their various fishing sites but we were not using the tent thing or visiting the cave so much now unless it was really sunny. We were now into September and I suspect it was because the boys – and Linda and Rays new girlfriend, Amanda – found it a bit too cool. Though regardless of the weather Tom insisted I was still to be divest of my clothing and ready to perform for them if he so chose!
It was round about this time that the inevitable happened. I always awaited Toms’ arrival at where ever he was to meet me with excited anticipation; would one or both of the boys be with him?
If they weren’t then I would check for my towel. Whether it was there or not didn’t seem to matter though, I was still in a state of anticipation as to what he had planned for me… On this occasion Ray was in the back seat and my towel was out and as I was getting in Tom put my spare bag – the one with whatever toys I had brought and my spare clothes – in the boot. So what’s unusual about that you may be thinking; well, sitting next to Ray was, to me, an unknown girl!
My stomach did somersaults as I recalled Tom’s words “no matter who is there if the towel is out you ignore them and get your kit off as agreed”.
To please him I had agreed to this and I was always wondering when, if ever, this was going to happen. Though by now I should have known that it was, eventually, bound to happen; and now it had.
Strange to say I always experienced some element of disappointment if there was a good looking unknown lad in the car and no towel!
Never in a million years did I think that it would involve another girl!

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