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The End of Summer; meeting Amanda

10 Aug

Meeting Amanda.

When Tom arrived to pick me up I could see Ray in the back of the car; a big smile on his face a sure indication that they were up to something and there was something planned for me. But, where was Dave? Tom was beaming too, he didn’t say anything but the first thing I could see when I opened the door to get in was the towel on my seat. I greeted Ray, who was leaning forward between the front seats, and asked where Dave was and if we were seeing him some where later? Whilst waiting for a response – which I didn’t get – I started to get my bag and things ready for stowing my clothes which, unless he told me where we were going, I did not start to remove until I could see which rout we were taking out of town.

There were several routs out of town and each had a different land, or way mark that I had agreed to be naked by.
On this occasion, as we were driving off when I asked where we were going he said “for the moment just a ride round, maybe Tatton maybe Alderley. We haven’t made our minds up yet”. So I just sat there and started undoing buttons getting ready to quickly remove my clothes. As I was doing this I turned to speak to Ray who was still leaning forward between the front seats saying something to Tom and that’s when I saw this unknown girl sitting quietly beside him.

My stomach did somersaults as I recalled Tom’s words “no matter who is there if the towel is out you ignore them and get your kit off as agreed”.

To please him I had agreed to this and I was always wondering when, if ever, this was going to happen. Though by now I should have known that it was, eventually, bound to happen; and now it had.

I suppose there was a certain inevitability that this was sooner or later going to happen but I assumed that when it did it would be a lad; never in a million years did I think that it would involve another girl!
I was beginning to wonder; how long before the inevitable, when was this going to happen? Strange to say as Tom drove up to where ever I was to meet him, I had now started with some element of excited anticipation tried to see if there were any unknown lads in the car!
I always experienced some element of disappointment if I spotted that there was a good looking unknown lad in the car and then open the door to see no towel on the seat I was to occupy.

That’s when I realised that Ray was actually talking to me. He was introducing Amanda and that he had been going with her for a few weeks now.
I felt slightly peeved at this as Ray was one of my playmates; what did he need a new girlfriend for???
“I’ve told her all about you travelling naked in the car for Tom, Joy and have asked her to do the same for me but she said if I could prove that Toms girlfriend did then she would too. That’s why she is here so would you please show her how it’s done…”
Apart from saying hallo to each other Amanda just sat quietly watching while Ray explained and said that she had agreed to do whatever I did. I got the impression that she didn’t really believe that I did what I did.

Tom brought me back to reality and at the same time basically told me to stop faffing around and get on with it. “Joyce! You’re not paying attention, we are just about to leave town and you haven’t started yet.”

I looked to the front and saw that soon we would be where I was expected to have all my kit off and bagged so I hurriedly got on with getting my top of so that I would at least be topless by the appointed landmark.
As normal, when Ray was sitting behind me I felt his hands gently cup my tits. He so liked to feel them jiggle on his palms. Tom had encouraged this right from the start; it was all quite nice really.

This time though I heard Ray speaking to Amanda and I suddenly became all self-conscious; “now you Amanda, you said you would do whatever Joy did.”

“And the rest Joyce, and the rest now!” There was an edge to Tom’s voice, oh dear.

Ray let go, or so I thought, so that I could get the rest of my kit off and into the bag but When I looked back Ray was helping Amanda so that soon she was as bare as me. I also noticed that we were almost the same build and bust size too.
She was also blushing and sitting with one arm across her tits and the other on her lap but Ray soon put a stop to that; “Amanda I want you to sit like Joy, please.” Ray could be so polite!

It wasn’t long before Tom told Ray to get her to sit in the middle of the backseat so that he could see her too.

“Err where are we going Tom?” I asked.

He looked at me and smiling said “Just for a ride round Joy, maybe Tatton or maybe Alderley Edge.”

A drive around! I didn’t believe that for a minute, they had something planned, they always did.
The mention of Alderley was a big clue; we were going to the cave!

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