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Amanda; Part 2

14 Oct

Amanda; Part 2

We were going to the cave. I hoped it would be the one nearest to where we could park the car as I didn’t think Amanda would be aware that they would expect her to walk or run to it naked!
I wasn’t too pleased about this at all; In fact I was downright annoyed. Tom was more interested in looking at his rear view mirror which he had adjusted so that he could get a good view of Amanda sitting in the middle of the back seat. To sit comfortably in the middle of the back seat you had to put a foot each side of that hump thing on the floor which means your legs are wide apart enabling easy access; not only that everything is in full view! I know because I had often sat like that when in the back with Ray and Dave but that was me and I was the centre of attention.

When I looked she was leaning back in the seat with her eyes closed. I knew what she was doing because I had at times done that, hiding behind my eyelids like a child does; I can’t see the world so the world can’t see me! Ray had her sitting on her hands and her legs were as wide apart as she could comfortably sit but what I really noticed was that she had no, NO, pubic hair! She couldn’t be that young could she???
Ray had seen the expression on my face and started laughing.” Amanda shaves it for us” he said.
Oh! And at my exclamation Amanda opened her eyes; I could tell straight away that she wasn’t very happy so I didn’t give the ‘us’ another thought apart from thinking he meant the possessive ‘for me’.
“I don’t like this.” She said. “I want to go home now! When you asked me to do this, Ray, I thought you meant at night like we did before but this is broad day light and I don’t like it; anyone and everyone can see me!”
Ray tried to reason with her, pointing out that Joy is ok about it and she travels mostly in the front seat and that, like me, she also had a small towel to cover herself if there was a need to or we came to a stop and there was anybody too close. He didn’t tell her that I could only do that now when Tom said I could…
After a while Ray asked her if it would make any difference if I was to join them in the back.
Reluctantly she agreed to this but if she still didn’t like it they would take her home.
Tom didn’t wait for a lay-by or a secluded bit of road, as soon as it was safe for him to stop, never mind the passing traffic, I was told to get out and join them in the back. I was that quick about it I don’t think any passing motorist would have realised that I was naked. I was also that quick that I dropped my little towel in the foot well and when I asked Tom to pass it over he told me that as he was now driving he couldn’t reach it and that I would have to cope!
I think if he had given me the towel Amanda would have been more agreeable as it wasn’t long before she was complaining again and wanting to go home. They reluctantly agreed to do this but in turn Amanda was asked not dress until we got back to which she agreed.
Tom never retrieved my towel so as Ray was sitting in the middle with his arms across our shoulders and taking every opportunity to feel our tits, he was able whenever the need arose for discretion to just pull us onto his chest thus making our nakedness not so obvious. There was no question about me getting dressed, I would have to wait until we either got back to the car park on my estate or when Tom told me to; but then I had agreed to those terms.
With the three of us fooling around on the back seat and Ray cuddling Amanda and teasing me something rotten by not pulling me into him until the last second I soon stopped feeling so annoyed about things. Tom and Ray then suggested to Amanda that instead of going home we could all go round to Linda’s and depending if her parents were at work and who else was there perhaps she would show me how they played pass the parcel?
She wasn’t that keen, not an outright refusal, just not too keen! I was intrigued by now and wanted to know what this was all about…Similar to ‘kiss the monkey’ only different they said. I was still non- the wiser; kiss the monkey was where a boy was blind fold and passed around the girls until the music stopped and then had to guess which girl he was kissing. It was more often played, too much merriment, with the boys passing a blindfolded girl around and she had to guess who she was kissing, hence kiss the monkey!
My husband tells me that they had much fun playing a similar game only they called it ‘kiss the frog’ like in the fairy tales only the frog seldom turned into a prince!!!
I have asked him in a roundabout way if they played any variant on this but it seems not… Any way.
I was intrigued now so I joined in with the attempts to persuade her and too much jubilation from the boys she said she would but only if I would play as well… Now they were all looking at me! She was looking at me with such a sweet innocent smile on her face as she told me “there are a lot of variations with this game Joyce, it can be really quite fun.”
The boys were now onto me, “come on Joy you can’t say no to that.” Talk about turning the table!
The atmosphere in the car changed dramatically! Tom told Amanda to get dressed and he stopped the car to get my bag from the boot and told me to put on my going home clothes. Now that did puzzle me because that meant all my underwear and stockings. No matter how much I asked why they would not say why…

I must point out here that in all the years I knew these lads they never ever forced me or anyone else, come to that, to do something they didn’t want to do; they would often use the power of persuasion but never force! Though having said that I was on several occasions held down (supported?) and there were, however, a few occasions when someone or other got a bit rough with me but when I complained the others there soon stopped them but overall I knew that if I wanted them to stop I just had to tell them and I had every confidence that they would…not that I ever did!

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