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Amanda 3

16 Nov

Now that was unusual; Tom wanting me dressed before the end of the journey. Normally I would have to wait until we arrived at where ever we were going, or when taking me home, at the little car park beside the river at the entrance to the housing estate where I lived. Linda’s mum opened the door; I could see the brief look of disappointment that crossed the faces of Tom and Ray as she greeted us all by name – even Amanda which surprised me – and invited us in. She shouted for Linda then started telling us that we were just in time as Rod and Garry had just arrived to walk into town with ‘our Linda n David’. Another minute or two and we would have missed them. When Linda came through she told us they were going to the Wimpy to see who was hanging around before going on to the pictures; were we going to join them? Ray, after a brief chat with Tom then said that he and Amanda would join them and before I could suggest to Tom that we join them too he was telling them that we would meet them later in the wimpy after the film. As Tom and I walked to the car, in an attempt to change his mind, I told him that I would have liked to join them too. He turned to me and with a wicked smile said “I would have liked to join them too but I have a new toy I want you to try Joy. I think it would be much more fun doing that, don’t you?” Ah! That explains why he wanted us to get away when he realized Linda’s parents were at home so I didn’t give the pictures another thought. I didn’t give the toy too much thought either as I thought it would just be another torch of some sort. I was intrigued now, though, by several things but mainly what was this game they were so keen for me to play and what did Ray mean by his comment that Amanda shaved her pubes for us; for us? Knowing I had to take off and bag my clothes as soon as we got in the car I had just got on with it and much to his amazement let alone mine when I was stripped off and took notice of where we were we had just started driving down the main shopping street; I had just been so preoccupied wondering how to ask Tom about this game thing and Amanda anybody could have seen and recognized me; had they? I was mortified, too late now though. Back to my thoughts about Amanda, as far as I was aware Ray was still going out with Sylvia??? “Crikey Joy if your that keen what we will do is cruise up to Knutsford on the motorway then returning on the back roads we can stop for a while and see what you think about your new toy. We can then be back to meet up in the Wimpy. You ok with that?” Wouldn’t matter if I wasn’t we were going to do that anyway… By now I knew what he was up to; he liked to drive just fast enough to slowly pass the wagons so that if the driver was observant enough he would be able to get a good eyeful of me as we went past. When we first started doing this – me travelling naked – I used a small towel to cover up but he took the towel away telling me I was being too cautious and I could only use it when he said so. For instance passing a vehicle with children or a coach but if he noticed the coach was a football special he would whip the towel away! He used to like to do this at night too with the interior light on. Our night time cruises were often after we had been parked up somewhere and I was usually left on the back seat for the journey home. He liked to leave me covered in his or – depending on what we had been up to – others cum until we got to where ever we were going; then, and only then, was I allowed to clean up or be cleaned up! The drawback for me travelling on the back seat was that with the light on I couldn’t really see out unless we were in a lit up area but anybody outside could certainly see in – if they noticed! Yes…I got to enjoy this mode of travel day or night almost as much as he did. On this particular occasion I was not that aware of what was going on outside as I don’t recall attempting to cover up at all! I was so engrossed on our idle chit chat where I was trying to question Tom as nonchalant and casual as I could about Amanda and this pass the parcel game. What he told me about Amanda took my mind off the game that I quite forgot about it. It was quite a long story but the basics were that Ray was still going with Sylvia and that Amanda was going with Tony. And, that as Ray and Garry were as special, in the same way to them that Ray and Dave are to us, Tony; if his job meant he couldn’t see Amanda was quite happy for Ray or Garry to take her out instead. Or if their girl friends could not accompany them on a specific date and if Amanda was in agreement they could have her instead. Also, though it hadn’t arisen yet, but if it did, the same would apply to me too, where any of his trusted mates were concerned. He still hadn’t answered what to me was the more important question: What did Ray mean by ‘shaves for us’? Yes, well, most of what he had said so far I could accept and understand but it still didn’t explain Ray’s comment concerning Amanda’s lack of pubes. Tom finally explained that from what he had been told Amanda had been quite bushy and one of them had said something to her about needing a hair cut! They liked it so much that Tony asked her to keep it like that – so she did Hmmm! I thought. I may just give that a try. But it was almost as if he could read my mind. “Don’t you go getting any ideas, Joy, we like yours just the way it is. Your red hairy bush is such a turn on for us we wouldn’t want it any other way.”

The bush they so liked!The bush they so liked!


Yea! All those that I have let you flash at or I have allowed to see and feel you think that you and your red hair are fantastic! That really pleases me Joy that so many lads like you so much. So don’t you get any ideas about shaving it? I wasn’t really listening because I wanted to get him to tell me about this game they wanted Amanda to show me how to play but his response to my questions didn’t really tell me much, just that it was a variation of what I was already doing for him. I was to let him know if I was going to give it a try before we got to the Wimpy so that he could arrange things with Linda. “What had Linda got to do with it?” He just smiled. He could be so infuriatingly enigmatic about things. So much so that now I was so intrigued about it all – so many unanswered questions – that I had already made my mind up to do it, whatever it was. If he had said we will do it now I wouldn’t have hesitated. He only had to ask and I would do most anything for him and he knew it! There was however the new toy.

“Er…what’s this new toy Tom?”

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