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Amanda 3 our journey continues

1 Feb


I was so engrossed in our conversation – as well as thoughts as to what this new toy could be – I hadn’t been taking much notice of our journey so I had no idea of where we were.

“Oh, I had forgotten about this place.” It was Toms sudden comment that made me aware; I hadn’t noticed that we had turned off the motorway or even how far we had travelled since doing so.

He was now turning into the unmade potholed parking area of one of those little transport cafes. Turning to me and with that mischievous smile on his face that I knew meant he had something in mind for me to do he said, “this looks promising.”

There were just a few lorries and a couple of big vans parked near the café but he parked on the far side. Was this where he wanted me to try the new toy? As we went passed the café I tried to see if there were many people inside just in case that was his plan, when I became aware that he was telling  me to only put my top and skirt on.

“Eh?” Travelling naked was so normal for me now that I had quite forgotten that I was naked! The realization produced a flurry of butterflies; I had been so engrossed in our conversation I had no recollection of what we had driven past to get to where ever we were. I was just getting too blasé about things.

The entrance to the café was to one side and had windows to the left along the front. Under the windows and along the adjoining wall at right angle was a continuous built in padded bench that was quite worn and tatty and had obviously seen better days.  A series of equally tatty tables were ranged along the benches with two chairs so that four people could sit together, with just enough room between the tables so that those on the benches could get in or out. There were several similar tables with four chairs taking up the rest of the room. The whole impression was a typical greasy spoon transport café.

As we walked in the few drivers that were in there looked up smiled at us and got back to whatever they were doing.

“Just sit there” he said, motioning to the bench near the door at a table so that I would be facing into the café across from the group of drivers sitting near the counter, “I’ll get the teas.”

I was fully aware of what he was wanting me to do but in this instance I was a bit apprehensive as I would be too obvious; from where I was sitting they would all be able to see me.

Normally I was quite excited by this activity and had even got to enjoy the reactions of my almost discreet, supposedly accidental, flashing at a target that I, or most often now Tom, had selected. But here, this situation was different. For a start all the other places where we had done this had been at venues busy and heaving with people of mostly our own age group; this wasn’t. And apart from that besides the woman serving I was the only female there.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying but Tom was chatting with the group of chaps near the counter, every now and again turning to smile at me; he was checking the sight lines!

When he came back with our teas he sat next to me which meant I had to budge up toward the next table. I could see then that our table, and the next table, would obscure what I would be doing from the view of the woman serving and all of the other chaps except the two sitting by the juke box. That’s normally when my fun teasing the target starts but here in this café I felt uneasy, not at all happy about what we were doing; these were all men about my father’s age. It just did not, to me, feel right and I didn’t want to do it.

Tom told me he was going to put a record on and that I was to part my legs and slowly hitch my skirt. When he put the money in would be when he thought the view just right; the flash would be parting my knees!

Then instead of coming back he started talking to them which I noticed meant when they turned to speak to Tom one or the other would get a really clear view. For my part I had to remain totally nonchalant, supposedly unaware of what I was revealing yet keeping observation of the targets reactions. At first it seemed that they had not noticed, neither of them had given the double take reaction that the first glimpse usually generates. One of those Tom was talking to said something to the other group and after a while they were all crowding round the juke box some looking at the play list.

This just fuelled my unease so I stopped doing it hoping that Tom would come and sit with me and I could tell him I wanted to leave but every now and then Tom, checking, turned to smile at me, only then, not wanting to annoy him I would flash and he giving me a wink to let me know I was still on view. So in the end despite my trepidation they had all had a good look at my red bush!

Shortly after they had all gathered around the juke box and they had become a bit noisy some of their comments were obviously about me – the young vixen; and being ripe for it! – Tom came over to me I thought to ask if I wanted more tea but no, much to my delight he wanted to leave.

“Come on Joyce we had better go now.”

We quickly left the café and he hurried me across the car park almost at a run. Joyce! He called me Joyce. He only did that if he was annoyed or stressed with me and it just confirmed the doubts I had about the place.

He was obviously agitated so as soon as we got to the car I started to get my kit off knowing that this would please him I quickly removed my top so that he would be able to see my tits jiggling as we drove over the potted car park. As we left some of them were outside watching us drive off, that brought a smile to Toms face as they would have had a good view of my jiggling tits as we drove past. They didn’t look too happy!

Once we were on the road and I was sorted I told him that I didn’t like that place and he told me that it was usually alright and that he had never experienced that carry on before.


“Yea, Joy, at first they were okay and thought it was accidental or they were seeing things but when they realized you were deliberately showing of a real red bush they thought that there was more on offer; they thought we were advertising your availability for a bit of fun. The others soon realized something was going on so one came over to see what we were talking about but when he caught site of your red bush too he called the others over so they could all have a good look.

That’s when they wanted to know how much for them all to have a go and, for me to take you out to the big blue van where they would take turns; they also wanted to know if you would be willing to take two or more at a time. The next thing I knew it was like an auction with each offering a bit more for the privilege of going first!

Knowing they would think I was taking you to the van that’s when I decided we had better leave, and quickly.

No wonder they looked unhappy.

That amused me.

But not for long; what was slowly registering with me was his comment that it was usually alright and that he had never experienced that before…


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