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Amanda 3 our journey continues (part II)

3 May

Amanda 3 our journey continues (part II)

“What do you mean…never experienced that before?” I asked.

Just what did he mean by that?
Neither could I understand why he had a smile on his face, yet the concern, which was evident with our rapid departure?
Just what did it all mean???


It was his turn to be surprised.
He looked at me with that sort of reaction and expression that I now know is a thousand words of male non-comprehension of the enormity of what they have just said or done.

So I repeated what he had just said about the recent events having never happening before.

“Well think about it Joy. All the other times I have asked you to flash it’s been fun. We have been in a café or dance and we have done it for you to get the attention of someone you particularly fancied. Oft times it worked, sometimes it didn’t but whatever the outcome it was always a laugh and you enjoyed it didn’t you?”

I nodded; reflecting on some of the reactions and some of the lads that because of that flash had been my dancing partner and with Tom’s permission or encouragement had eventually had a good feel of my tits. Yes I had and did enjoy the uncertain excitement of doing it.

“This time it was different; I wanted you to do it just for the sake of doing it. I think in future we will stick to our own age group. That lot thought I was hiring you out! We were lucky to get away with that. I think in future we will discuss things a bit more so that basically when, where and whom will be more or less up to you, you okay with that? However it will be up to me if I let you, okay Joy, you okay with that?”

I nodded again. I was in full agreement with that as I hadn’t wanted to go into that café for that purpose in the first place. And when we got inside I didn’t fancy any of them anyway; they were all far too old, some almost as old as my dad. Not only that what did he think we were going to do if I had fancied one and got his attention; there was no dance to go to…

Then it dawned on me…they thought I was a prostitute!

“They thought I was a prostitute Tom. I don’t want to do that anymore Tom.”

After a moments reflection I added; “in a place like that Tom. You promise never to expect me to do that in a place like that again, promise?”

“I promise, Joy, I promise.”

“It’s just that I enjoy showing you off; I like to see that others desire you as much as I do. That’s one of the reasons I like you to be naked as often as possible where ever, if it’s possible, we are. Especially when driving around in the car; more so when others may be able to catch a glimpse of you too.
I also like it when some of my mates are in the car with us and you are naked.

You see, to me you demonstrate your love for me by doing the things that I may occasionally ask of you. And I, I demonstrate my love and trust of you by willingly, if I agree, letting you whether naked or not, enjoy the company of others that find you as desirable as I do, for example Ray and Dave.
I trust your love for me, Joy, and I try not to abuse that love and trust. This occasion we made a mistake, let’s learn from it, Joy, let’s learn from it and, yes, not repeat it.

Like I said; it also pleases me no end that all my mates, especially Ray and Dave love you as much as I do. In fact all my mates, some you haven’t met yet, they all think that I am one lucky guy to have such a fantastic girlfriend like you.”

Yes, I was fortunate to have a loving boyfriend like Tom.
Before I met him and Anne met Brian (we still hadn’t put two and two together), Anne and I had enjoyed the freedom of flirting, dancing and letting the lads we fancied feel our tits – I described these activities earlier.
Tom still allowed me to more or less carry on doing that. I could dance with whom ever took my fancy and, with his consent, if I wanted to, let them feel my tits.

I so wanted to be liked and with Tom I was so often the centre of attention; so obviously liked and found to be attractive by all his mates that I could not do enough to please him… how trusting could a boyfriend be?

Yes, I thought, I am lucky. The last thing any girl wants is a jealous possessive boyfriend – or so I thought.

“What’s this new toy then Tom?”

He brightened and the mood changed at that question.

“It’s in the glove box Joy”.

I looked in the glove box not really knowing what to expect as some of his choices could be so unrealistic to the point of stupidity but I suppose that was all part of his fun.

This time, at first glance the new toy looked as if it was a half size bottle of coke.

I should be able to manage that I thought. Then, with a smile, I remembered that pic-nic in Derbyshire where he had first tried to get a coke bottle into me.

He was watching me, awaiting my reaction; “well this one should fit” I said smiling at him.

As I removed it from the glove box I realized it was a torch, I just started laughing, “Tom, another bloody torch.”

He was looking at me, a big sheepish grin on his face, “Well Joy I saw it the other day in a motorway services shop and immediately thought of you and that time we tried using a coke bottle on that pic-nic, do you remember?”

I remembered alright…it bloody hurt…not that he would remember that bit.

“We still haven’t managed one have we? But when I saw this I just had to get it as I thought you would manage with this one. The fact it’s a torch is incidental, whichever way you look at it it’s still a coke bottle. Come on Joy let’s give it a go.”

We didn’t get back in time to meet the others, in fact we were so late Tom had to take me straight home with just enough time to stop in the car park for me to clean up and dress.

Yes, I did manage it; both ways. He was chuffed to bits whereas I was, even with some KY on it, chaffed to bits, but smiling.

I was already eagerly looking forward to our next date as I knew he would want to spend some more time playing with the new toy!

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