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17 Jun


Things never really worked out at Linda’s. Not the way we, Tom and I, wanted them too; it was good on one level for instance when we called in after guides or our local youth club but not for the real reason she asked her parents’ permission to entertain a few friends to keep her company whilst they were at work. It’s not that we didn’t appreciate their generosity and trust (?) not to make a mess, play our records too loud or be a nuisance to the neighbours and give them reason to complain; we did.
No, the real problem was that none of us were really ever able to completely relax and enjoy our romps; Least of all Linda.
Let me briefly explain the problem…
We had attempted several romps similar to those we had in the tent thing. These romps at Linda’s only involved the five of us, me, Tom, Linda and Dave, and Ray.
The first of several romps took place in the living room, which was ok but none of us had given any thought about cum or any other bodily fluid stains on the carpet or furniture! We did, after a bit of panic, manage to clean things up and dry out the resulting damp patches with a hair dryer before her parents got back.
For the few subsequent romps we used Linda’s bedroom, which was a lot better and much more comfortable. But what ruined that, was that Linda was constantly worrying about losing track of time and her parents capturing us at it!!!

The other activity, what I now know as CMNF (clothed male naked female), usually only involved me even if there were other girls there, which wasn’t very often. Linda seldom, if ever took part in this activity. But this too had its unforeseen problems.
The first time this happened at Linda’s it was similar to the car scenario. I had arranged to meet Tom there so as I had walked from my home I was fully clothed, wearing bra and knickers which I would not normally be wearing when meeting Tom.( He subsequently wanted me so dressed whenever we were to meet in other people’s houses.)
That first time when I walked into the living room there were just Tom, Ray and Dave and next to Tom on the sofa was a towel. (Linda knew what they were up to and had told me to go on in as she was making a brew.) When I saw it was the little towel from the car I couldn’t help but smile; I got the message, especially as Tom was passing to me one of the bags we used in his car for me to put my clothes in. They watched intently as I slowly disrobed. Whilst doing so Tom was telling me that from now on if the towel was evident, no matter where we were, I was expected to be undressed as soon as possible and behave as if I were dressed.
It was all very similar, really, to my being naked in the car where, by now, I had met and at some time entertained most if not all of his close friendship group. Who had all at some time or another been dance partners and entertained by me during the half time break at the Tin Mish. So most if not all of them had, at some time or other seen or had the opportunity of a feel of my tits.
Also prior to these events at Linda’s Tom had started including one or two, sometimes three, of these mates on our “special” trips out in the car. Consequently, not only had all of them seen me naked but a select few had been involved in a romp (on reflection not sure what the selection criteria was), but only on occasions when Ray or Dave was there and later Rod too.

The first I would know about it being “special” was when I was told to join whoever was in the back. A good indication that I was soon to be including the so called guest(s) in our entertainment!
My CMNF really started in the car so it should not have been a surprise that Tom would expect me to do the same at Linda’s. I suppose I should have realized that it was not a case of “if” more a case of “when”.
This activity in the car was one thing; this was quite different, though at the moment I couldn’t quite quantify how or why I felt different about this situation. I didn’t feel uneasy or threatened, it was just different. In the car I always had some idea of what was to be expected of me whereas here, well, I had no idea at all. Besides, the car was more intimate and immediate and if Tom told me to join and travel with whomever was in the back I knew I was in for a cum bath…Here there were no such indicators of such likely, or any eventual activity and I think it was that that I found so disconcerting.
I must confess though that I much preferred it when I was the “NF”. Not that, at this time, there was any sexual activities, all I did was conduct myself as if I was fully dressed but if there were, in my judgement, too many other girls there, or even too many people, it was not unknown for me to refuse to disrobe. My reasoning was that I was only doing this because Tom liked some of his mates to see me naked; which I was quite happy to oblige to please Tom…Simple as that.
There was supposed to be no touching, but there was discretely. So long as it remained so I never objected because I knew that if they went too far whoever was being silly would be excluded from all future activities. I am sure Tom was aware because some of those touching soon stopped but basically he never objected either.
What eventually put the mockers on all this was Linda worrying about the unexpected knock on the door. An event that did not really worry me because I would just grab my bag and disappear into the bathroom; what naked girl?
Although Amanda and Tony were to occasionally join in on the CMNF nights Linda would not allow her to demonstrate the pass the parcel game that she was supposed to show me how to play.
Eventually, and not surprising really because of her anxieties, Linda also put a stop to the CMNF activities too. But, unexpectedly, an alternative venue was soon to become available, much to my surprise.

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