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25 Aug


Now, whenever he arrived to pick me up, it was almost common place for there to be someone new with him (as guest passenger?) in the car. Much to my surprise, a few of these lads had been involved in mine and Anne’s adventures before we met Tom and Brian. Though I suppose, considering the community we lived in, there was some inevitability and I should not have been surprised at all.

A prime example of this would be Rodney.

I liked Rodney. We had known each other since junior school and Rod, as a long term friend, he had been one of the first lads that I had let feel my tits when they were nowt but buds. And he had, until I started going with Tom, been a regular part time boyfriend at the tin mish dances. He was also the first lad that Anne and I had knowingly and deliberately shared.

Not only that, He was the chap I went with after that first brief date when Tom asked me to meet him in the Wimpy after work. I was expecting Tom to take me out somewhere; whereas all Tom was doing was checking that I would really turn up. As I had he arranged a proper date and took me home. I was so disappointed and pissed off I went back out on the next bus looking for Rod because I knew he would appreciate my company. I had no idea he was part of Toms friendship group, (I suppose that’s a nice way of saying “gang”) and lo, there he was sitting in the car on the back seat with Dave, both with big cheesy grins!

As Tom opened the front door for me to get in, I could hear Rod greeting me and saying something about not seeing me for awhile; Dave was asking if I was I pleased to see them? I was always pleased to see Dave.

I could also see that my towel was out, which made me smile, as I knew Dave would know what that meant but would Rod?

Then I looked again. The towel was there but neatly folded. It was usually spread out to cover the seat. Did this mean they had something planned for me; it usually did if Ray or Dave was there but not with someone new. Not that Rod was new; did they know that?

Then, to add to my confusion, he put both bags by my feet! He only did this when it was just the two of us as one of the bags would sometimes contain a play thing or two of my choice; if there were others in the car this bag was always, without question, put in the boot.


When someone new was in the car and my towel was out I knew that Tom would be expecting me to be naked by our prearranged points on the various routs out of Town; much to the delight of the guest or guests!

It was also something that I now enjoyed doing!

I was just travelling topless when he first started leaving my towel out when giving a mate, or mates, a lift to somewhere or other. This lift would inevitably mean a drive around for a while before dropping them off. At first I was not too keen but did it because it pleased him so! Eventually I got used to it and developed a certain excited anticipation whenever I could see others in the car as he drew up to pick me up.

I only agreed to travel completely naked when we were alone but that soon changed to include Ray and Dave; a certain inevitability there.

Then I was expected to strip off whenever the towel was out no matter whom, or how many were in the car. At first I refused but Tom assured me he just wanted to show me off to his best mates and I wouldn’t be expected to do anything. He asked me to try it a couple of times and if I didn’t like it, well ok, I’d given it a go. So, once again I did what he wanted just to please him. After a while I just got on with it even when the towel was on the back seat and I was expected to join those already sitting there.

I justified all this to myself with the simple thesis that if whatever he wanted me to do pleased him it pleased me to do it. However, it was always with the caveat that if I really didn’t want to I could refuse. I did on a few occasions and my concerns were respected. The outcome of that was that as our relationship progressed I seldom refused his requests to involve others and actually got to enjoy the cmnf (clothed male, nude female) aspect of our activities.

The other reason that I so willingly agreed to all this was that I felt safe. I knew that any sexual activity involving others, apart from opportunist groping and tit feeling would only be at Toms request and my acquiescence.

That did eventually change; a change which I did not object to, though more about that later.

Any way I have digressed…Back to Rodney.


As we were driving out of town I didn’t know what was expected of me so I started getting organised to take off and put my clothes into one of my bags. As I was starting to undo the buttons to take off my top  Tom started talking to me.


“I know you know Rod Joy. In fact, it’s down to Rod telling me about this cracking red head that he liked to dance with that I came looking for you in Woolies. I owe him a big ‘thank you’ Joy. Then I thought well, actually you could thank him for me, Joy.”

Then that smile and those words…well actually you!

I knew it. I always knew when he or they were up to something concerning me! He continued…”But it’s up to you Joy, that’s why the towel is folded.”

I knew it, I knew it. I always knew when he or they were up to something concerning me!

So what was this thank you going to be, I mused, it would be more than just me sitting naked in the front seat?

No, it would be something more than that!

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