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Rodney II

17 Nov

It was also obvious to me now that Rod would have told Tom about me and Anne and most likely what we had got up to together with him.


Rodney was one of the lads Anne was wanking because when he was with me he told me that she had and tried to get me to do it too. But, at that time the most I would do was feel his, or come to that any lad’s thing through their trousers!

I wondered if Rodney had told Tom that Anne had but I hadn’t, and because of that he was here now!  It had nothing to do with thanking him, or the fact that I knew him had little or nothing to do with it either; all that was just an excuse to introduce another of his mates.

Nothing unusual about that then, you may ask. Except there was; normally if there was someone new and he wanted me naked I would be in the front seat and I would be expected to just get on with it and conduct myself as if I were dressed until they were eventually taken to where ever they were going.

This was different; Tom was making it quite clear that this was going to be different. All the indications were clear to me that he wanted me to agree to let Rod join Ray and Dave as another playmate.

(I mentioned earlier that I was at junior school with him; something that needs clarified. He was in the same class and year group as my older sister, carol. He and Carol were best mates and he often called for her in the morning to walk to school together so when I started juniors Carol was supposed to look after me and mum insisted that I walked to school with them too. Rodney looked after me more than Carol did! But as they were three years older than me they eventually went to senior school and I didn’t really see him again until I started at the same school too. By then they were in different academic groups and although friendly they had moved on, so to speak. Although he was always friendly I didn’t get to know him again until I started going to our youth club and local tin mish dances by which time I wasn’t Carols little sister I was Joy!)

That was why he was here, the thanking business had nowt to do with it and I was sure Tom was aware that I was thinking about it in those terms too.

I didn’t want to appear too eager that I was quite happy about the prospect of at last wanking Rodney and having a new playmate joining in the fun.

I smiled at him, “Whatever you think appropriate, Tom.”

“If your’ ok about whatever we decide to do, Joy, you’d better get on with what you should be doing.”

I smiled at Rod, I was going to enjoy this, and started to sort my things out.

During this discourse between me and Tom, Rod and Dave were just quietly sitting there and now they asked Tom if I could join them in the back. Asked Tom, not me!

Tom looked at me, smiling “That’s up to you, Joy, though if it was Ray with Dave you’d be there already…”  I got the message…

He didn’t wait for my reply.

“You might as well wait now, Joy, ‘till you get in the back.”


I sat back and started musing about Rod’s previous efforts to get me to wank him. There would be no hesitation now.

I was still a bit concerned, though, about the bag with toys in, surely he didn’t intend letting them play with me with them?  Consequently I was just sitting there lost in thought and only half aware of what was going on.

I became aware that the boys were talking about where to take me; something about a secluded place not too far away, on the canal where the tow path swaps sides. Then I heard Dave. “No, that’s too open. Let’s take her to where the three of us did it the first time.”


That’s when I noticed we were travelling through Winsford town centre. Luckily I had not taken my top off as Tom had not yet given me the small blue towel he let me hide behind if there were too many people around. Just in case of this event when I agreed to travel topless I decided to let my hair grow; it was now just, but only just long enough for me to partially cover my tits…

Dave, I think, said it was back the other way just as we were approaching a car park which Tom suddenly turned into, to turn round. This manoeuvre threw me off balance onto him my arms and legs akimbo and, being knickerless, revealing everything for all to see, or so I thought, as, to me, there were quite a few folk around.

Having come to a stop Tom suggested that I might just as well travel in the back with them now.

But first they had to get out so that the towel I was sitting on could be spread over the back seat. Not for my comfort, no, more to protect his precious upholstery.

When things were ready Tom actually opened my door and retrieved the blue towel I was holding “You won’t need this Joy if you sit in the middle”.

Which in Tom speak meant…those two will soon be all over you so no one will be able to see you any way!

Much to my relief I saw Tom put my bags in the boot then with a smile at me in the rear view mirror we set off to this place on the canal.

Dave had started to remove my top and as it was being pulled over my head was telling Rod to pull my skirt off. I was almost naked before Tom had got back in the car and by the time we were leaving the car park Dave and Rodney had their cocks out!

I was just as eager as they were; now I couldn’t wait to get to where ever it was they were taking me to.

I recall it being a veritable cum bath. They did that odds and evens thing with three coins and as I lay along the back seat they straddled me and I wanked each in turn to cum over my tits. A sensation I particularly liked as it tickled trickling off me.

Rod was quite amused that Tom wanted me left covered in cum. Even more so when Tom told him that he liked me like that only c allowing me to be cleaned up when we got to the car park near my home. They were still with us when we got there and Tom just watched as those two wiped me clean. Dressed I kissed all three and went happily home wondering when that was going to happen again; would it be with all four?

Much to their delight I was quite happy for Rod to join us and he very soon became a regular companion along with Ray and Dave. So much so that if ever there was any one totally unknown to me in the car that Tom wanted me to be naked with one or two of those three were, for a long time, always in the car too. Quite why I never really understood; maybe for my peace of mind that I should feel that I was in a safe environment…I don’t know. As in all my adventures before and after Tom, I was just so trusting of the men I was with I never ever felt threatened or unsafe. Though looking back at some of the situations I got into I certainly should have been a lot more wary and I now realise how incredibly lucky I was; for, apart from a few minor incidents I was never ever really forced to do anything I didn’t want to do. Persuaded, yes but never physically forced.


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