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Season greetings

25 Dec

Happy Christmas every one and all the best for 2016

xxx Joy xxx


sad news…

1 Dec

Sad News


I have just received an email from Brian informing me that Anne died a couple of weeks ago. There was nothing wrong with her; she just died!

He hadn’t looked for my contact address as he thought that one of our (Anne’s) mutual friends would let me know.

Mutual friends? That was an awful long time ago!

Not seeing me at her funeral he had sought out my brother to ask him to let me know; Joe thought it better that Brian inform me and gave him my email address.

I think he must be in a state of shock for although we did not see much of each other – I think the last time I saw her to speak to was at our last school reunion –Anne did have my address as we did exchange birthday cards, Christmas cards and the occasional letter.

I feel so dazed and numb…

I shall miss knowing she is there as she was such an influential part of my teenage years and adventures…


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