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The Barn…

20 Mar



Shortly after leaving the motorway I suggested to Tom that maybe I had better get dressed because last time we were at Linda’s grandma’s she came out to the car and I had only got my top on just in time!

Before Tom could answer Linda was saying there would be no need as this time they would walk down from the lane end.

As they were getting out Tom reminded them not to be too long about it!

“If it was up to me Tom we would be there before you” was Dave’s parting comment. Linda just smiled.


Although this barn was apparently only a few minutes’ walk from Linda’s grandmothers we had to turn round and go back the way we came to a little farm track that led to a stand of trees. Tom parked by the trees just where another track branched off. I hadn’t been to this place before; “where’s the barn then Tom?” I asked looking round but not seeing one.

“Oh, we walk from here; it’s just along this smaller track in the next field behind the trees. Come on.”

“What! I’m not walking anywhere like this Tom it’s too cold.”

I eventually relented when he said I could wear my coat but I still wasn’t happy as I was only wearing sandals and the track was a bit muddy in places.

“No worry joy; solved.” Chorused Ray and Rod as they linked hands and scooped me up; thereby, with my arms round their shoulders they carried me to the barn.

“Barn, that’s not a barn! I don’t know what it is but it’s not what I would call a barn. I am not performing in that. A barns a building that’s got walls and a big door, that, that hasn’t got any walls at all.”

They put me down.

This so called barn was, to me, so uninviting. It was one of those you sometimes see that have uprights supporting a roof and that’s all. This one at one end was stacked with bales of hay or straw and the rest was littered with what I assumed were veg crates and a few pieces of farm machinery. Under foot the ground was soft where the hay or straw had been trodden into the mud. I hoped it was mud, for all I knew it could have been animal poo…

“It’s ok joy we’ve used it before, many times, haven’t we?” Tom was looking to Ray and Rod for a bit of support. “Dave and Lynn use it most times they visit her grandma…”

“Look at it Tom, it’s too open its draftee, its cold, I’m cold.” I was not happy.

“Give it a try Joy, it’s not as bad as it looks, it really aint. Once we get nestled down out of the wind in those bales it’ll be really cosy; you’ll see.”

I wasn’t convinced.

I just stood there as they made their way to the field side of the bales then they disappeared.

“Come on Joy, we’re in here.” Their heads popped up and we’re looking down at me from the top of the stack, “come on Joy, we’re ready and waiting.”

“I’m not walking over that stuff so you’re going to have a long wait.”


Tom, with a big grin on his face, eventually came to get me and piggy back style carried me over to the bales, I couldn’t see the other two but I could certainly hear them giggling; they were up to something. He carried me out to the field side of the stack and I wondered where we were going as I couldn’t see the other two though I could certainly hear them! The bales had been stacked in such a way that the way in wasn’t obvious, even if you had been sitting on the scattered bales I don’t think the entrance would have been noticed. It must have been made by the workers as a place for their lunch or tea breaks; maybe even just somewhere to hide from the boss as the bales were stacked so that you couldn’t see in but once inside you could see out in three directions through strategically placed gaps. Also inside some had been placed to support a trestle top as a table with bales chairs. It was most probably all quite cosy on a warm day for what they obviously had in mind for me; this late in the afternoon it wasn’t a warm.

Never the less and ever hopeful those two were standing on the table, starker’s, swinging their bits about. “Come on Joyce, what kept you; you just teasing us?”

Tom turned round and sat me on the table between them, where upon, laughing and carrying on they plonked their willies on the top of my head with Rods huge bollocks over my eyes. Tom pushed me backward and before I knew it they had me out of my coat and laid out on the table; not that I resisted.

Tom soon joined them. He and Ray were each side of the table so that I had a cock in each hand and Rod was on his knees astride me slapping me with his sack! They took turns to kneel astride me to slap me with their bollocks. Rods sack was huge and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. They felt different too! What I noticed was that although Tom’s and Ray’s sack were not quite as big as Rods their balls were the same size but as their erections became bigger (stiffer?) Tom’s and Ray’s sack tightened up and got smaller and didn’t swing about anymore. Whereas Rods cock got stiffer his bollocks didn’t tighten up, his remained the same, which to me made his bollocks look bigger still and seemed to swing about even more.

I enjoyed finding all that out and they enjoyed me fondling, feeling and wanking their cocks to make their bollocks swing about. Needles to say Rod was the only one with a full erection that could still slap his bollocks about my tits, under my chin and about my face. The other two could only do that when their willies were soft or semi hard; even then Rod was better…


It didn’t last long though, even with this distraction I was beginning to feel the chill as the afternoon began to draw in and eventually I asked Tom if we could go back to the car. To my surprise they all agreed and Tom started to get dressed. “You two keep her occupied for five minutes or so while I get the car warmed up and get things sorted out for a bit of fun with Joy as those two obviously aint coming so we needn’t hang around here much longer.”

Humph, I thought, anything but admit that it’s too cold.

Ray looked at me with that smile that I now knew meant mischief; “come on Rod, let’s make a sandwich. Give us a toot when you’re ready, Tom.”

A sandwich? Then it dawned on me; a group hug!

We three very soon ended up rolling around in the lose hay (straw?) where they tried to press and rub their stiffies on my fanny. I didn’t encourage them, I don’t think, but at the same time I didn’t stop them as it felt so nice… It did cross my mind that Tom wouldn’t have allowed that if he was here; but he wasn’t and I did so want to be fucked! I am sure they were well aware of that too.

Anyway, it all became a bit of a giggle despite the hay (straw) being a bit too prickly for comfort.

In no time, or so it seemed, we heard the toot, toot, signal. We were covered in the stuff it was in our hair, everywhere, yes even there and had to brush each other off; well, I brushed the strands off them and they did the same for me…

We also had to shake out our clothes too, or rather they did. I couldn’t find my coat all we could find were my sandals. “Tom, you bastard! Tom’s taken my coat.”

They thought it hilarious as I was going to have to walk back. But once we got outside they then, suddenly grabbing an arm and a leg each scooped me up. Tom was standing by the car watching as they tried to run up the lonning with me squealing and bouncing between them. By now their arms were round my back and my arms were over their shoulders but holding one leg each, I swear they were deliberately holding them as wide as they could as well as trying to make my tits jiggle as much as they could just for Tom’s visual benefit.

“Mind you don’t drop her!” he shouted “I don’t want mud in the car.”

“Right, in the back Joy, while we decide how, and what, we are going to do with you.”

I was cold so I quickly got in the car and shut the door. It was nice and warm but seeing my towel over the steering wheel I reached for it to put around my shoulders and that’s when I noticed that he had put covers on the front seat too. Must be for later was all I thought.

Rod soon followed leaving Ray and Tom still chatting “they can’t make their minds up. Now where were we…?”

I squiggled down the seat so that he could kneel astride me and enable me to unzip the monster. In no time at all his kecks were off and I was swinging his bullock about my tits. The door behind Rodney opened and my feet were grabbed and I was pulled along the seat under Rod until his bollocks were swinging about my face, then the door shut. I heard the driver’s door open and looking up Tom was leaning over the front seat smiling at me. “You ok Joy?” I just smiled I knew it didn’t matter if I wasn’t; I was, but all the same I knew that would be of little concern. He switched all the interior lights on. “That’s better. “For the moment Joy I’m just going to keep a look out whilst they play with you just in case the farmer comes along.”

Ray got in behind me minus his trousers, his huge hard on bobbing about above me.

Was I ok?

I had no idea of what they had planned for me it was of no worry to me as I trusted Tom implicitly; besides I liked and enjoyed being the subject of their total attention.

Ray got me to sit up between them and started to kiss me. I liked being kissed. I liked deep kissing. I liked the feeling as I became lost to my desires…I slowly melted to their touch.

I was tugging a cock in each hand and soon I felt Rod kissing and sucking my tits; they took turns…I was almost putty in their hands…

I felt a hand on my thatch.

Whose hand? I didn’t care. It was so nice I moved my legs to make it easier…two hands…then taking turns…probing fingers…taking turns…sometimes together. Then some ones fingers slipped right into me…the kissing stopped…my eyes popped open…they were both working on me…I so wanted to be fucked!

I wanked Rodney first whilst Ray gently rummaged around with his fingers but when it was Rays turn to be wanked I could hardly keep my mind on the task in hand. Eventually he shot his load over my face and into my hair but I hardly noticed as Rods fingering was so electrifyingly different; he was touching places no one had touched before…

All too soon they were spent and I became aware of that lovely sensation of spunk on my body which only made things worse for me as I still so desperately wanted to be fucked! I was almost beside myself awash with the desire to be fucked; so much so that I wouldn’t have cared which one did it; anyone, both of them, I wanted to do it so much.

“My turn now Joy.”


I had forgotten about Tom.






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