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THE BARN part two

24 Apr

THE BARN part two….

How could I forget Tom? I suddenly felt really guilty as I had been so wrapped up in my overwhelming desire to be fucked by someone, anyone. It was so strong no particular person featured in my fantasy of desire to be fucked; I was so wound up I thought I was going to explode! Or at the least burst into tears of frustration. This sensation hadn’t happened to me before, why was this time so different? I had wanked them before, individually, and as a group. No, it was more than that, all I could think of was that this time the finger fucking was different…was more intense. Rod had certainly touched me in places that had aroused sensations I had not previously experienced; not even from Tom.
I just so wanted to be fucked! One of them or all of them I didn’t care…Just fucking fuck me!
It was Tom saying “My turn now Joy” that brought me back, with a start, to reality.
He had retrieved my bag from the boot containing my tissues and wipes and other things and directed Ray and Rodney to clean me up before I joined him in the front.
Ray and Dave enjoyed doing this and usually made the most of the opportunity to caress and fondle me; this was Rodney’s first time and Ray took much delight in showing him how Tom liked it done. Needles to say Rodney was quick learning a task he was consequently, often to undertake. I too enjoyed this process and would often just lie there enjoying the sensations of their attentions to the finest of detail!
It was quite dark now and when I was finally ready to join Tom he told me to get in the driver’s side as he wanted plenty of space. Space for what, I thought. Is this it? Is he going to fuck me? I couldn’t get there quick enough!
In the mean time Ray and Rod were getting dressed and Ray was reminding Tom that he was supposed to be meeting Sylvia in the Wimpy at eight… So whatever he was going to do to me he didn’t have long.
“Plenty of time” said Tom, looking down at me, as I was by now laying along the front seat with my legs as wide as I could get them impatiently waiting for him to get undressed for what I thought was going to happen.

Now, isn’t it funny how some things in life that have far reaching consequences just happen and having happened cannot be retracted. Some things that we do but if we had had time to think about it, or been asked if we would like to do whatever it is we would (maybe?) very well not have done so. But, having done so once, have inadvertently set the die for the inevitable unbeknown future activities.
This was to be just one of those events.
I am laying there all excited. I am expecting Tom to fuck me never mind that Ray and Rodney were watching; they may get to fuck me too. I found the thought of that happening excited me even more; I am almost beside myself with excitement…But no!
Tom, knowing what was likely to be inside, had picked up my bag and was rummaging inside.
“What have we here Joy, have you brought along anything new?
Because I think it’s about time we showed them what else we can do with you Joy.”
We can do with you? The meaning and implication of that for the moment was completely lost on me
“Oh my, Joy, this looks interesting.”
I was mortified;” oh no! No Tom, no, not that.”
Too late now; He had produced the carrot I had filched from my mothers veg bag. He was holding it up for all to see.
I had brought it along not to be used as our possible plaything but more so as a joke as I thought it looked very much like a stiff willie, albeit a bit thicker and longer than a real one, it even had a recognizable, though somewhat fanciful, bulbous knob end, like a enlarged real one!
“Now this is really something Joy. Let’s see if we can make it fit, shall we?
I could feel him touching me with it. “No Tom, please Tom, not with them two watching.” I looked up and sure enough they were leaning over the back of the seat, all the more to get a better view of what Tom was trying to do to me.
He moved in close between my legs forcing them a bit wider and the next thing I know he is trying to work it into me.
Craning my neck to try and see what he was attempting to do I attempted to stop him, “no Tom it’s far too big” but he just kept pushing my hands aside telling me to stop being silly and eventually told them to hold my hands still.
Funny that I wasn’t happy about them watching Tom do this to me with the carrot, yet I had been quite happy that they should watch when I thought Tom was going to fuck me; strange eh?

After a while the sensations of having Tom trying to work this thing into me was getting me all roused up again, and I too wanted it in me, almost as much as they did; probably more so than they realized.
I finally relaxed completely when Ray observed that it was even bigger than Rod’s rod! Such a ridiculous comparison we all started laughing. After that, instead of fighting them I started to actually co-operate a bit more. Eventually, with some KY spread on it, and also with my hands free to now help guide it in the right direction, with me also trying to squiggle onto it, it finally slipped in. Getting it in was not being helped by the bulbous knob end; it really was too big and was by far the thickest thing that he had so far tried to push in there. All the previous items had been thinner or had had a slight taper which obviously made their insertion a lot easier. When this went in it went in all of a sudden as I finally slipped over the bulbous end; it didn’t hurt but I certainly knew it had gone in as the sudden unexpected insertion made me squeal out loud and jerk away from him. I also reactively grabbed hold of it to stop it going in any further so that Tom thought he had hurt me.
Ray and Rod hadn’t noticed, or didn’t care, and were urging Tom to push harder to see how much of it could be got into me but Tom observing my concern slowly drew it almost out. He, with a wicked grin on his face, almost instantly pushed it back in.
It went in easier this time. And so it went on, alternating sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, all the time getting deeper until I had to ask him to stop as it was pushing too deep and becoming uncomfortable. Not painfully so, just more a dull ache from it being pushed in too deep beyond my comfort zone. Though willing to experiment, I was still, at this stage of my sexual development, unaware of what my body was capable of taking up inside me!
He left it sticking out whilst he had another look in my bag.
That’s when Rod reached over for a twiddle. He was a lot more, gentle, about it than Tom, in fact his manipulation was rousing as he had pulled it out to see how much of it had been in me, he then pushed it back in a bit at a time, asking me to tell him when it was right in as far as I could take it, I noted that when I did tell him to stop there was always quite a lot of it sticking out!
He did this several times at what felt like different angles of insertion and I could also feel him moving it around inside me. This carrot, apart from Toms attempt to get a coke bottle into me, was by far the biggest and longest object that Tom had so far succeeded in getting right into me. At first, having such a large object moving around inside me was a novel, not altogether unpleasant experience. I had no idea such a thing was possible even though Tom had done something similar with his torches they were nowhere near as long or difficult to get in.
His manipulation of it was less invasive than Tom’s efforts but even so I still felt full; I now know it was too much too deep and a dull ache again developed.
Ray wanted a go now, which meant that he and Rod had to change places. That was when Rod decided to get in the front too. At first there was not enough room for Rod to fit in behind the steering wheel but Tom told him how to move the whole of the front bench seat back, which made things for me a lot more comfortable. As I was then able to lean back on Rodney, who happily played with my tits, I was now, slightly propped up and as I found, in a better position to take the carrot, which Ray was busily trying to tease me with. Unfortunately for Ray his turn was to be short lived I was now beginning to experience a dull, deep ache and wanted him to stop pushing it in so far. (I now know that, that dull ache is the first sign of internal bruising from too deep or aggressive penetration) Ray partially pulled it out leaving just enough in that I could feel would stop it falling out. Ray then asked Tom if he had found anything else in my bag to which Tom replied that there wasn’t anything of interest just the usual things we played with. Which, I recall, rather surprised me as, If I remember right, there were a couple of other things in there that he liked to play with; a long large plastic bead necklace – you know the type that has very large beads at the front reducing to small beads around the back of your neck – he liked to push it in and slowly draw it out. There was also a large tube of, make up, foundation cream; he liked to push large tubes of that ilk in until all we could see would be the crimped ends (I would soon be finding out what that was all about).
Ray wasn’t to be put off, “There must be something else Tom, what about all those torches, why are they there?”
“Yea, so what’s with all the torches then Tom?” Rodney was joining in now.
After much badgering from the pair of them Tom told Ray to pull the carrot out, which rather pleased me as it was becoming mighty uncomfortable, Tom had now decided to show them what we did with the torches, did I mind?
As always, my minding or not wasn’t going to be a consideration anyway, I had got used to this charade, and so out came the torches. The lights were switched of so that I could demonstrate that when a lit torch was pushed in no light leaked out; the various torches with flash buttons were then inserted too, for me to show how I could make them work; he even had me walk around doing that too and then to follow that I had to walk up the track and back with that swivel head torch stuffed into me to light the way all the time concentrating on keeping a grip on it so that it didn’t fall out; not the most comfortable thing to do!
They were really enjoying themselves and started to think of all sorts of things to stuff into me, but it was mostly the torches as they were fascinated by the fact that no matter how bright the torch if it went in no light came out – though sometimes there would be a very faint glow. After a short while I had to ask Tom to stop as with all this poking about I was beginning to feel a bit sore and I was more and more aware of that deep dull vaginal ache! That’s when Ray realised the time; he should be meeting Sylvia and it was now gone seven.
Tom suggested that I should ride in the back with them two as the front interior light reflected too much on the screen whereas the rear seat lights didn’t, besides, they could keep me warm!
We were soon on the road back and it wasn’t long before Ray undid his trousers and put my hand inside. Rodney seeing this soon did the same.
Ray was going to be late; Sylvia wasn’t going to be too happy about that and I, I was holding his willie

I should, by now have realized that Tom, at some time or other, would be wanting me to have others involved with stuffing me with various objects; there was no question of ‘if’, as it was in their agenda of hoops for me to be trained to jump through; it was only a case of them judging which hoop and the opportune moment, they were seldom wrong.
Looking back on this particular occasion once again my minding or not wasn’t going to be a consideration as they knew by now that my curiosity would get the better of me and that if they took things a step at a time it was going to happen anyway, it was just a question of when!
This was also another of those situations that seemed, at first, to me to be opportune, however, once again looked at today with the benefit of hindsight I am now almost sure that many, if not all of these events were to a greater or lesser extent pre-planned, almost choreographed by those to be involved to get me to behave in a particular way for the greater groups mutual benefit. What we would call today grooming!
The fact that I rather enjoyed being so used is quite beside the point, I think.

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