The Barn part two addendum continuation…

2 Dec

The Barn part two…addendum continuation.

It seemed like ages before they got back from looking at Garry’s car. Then, once again the doors of the Wimpy flew open; what was it about a car that could be so exciting? They were all chatter about this aspect and that aspect but the biggest thing they were on about was that for its age (?) it was built with flashing indicator lights! Funny how that has stuck in my mind.
Tom eventually came over to me and I asked him to take me home, whispering that I was still extremely uncomfortable. Much to my surprise he was actually concerned but not so much that as we took our leave Tom told them that they were to wait for him as he would not be long. So much for a goodnight kisses and grope! But to be honest I was quite pleased as I don’t think I would have enjoyed much more.
As soon as we got outside he put his arm around me and cuddled me in telling me how wonderful I had been and asking if I had enjoyed the day as much as they had. The truth is I had and I told him so but for now I just wanted to get home to lie down as I ached so much. He suggested that I should rest for a couple of days and he would see me at Linda’s Wednesday about seven.
We were outside my house now and as we were kissing goodnight two of my younger sisters happened by; “Joy!” they squealed “it’s our Joy. Kissing!” And ran in no doubt to tell our parents what they caught me doing.
“Oh dear! Tom, I’ll see you Wednesday.”
I got in just as mum was telling them to stop shouting and that it was nothing to get excited about, it was perfectly normal to give your boyfriend a little kiss
Mother took one look at me, one of those – I know what you’ve been doing young lady – looks. After sending them to bed she admonished my lack of discretion and suggested that I should take a bath, sort out my things for school and do likewise.
When I got to my room I was horrified to see in my mirror just how grubby and dishevelled I was; I looked like I had been pulled through a hedge backwards! What she thought I had been up to I will never know, she never mentioned it again. I just hope that she thought that my awkward gait was because I had had a drink or two. . Fortunately father was out otherwise I’m sure it would have been a different story.

Wednesday evening at last!
Tom said he would meet me at Linda’s about seven thirty; I couldn’t wait. As was quite normal when both her parents were working late we would arrange to do our homework together. Sometimes she had tea at our house first then to get some peace and quiet we would go back to her house but we seldom did any home work on a possible romp night. Although because of Linda’s paranoia they were now few and far between. I could tell that this evening was likely to be an exception as she was expecting Dave and was so obviously excited about something. She was asking me what I thought of the barn and telling me that she and Dave used it whenever they visited her grandmother but on that occasion they just could not get away. They were both really cheesed at missing all the fun, but hoped to make up for it soon, maybe even tonight! All the time she was also asking all sorts of questions, hinting about things as if she knew what I had let them do…
The first to arrive was Garry, Tony, and Amanda, to be shortly followed by Sylvia. Sylvia? She seldom attended these soirées at Linda’s. The next to arrive was Melvin and Richard; we knew it was them as we could hear the noise of their scooters as they drove up to the house. Eight o’clock came and went and still no sign of Tom, Dave or Ray. We weren’t sure if Rod was going to be there or not. The first to leave were Mel and Richard as they knew (at this stage) that, without Tom, I was not going to be providing any entertainment!
The others left soon after, most probably for the same reason, leaving two very fed up girls. Especially Linda as she had psyched herself into my showing her what they missed at the barn…
One of those rare occasions that I was quite relieved that Tom didn’t show.

Because we saw each other daily at school I knew that like me, Anne and Linda hadn’t seen their boyfriends all week either; no explanation, no message, nothing.
We all usually met up in the Wimpy after work on Saturdays; Tom and Ray were the only ones not to arrive leaving me and Sylvia like two sad wall flowers. It turned out that Sylvia hadn’t seen Ray all week either. When Brian and Dave showed up they quickly disappeared before Sylvia or I could ask them any questions. Just as I was about to leave Ray walked in.
“Ah, I was hoping you would still be here Joy. Tom says he’s sorry he can’t make it tonight but will meet you tomorrow at the usual time and place.”
“But where have you all been all week?” I asked. “Where were you all on Wednesday?”
“Oh! Oh, they have been helping me sort a few things out, Joy. I’ve got the car can we give you a lift home?”
I felt like I wanted to cry. “No, I will get the bus.”
I stomped out. I was so pissed off with them all; with Tom, with the world. I just wanted to go home.

Just wait ‘til I see him tomorrow. I’ll give him what for, grrrr.


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