The Barn…

20 Mar



Shortly after leaving the motorway I suggested to Tom that maybe I had better get dressed because last time we were at Linda’s grandma’s she came out to the car and I had only got my top on just in time!

Before Tom could answer Linda was saying there would be no need as this time they would walk down from the lane end.

As they were getting out Tom reminded them not to be too long about it!

“If it was up to me Tom we would be there before you” was Dave’s parting comment. Linda just smiled.


Although this barn was apparently only a few minutes’ walk from Linda’s grandmothers we had to turn round and go back the way we came to a little farm track that led to a stand of trees. Tom parked by the trees just where another track branched off. I hadn’t been to this place before; “where’s the barn then Tom?” I asked looking round but not seeing one.

“Oh, we walk from here; it’s just along this smaller track in the next field behind the trees. Come on.”

“What! I’m not walking anywhere like this Tom it’s too cold.”

I eventually relented when he said I could wear my coat but I still wasn’t happy as I was only wearing sandals and the track was a bit muddy in places.

“No worry joy; solved.” Chorused Ray and Rod as they linked hands and scooped me up; thereby, with my arms round their shoulders they carried me to the barn.

“Barn, that’s not a barn! I don’t know what it is but it’s not what I would call a barn. I am not performing in that. A barns a building that’s got walls and a big door, that, that hasn’t got any walls at all.”

They put me down.

This so called barn was, to me, so uninviting. It was one of those you sometimes see that have uprights supporting a roof and that’s all. This one at one end was stacked with bales of hay or straw and the rest was littered with what I assumed were veg crates and a few pieces of farm machinery. Under foot the ground was soft where the hay or straw had been trodden into the mud. I hoped it was mud, for all I knew it could have been animal poo…

“It’s ok joy we’ve used it before, many times, haven’t we?” Tom was looking to Ray and Rod for a bit of support. “Dave and Lynn use it most times they visit her grandma…”

“Look at it Tom, it’s too open its draftee, its cold, I’m cold.” I was not happy.

“Give it a try Joy, it’s not as bad as it looks, it really aint. Once we get nestled down out of the wind in those bales it’ll be really cosy; you’ll see.”

I wasn’t convinced.

I just stood there as they made their way to the field side of the bales then they disappeared.

“Come on Joy, we’re in here.” Their heads popped up and we’re looking down at me from the top of the stack, “come on Joy, we’re ready and waiting.”

“I’m not walking over that stuff so you’re going to have a long wait.”


Tom, with a big grin on his face, eventually came to get me and piggy back style carried me over to the bales, I couldn’t see the other two but I could certainly hear them giggling; they were up to something. He carried me out to the field side of the stack and I wondered where we were going as I couldn’t see the other two though I could certainly hear them! The bales had been stacked in such a way that the way in wasn’t obvious, even if you had been sitting on the scattered bales I don’t think the entrance would have been noticed. It must have been made by the workers as a place for their lunch or tea breaks; maybe even just somewhere to hide from the boss as the bales were stacked so that you couldn’t see in but once inside you could see out in three directions through strategically placed gaps. Also inside some had been placed to support a trestle top as a table with bales chairs. It was most probably all quite cosy on a warm day for what they obviously had in mind for me; this late in the afternoon it wasn’t a warm.

Never the less and ever hopeful those two were standing on the table, starker’s, swinging their bits about. “Come on Joyce, what kept you; you just teasing us?”

Tom turned round and sat me on the table between them, where upon, laughing and carrying on they plonked their willies on the top of my head with Rods huge bollocks over my eyes. Tom pushed me backward and before I knew it they had me out of my coat and laid out on the table; not that I resisted.

Tom soon joined them. He and Ray were each side of the table so that I had a cock in each hand and Rod was on his knees astride me slapping me with his sack! They took turns to kneel astride me to slap me with their bollocks. Rods sack was huge and I couldn’t take my eyes off it. They felt different too! What I noticed was that although Tom’s and Ray’s sack were not quite as big as Rods their balls were the same size but as their erections became bigger (stiffer?) Tom’s and Ray’s sack tightened up and got smaller and didn’t swing about anymore. Whereas Rods cock got stiffer his bollocks didn’t tighten up, his remained the same, which to me made his bollocks look bigger still and seemed to swing about even more.

I enjoyed finding all that out and they enjoyed me fondling, feeling and wanking their cocks to make their bollocks swing about. Needles to say Rod was the only one with a full erection that could still slap his bollocks about my tits, under my chin and about my face. The other two could only do that when their willies were soft or semi hard; even then Rod was better…


It didn’t last long though, even with this distraction I was beginning to feel the chill as the afternoon began to draw in and eventually I asked Tom if we could go back to the car. To my surprise they all agreed and Tom started to get dressed. “You two keep her occupied for five minutes or so while I get the car warmed up and get things sorted out for a bit of fun with Joy as those two obviously aint coming so we needn’t hang around here much longer.”

Humph, I thought, anything but admit that it’s too cold.

Ray looked at me with that smile that I now knew meant mischief; “come on Rod, let’s make a sandwich. Give us a toot when you’re ready, Tom.”

A sandwich? Then it dawned on me; a group hug!

We three very soon ended up rolling around in the lose hay (straw?) where they tried to press and rub their stiffies on my fanny. I didn’t encourage them, I don’t think, but at the same time I didn’t stop them as it felt so nice… It did cross my mind that Tom wouldn’t have allowed that if he was here; but he wasn’t and I did so want to be fucked! I am sure they were well aware of that too.

Anyway, it all became a bit of a giggle despite the hay (straw) being a bit too prickly for comfort.

In no time, or so it seemed, we heard the toot, toot, signal. We were covered in the stuff it was in our hair, everywhere, yes even there and had to brush each other off; well, I brushed the strands off them and they did the same for me…

We also had to shake out our clothes too, or rather they did. I couldn’t find my coat all we could find were my sandals. “Tom, you bastard! Tom’s taken my coat.”

They thought it hilarious as I was going to have to walk back. But once we got outside they then, suddenly grabbing an arm and a leg each scooped me up. Tom was standing by the car watching as they tried to run up the lonning with me squealing and bouncing between them. By now their arms were round my back and my arms were over their shoulders but holding one leg each, I swear they were deliberately holding them as wide as they could as well as trying to make my tits jiggle as much as they could just for Tom’s visual benefit.

“Mind you don’t drop her!” he shouted “I don’t want mud in the car.”

“Right, in the back Joy, while we decide how, and what, we are going to do with you.”

I was cold so I quickly got in the car and shut the door. It was nice and warm but seeing my towel over the steering wheel I reached for it to put around my shoulders and that’s when I noticed that he had put covers on the front seat too. Must be for later was all I thought.

Rod soon followed leaving Ray and Tom still chatting “they can’t make their minds up. Now where were we…?”

I squiggled down the seat so that he could kneel astride me and enable me to unzip the monster. In no time at all his kecks were off and I was swinging his bullock about my tits. The door behind Rodney opened and my feet were grabbed and I was pulled along the seat under Rod until his bollocks were swinging about my face, then the door shut. I heard the driver’s door open and looking up Tom was leaning over the front seat smiling at me. “You ok Joy?” I just smiled I knew it didn’t matter if I wasn’t; I was, but all the same I knew that would be of little concern. He switched all the interior lights on. “That’s better. “For the moment Joy I’m just going to keep a look out whilst they play with you just in case the farmer comes along.”

Ray got in behind me minus his trousers, his huge hard on bobbing about above me.

Was I ok?

I had no idea of what they had planned for me it was of no worry to me as I trusted Tom implicitly; besides I liked and enjoyed being the subject of their total attention.

Ray got me to sit up between them and started to kiss me. I liked being kissed. I liked deep kissing. I liked the feeling as I became lost to my desires…I slowly melted to their touch.

I was tugging a cock in each hand and soon I felt Rod kissing and sucking my tits; they took turns…I was almost putty in their hands…

I felt a hand on my thatch.

Whose hand? I didn’t care. It was so nice I moved my legs to make it easier…two hands…then taking turns…probing fingers…taking turns…sometimes together. Then some ones fingers slipped right into me…the kissing stopped…my eyes popped open…they were both working on me…I so wanted to be fucked!

I wanked Rodney first whilst Ray gently rummaged around with his fingers but when it was Rays turn to be wanked I could hardly keep my mind on the task in hand. Eventually he shot his load over my face and into my hair but I hardly noticed as Rods fingering was so electrifyingly different; he was touching places no one had touched before…

All too soon they were spent and I became aware of that lovely sensation of spunk on my body which only made things worse for me as I still so desperately wanted to be fucked! I was almost beside myself awash with the desire to be fucked; so much so that I wouldn’t have cared which one did it; anyone, both of them, I wanted to do it so much.

“My turn now Joy.”


I had forgotten about Tom.






Eddy; at last.

28 Feb

Eddy; at last.


I was now used to there being passengers in the car when Tom picked me up. It seemed that there was always one or more of his mates wanting a lift somewhere so by now most if not all of his close friends had at some time or other seen me naked, either in the car or at Linda’s. Though, I must add, that at this stage of our relationship Tom had only encouraged me to allow the inclusion of Ray and Dave in the occasional romp though unbeknown to me this was about to change. I was also quite happy and content to acquiesce to his requests regarding my activities at the tin mish and other social events we went to – I have already mentioned these activities; for example the flashing, letting dance partners feel my tits and the cmfn. All of which, I must confess, I found most enjoyable fun.

One of the friends that we often gave a lift to was Eddie. It was the only time that I ever saw him as he never attended the dances or anything like that. He seemed to spend most of his time away on all sorts of adventurous activity or other, things like rock climbing, caving, hill walking; all sorts of adventurous outdoor pursuits. So, to me it seemed we were either taking him to or collecting him from Knutsford motorway services where he was meeting or being dropped off by one of his adventure pals. For some reason my towel was never out when Eddie was in the car; as you can guess this puzzled me so much – never mind the fact that I thought he was rather dishy – that eventually I had to ask Tom why.

“He’s a Rover Scout leader and involved with his local church.” Was Toms reply.

“So? Aren’t you forgetting that Linda, Anne and I are all members of the town’s guides group and active members of our local church too!

It was never mentioned again.


Several days after that memorable event with Rodney I was waiting for Tom at the bus stop by the entrance to my estate; it was easier for me to meet him here, even if it was raining, as my father did not really like me going out with Tom and took every opportunity to let it show.

I must have been day dreaming as I was only aware that a big car had pulled in which I took no notice of until he got out. He had changed his car again.

“What do you think?” He asked as he fortunately took the bag that he knew contained my underwear and clean up wipes; he also knew that this bag just may contain any possible toys and to save me any embarrassment (?), would in a crowded car, be best put into the boot out of the way, leaving me with the bag that I would use to put my clothes into if, or when, I undressed.

What did I think?

I never answered for one car was just the same as another to me. Besides, he was always mending someone or other’s car and we often took them out for a test drive to make sure they were fixed. But what had really drawn my attention, though, was the amount of people in it! You see, I would never know if he would want me naked until I got in so whenever I saw there were people in the car I would be all a flutter with butterflies. Even though that by now I was getting quite used to these little surprises.

“You will have to get in the back.” He said opening the door for me.

I could see that Dave and Linda were in the front sitting side by side but I couldn’t really see who was in the back because Ray was reaching out to pull me in!

Side by side?

Ray, pulling me into the car gave me a big kiss, “’lo joy, haven’t seen you for ages. Sit on my lap.”

That’s when I noticed Rod on the far side and Eddy, with a big smile on his face, sitting in the middle.

Side by side?

That’s when I noticed that the front seat was a big seat like the back seat; so that was why Dave and Linda were able to sit side by side.

I knew that Ray and Rod would know that I knew that they knew I would have no bra or knickers on and that they were at the first opportunity going to cop for a feel, but did Eddy?

I could not help but smile, by now I could read Tom almost like a book so I looked for my towel but to my surprise it wasn’t evident; nowhere to be seen!

“No, sit on my lap Joy” shouted Rod pulling me across Eddy. Rod too gave me a big kiss.

Like I said, Ray and Rod knew all too well that I would not be wearing underwear. I wasn’t sure about Eddy but he soon found out. Ray and Rodney had not been slow in taking every opportunity to have a feel and it wasn’t long before Eddy was helping himself too.

In struggling to sit up I couldn’t help but put my hands over their stiffening willies; I tried not to but accidents do happen.

Lynn and Dave were egging them on and laughing at my plight. I eventually managed to sit up and push their hands away and straighten my clothing; I was now sitting on Eddy’s lap. I could see that Tom was smiling as he adjusted the rear view mirror so that he could see me. Tom then told me that we were taking Eddy to Knutsford services where he was being met by one of his climbing pals from down south as they were off to the Lakes to do some rock climbing.

I heard Lynda saying that “You fancied having a go at that didn’t you Joy?”

But before I could answer Tom was asking her to pass me the small blue towel from the glove box and telling me that…

“You will probably not need this Joy but you will need to be quick, look where we are.”


I looked out of the window,horror, we were almost at one of the points where, if we were alone I would normally be expected to have my clothes bagged but surely not with Eddy here???

But surely yes!

I could clearly hear Tom saying; “the boys will help.”

The next thing I was pulled back across their laps and Ray was attempting to remove my skirt whilst Rod with both hands down my blouse holding my tits stopping me from trying to sit up was telling Eddy to undo the buttons.

“TOM! TOM!” I shouted “I don’t like this; I’m feeling sick, TOM!”

I was too; not that my plight would influence what he did but I knew the possibility of my being sick in his precious car would.

Ray finally got my skirt off as Tom was telling them to sit me up just in case…

Tossing my skirt onto the back shelf he then started to help get my blouse off which also ended up on the back shelf; whatever happened to my bag?

My squiggling around, because their groping whilst trying to pull me upright was tickling me meant that I ended up wedged between Rod and Eddy, much to their delight. But not Ray’s, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the expression on Rays face; he was so obviously cheesed as now he could no longer cop a feel!

Dave and Linda were amused at this too. I knew they had been watching which was why I had made a show of it being a bit of a struggle for them to get my kit off. Besides, I was enjoying it as I could feel their cocks getting harder; needless to say I was groping them too.

I eventually sat back and not knowing what I was expected to do – if it had been Ray and Dave I would have had their cocks out by now – but with these two I didn’t know what Tom was expecting of me.

Rod and Eddy seemed quite content just watching my tits jiggling so I just sat there wondering what had brought about the change of events regarding Eddy?

When we turned onto the motorway slip road I pulled myself up to the front seat and asked Lynda if she was going to join in. She said that as much as they would like to Tom was dropping them off at her grandma’s where her mum and dad would be joining them later for tea. Whilst she was telling me this she had one of those knowing smiles on her face. Dave was rummaging in the glove box and she had the coke bottle torch in her hands; “what an interesting torch Tom. Look Dave.”

She was looking at me; she knew, she knew! I could tell by the way she was looking at me she knew and she knew by my expression that I knew she knew!

I’m sure Dave knew too but he just looked at it and tossed it back into the glove box.

Tom just looked at her with a big knowing grin on his face. I was now blushing something rotten, which just confirmed what she was thinking.

What was interesting Dave was the variety of torches and, whilst inspecting them was asking Tom why so many and showing the occasional one to Ray…

Tom didn’t answer, just smiled. They knew, just by their teasing manner, they knew.


It seemed like no time and we were at Knutsford services and Tom; surprise, surprise was parking quite close to the busy services entrance and I’m thinking that as Eddy is in the middle he would most likely tell Rod to let Eddy out which would mean either I would have to get out too or Eddy would have to clamber over me!

Having made arrangements with Eddy about his return pick up Tom smiled at me; “time for Eddy to go Joy.” Hmm, I thought he is going to want me to get out. I could see there were quite a lot of people about; he does this deliberately. The possibility of someone catching sight of me naked I could now see was a big turn on for him.

But, no! As Tom got out to get Eddies bag he asked Ray to let Eddy out, much to my surprise, let alone relief.

Eddy gave me a peck on the cheek, “thank you Joy.”

“Oh, you’re welcome Eddy hope you have a good time.”

“Hope to see you in a few days, Joy; you will be with Tom when he picks me up wont you?”


When Ray got back in Dave showed him a torch. “You had one of these didn’t you, you still got it?”

Linda gave him a dig, it was the one with the swivel lamp head, and looked at me.

I pretended I hadn’t noticed and ignored them.

Ray turned to me and snuggling up said, “that’s a lot better now Joy.”

It was a lot more comfortable but I still didn’t know how I was expected to be with Rod who had now snuggled up too.

Tom had given no indication at all. In fact he had mostly ignored me, apart from the occasional check in the rear view mirror, and had for the most part been chatting with Linda and Dave.

So although there had been that previous occasion involving Rod I could see that he too was uncertain as to how far he could go with me, like I was as to how far I could let him go!

With their arms round my shoulders a hand each and my long hair covering my tits and the small blue towel over my lap looking like a skirt just in case the people walking by got a little too curious we waited for Tom

The bulge in Rods trousers was enormous, as was Rays!

In the end I gave way to temptation.

“Right, you two next.” Said Tom when he got back in the car. “And you can take that thing off your lap Joy as soon as we leave the car park.”

Hmm, then what I thought.

Ray pushed me upright and to the middle tossing the towel onto the back shelf. “You won’t need that.” He said “not with me or Rodney to hide your modesty.” Whilst he was telling me that he was placing Rods hand on my thatch.

I now knew the answer to my thoughts of then what!

Dave had been leaning over the front seat watching and I could hear him asking Linda…

“Do we have to go to your grans so soon, why can’t we stop for a while?” He was playing with one of those torches again. “Joy has been rather neglected off late and it has been awhile since we have all been together and Rod will be an added bonus for her; can we Lynn, can we?”

Then Tom joined in, “that’s a good idea Dave, what about it Lynn?”

I’m thinking…Humph never mind what I think, as usual, besides it’s too cold to be outside and as big as this car is it would be too crowded to be much fun. But then I never seemed to have much say in these matters.

Linda was emphatic, “no.” she said “we are going to grandmas. I have nothing to clean up with or a change of clothes.”

Then to me, “sorry to disappoint you Joy but you understand what I mean don’t you?”

I certainly did, not that those considerations had ever made any difference to what they expected me to do, I had on many an occasion gone home trying to hide those tell tale stains on my clothes.


But Dave wasn’t going to give up that easily. “Well Tom could go to that barn; you know the one I mean near your grans. You can get some tissues or a toilet roll from your grans too; we’ve done it before.”

Linda looked at me and with a sigh of resignation, “are you ok about this Joy?”

At last, my opinion but before I could answer there was general consent; Ray responded with “Sounds good to me.”

Tom said “ok we will wait for an hour or so I’m sure we can occupy our time whilst we wait for you to join us. If you don’t we will see you later in the week at your place Linda, ok?”

Seems like I was going to be the entertainment until they arrived; I was probably going to be any way!

They didn’t turn up.

Winter Holiday

9 Jan

Flying tomorrow for our annual skiing holiday; no return flight booked so not sure when we are returning; depends on snow!

Should be back by the end of February when I will continue my bio-blog; promise!


More Academic Bollox!

8 Jan

UI study examines link between teen sex and divorce rate

A University of Iowa study found that women who make their sexual debut as young teens are more likely to divorce, especially if “the first time” was unwanted, or if she had mixed feelings about it.

Published in the April issue of the Journal of Marriage and Family, the analysis found that 31 percent of women who had sex for the first time as teens divorced within five years, and 47 percent divorced within 10 years. The divorce rate for women who delayed sex until adulthood was far lower: 15 percent at five years, and 27 percent at 10 years.

Author Anthony Paik, associate professor of sociology in the UI College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, examined the responses of 3,793 ever-married women to the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth.

A first sexual experience that was unwanted or not completely wanted was strongly associated with divorce. If the young woman chose to lose her virginity as a teen, the results were more nuanced.

When the first intercourse took place early in adolescence –- before the age of 16 –- the women were more likely to divorce, even if that first sexual experience was wanted.

If the young woman waited until age 16 or 17 and the first sex was wanted, there was no direct link to dissolution down the road. But, while the sex itself did not increase the likelihood of a marital split, other factors related to sexuality -– such as a higher number of sexual partners, pregnancy, or out-of-wedlock birth -– increased the risk for some respondents.

Thirty-one percent of women who experienced adolescent sexual debut had premarital sex with multiple partners, compared to 24 percent of those who waited. Twenty-nine percent experienced premarital conceptions, versus 15 percent who waited. And, one in four women who had sex during their teenage years had a baby before they were married, compared to only one in ten who held off.

“The results are consistent with the argument that there are down sides to adolescent sexuality, including the increased likelihood of divorce,” Paik said. “But there’s also support for the ‘more sex positive’ view, because if a teen delays sex to late adolescence and it is wanted, that choice in itself doesn’t necessarily lead to increased risk of divorce.”

Only a small percentage of women who had sex before age 18 said it was completely wanted. Just 1 percent chose to have sex at age 13 or younger, 5 percent at age 14 or 15, and 10 percent at age 16 or 17. Another 42 percent reported first sexual intercourse before age 18 that was not completely wanted, while the remaining portion of the sample waited until age 18 or older to have sex (wanted, 22 percent; unwanted, 21 percent).

Paik said there are a couple potential explanations for the link between teen sex and divorce.

“One possibility is a selection explanation, that the women who had sex as adolescents were predisposed to divorce. The attitudes that made them feel OK about having sex as teens may have also influenced the outcome of their marriage,” Paik said. “The other possibility is a causal explanation –- that the early sexual experience led to the development of behaviors or beliefs that promote divorce.”

In a statistical analysis, he found more evidence for the latter, suggesting that the sexual experiences as a teen affected the marriage. The results related to unwanted sex supported his hunch. Nevertheless, he cautions that it is too early to rule out the selection explanation.

“If the sex was not completely wanted or occurred in a traumatic context, it’s easy to imagine how that could have a negative impact on how women might feel about relationships, or on relationship skills,” Paik said. “The experience could point people on a path toward less stable relationships.”

Limitations of the study included a lack of information on respondents’ work status, which is often used as a control factor in divorce research, and the fact that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data included some imputed values. Paik arrived at the same results by excluding the imputed figures, but would like to repeat the study with the new 2006-08 data to confirm that the findings still hold.

“It’s a timely topic, given the current debate over the sexualization of girls,” Paik said. “This study tries to provide some answers about adolescent sexuality and the risk of marital dissolution, and the results show that both the context and early onset of first intercourse are associated with divorce.”

STORY SOURCE: University of Iowa News Services, 300 Plaza Centre One, Suite 371, Iowa City, Iowa 52242-2500

MEDIA CONTACT: Nicole Riehl, 319-384-0070,


Season greetings

25 Dec

Happy Christmas every one and all the best for 2016

xxx Joy xxx

sad news…

1 Dec

Sad News


I have just received an email from Brian informing me that Anne died a couple of weeks ago. There was nothing wrong with her; she just died!

He hadn’t looked for my contact address as he thought that one of our (Anne’s) mutual friends would let me know.

Mutual friends? That was an awful long time ago!

Not seeing me at her funeral he had sought out my brother to ask him to let me know; Joe thought it better that Brian inform me and gave him my email address.

I think he must be in a state of shock for although we did not see much of each other – I think the last time I saw her to speak to was at our last school reunion –Anne did have my address as we did exchange birthday cards, Christmas cards and the occasional letter.

I feel so dazed and numb…

I shall miss knowing she is there as she was such an influential part of my teenage years and adventures…


Rodney II

17 Nov

It was also obvious to me now that Rod would have told Tom about me and Anne and most likely what we had got up to together with him.


Rodney was one of the lads Anne was wanking because when he was with me he told me that she had and tried to get me to do it too. But, at that time the most I would do was feel his, or come to that any lad’s thing through their trousers!

I wondered if Rodney had told Tom that Anne had but I hadn’t, and because of that he was here now!  It had nothing to do with thanking him, or the fact that I knew him had little or nothing to do with it either; all that was just an excuse to introduce another of his mates.

Nothing unusual about that then, you may ask. Except there was; normally if there was someone new and he wanted me naked I would be in the front seat and I would be expected to just get on with it and conduct myself as if I were dressed until they were eventually taken to where ever they were going.

This was different; Tom was making it quite clear that this was going to be different. All the indications were clear to me that he wanted me to agree to let Rod join Ray and Dave as another playmate.

(I mentioned earlier that I was at junior school with him; something that needs clarified. He was in the same class and year group as my older sister, carol. He and Carol were best mates and he often called for her in the morning to walk to school together so when I started juniors Carol was supposed to look after me and mum insisted that I walked to school with them too. Rodney looked after me more than Carol did! But as they were three years older than me they eventually went to senior school and I didn’t really see him again until I started at the same school too. By then they were in different academic groups and although friendly they had moved on, so to speak. Although he was always friendly I didn’t get to know him again until I started going to our youth club and local tin mish dances by which time I wasn’t Carols little sister I was Joy!)

That was why he was here, the thanking business had nowt to do with it and I was sure Tom was aware that I was thinking about it in those terms too.

I didn’t want to appear too eager that I was quite happy about the prospect of at last wanking Rodney and having a new playmate joining in the fun.

I smiled at him, “Whatever you think appropriate, Tom.”

“If your’ ok about whatever we decide to do, Joy, you’d better get on with what you should be doing.”

I smiled at Rod, I was going to enjoy this, and started to sort my things out.

During this discourse between me and Tom, Rod and Dave were just quietly sitting there and now they asked Tom if I could join them in the back. Asked Tom, not me!

Tom looked at me, smiling “That’s up to you, Joy, though if it was Ray with Dave you’d be there already…”  I got the message…

He didn’t wait for my reply.

“You might as well wait now, Joy, ‘till you get in the back.”


I sat back and started musing about Rod’s previous efforts to get me to wank him. There would be no hesitation now.

I was still a bit concerned, though, about the bag with toys in, surely he didn’t intend letting them play with me with them?  Consequently I was just sitting there lost in thought and only half aware of what was going on.

I became aware that the boys were talking about where to take me; something about a secluded place not too far away, on the canal where the tow path swaps sides. Then I heard Dave. “No, that’s too open. Let’s take her to where the three of us did it the first time.”


That’s when I noticed we were travelling through Winsford town centre. Luckily I had not taken my top off as Tom had not yet given me the small blue towel he let me hide behind if there were too many people around. Just in case of this event when I agreed to travel topless I decided to let my hair grow; it was now just, but only just long enough for me to partially cover my tits…

Dave, I think, said it was back the other way just as we were approaching a car park which Tom suddenly turned into, to turn round. This manoeuvre threw me off balance onto him my arms and legs akimbo and, being knickerless, revealing everything for all to see, or so I thought, as, to me, there were quite a few folk around.

Having come to a stop Tom suggested that I might just as well travel in the back with them now.

But first they had to get out so that the towel I was sitting on could be spread over the back seat. Not for my comfort, no, more to protect his precious upholstery.

When things were ready Tom actually opened my door and retrieved the blue towel I was holding “You won’t need this Joy if you sit in the middle”.

Which in Tom speak meant…those two will soon be all over you so no one will be able to see you any way!

Much to my relief I saw Tom put my bags in the boot then with a smile at me in the rear view mirror we set off to this place on the canal.

Dave had started to remove my top and as it was being pulled over my head was telling Rod to pull my skirt off. I was almost naked before Tom had got back in the car and by the time we were leaving the car park Dave and Rodney had their cocks out!

I was just as eager as they were; now I couldn’t wait to get to where ever it was they were taking me to.

I recall it being a veritable cum bath. They did that odds and evens thing with three coins and as I lay along the back seat they straddled me and I wanked each in turn to cum over my tits. A sensation I particularly liked as it tickled trickling off me.

Rod was quite amused that Tom wanted me left covered in cum. Even more so when Tom told him that he liked me like that only c allowing me to be cleaned up when we got to the car park near my home. They were still with us when we got there and Tom just watched as those two wiped me clean. Dressed I kissed all three and went happily home wondering when that was going to happen again; would it be with all four?

Much to their delight I was quite happy for Rod to join us and he very soon became a regular companion along with Ray and Dave. So much so that if ever there was any one totally unknown to me in the car that Tom wanted me to be naked with one or two of those three were, for a long time, always in the car too. Quite why I never really understood; maybe for my peace of mind that I should feel that I was in a safe environment…I don’t know. As in all my adventures before and after Tom, I was just so trusting of the men I was with I never ever felt threatened or unsafe. Though looking back at some of the situations I got into I certainly should have been a lot more wary and I now realise how incredibly lucky I was; for, apart from a few minor incidents I was never ever really forced to do anything I didn’t want to do. Persuaded, yes but never physically forced.


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