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Summer Holidays

29 Jun
I will be away now from next Thursday for a few weeks. My next posting will not be untill the end of August. Something for you all to look forward to??? Unless I get some more typed up over the next few days... In the mean time I hope you all have a good summer break. Joy

I will be away now from next Thursday for a few weeks. My next posting will not be untill the end of August. Something for you all to look forward to??? Unless I get some more typed up over the next few days…
In the mean time I hope you all have a good summer break.


A Willing Victim – Naked!

29 Jun

A Willing Victim – Naked!


 One evening we were parked up in one of our favourite wooded parking places I was lying there, naked, with my hands behind my head watching Tom working on my cunt. He was using a small torch… It was switched on and he seemed fascinated by the fact that when he pushed it in no light leaked out. He would push it in and when he said to I would slowly push it out to the point where it would suddenly pop out with a flash of bright light… He would then slowly work it back in, this amused the pair of us for ages until he decided it was time for him to Wank off over my tits. I enjoyed watching him do this it always made me jump when he, without warning, squirted his cum over me. But this time he suddenly grasped my nose and as my mouth opened to breath he thrust forward and tried to push his cock into my open mouth. Turning my head away I saw something outside the car move. As always the inside light was on in the car – “I need that on to see what I am doing to you. You don’t want me to hurt you using these things, do you?” He would say whilst caressing me with whatever was the toy of the night. It made sense so I never really questioned it or insisted it was turned off. Like everything I just accepted the wisdom of what he said. Usually he would chide me for vivid imagination, always insisting there was nothing there, but this time his reaction alarmed me. Quick as a flash he was into the driver’s seat, engine started and we were off! And I was totally naked on the back seat. To keep my clothes from being splashed with his cum or marked by the lubricants we were using he started putting them in a plastic bag and placing them in the front seat passenger foot well. Also, when Tom moved to the front he took the towel with him to cover his stiff knob. Soon we were travelling along lit busy roads into town. The interior light was still on and, no matter how much I tried to cover up I was in full view especially at road ends and traffic lights. It surprised me at the time that nobody seemed to notice me. We eventually turned into another parking place that we sometimes used. After he had parked up he got out and had a look around just to make sure we were alone, he was slightly illuminated by the glow from the interior light which was still on. He eventually got in the back with me and after we had started kissing and fondling I calmed down and became putty in his hands. “There, there, that wasn’t so bad after all was it?” He said, “In fact that was quite exciting wasn’t it joy? Let’s do that again sometime.” ‘Do what again’ I’m thinking as I Wank him off over my tits. Usually he liked to watch his spunk trickle off my tits or watch me rub it over my tits and chest but tonight he looked at me and said “Its time I was taking you home.” Put his cock away and got into the driver’s seat and set off before I could even recover my clothes, so once again I was travelling through town in full view for me to finally get dressed at the little car park on the estate where I lived. Wether I liked it or not Tom had decided that from then on that was what happened at the end of our dates. I just got used to it…it never ceased to amaze me that nobody seemed to notice me in the back with no clothes on. It soon got to the point where I did not even think about it. It helped that he started turning the interior light off when he was driving but I think that was more for his benefit than mine…the light reflected off the window screen so that he could not see properly! On Sunday afternoons we often went off to the Dales or to Alderely Edge for a picnic romp often working on the coke bottle: getting me back home for my family traditional evening Sunday meal. I should have realized there would be no exceptions to my naked travelling in the back seat. Yes that first Sunday after I started travelling naked I reached for my clothes. “Oh no!” he said “you agreed to not get dressed until we got to the car park on your estate.” “I dont recall agreeing to any such thing, Tom, besides it’s broad daylight” I said. “Makes no difference, “he said and started driving off despite my protests. Once again I was surprised by the fact that nobody seemed to notice and those that did I could tell were not too sure of what they had actually seen. So, it wasn’t long before travelling naked became quite an exciting activity for me…Yes…I actually got to like it. And it wasn’t long before he began to realize that too. So when he suggested that I might like to travel naked all the time as soon as I got into the car, no matter what time of the day, how far or even where we were going, I readily agreed.

A Willing Victim. My Adventure Part 2

27 Jun

The items started short and thin like a screw driver handle or the handle of my hair brush, but the first big item, if memory serves me right was a coke bottle.

We had gone for a drive round in Derbyshire and had stopped to purchase some picnic food, you know, bread, cheese, a few tomatoes and a couple of cokes. Well we had parked up somewhere, can’t remember where, and walked a short way onto the moors until we found a nice sunny secluded spot for our picnic frolics (???) – All sunny and cosy like – … “This will do nicely” he said “no one can see us here.”

I settled down and started preparing the food and picnic stuff, “Joy” he said “what are you doing? Come on get your kit off let’s have a bit of fun first”.

Later and after the picnic I was just lying there on the grass naked, he was sitting up drinking his coke, just looking at me. He liked to just look at me naked especially after I had his cum over my tits, He liked to watch my reactions as it trickled and tickled me as my pleasure was so obvious.

“Spread your arms and legs like a star, spread your legs as wide as you can” he said “and close your eyes, in fact cover them with your knickers.”

He then put my knickers over my face covering my eyes. “Don’t move them or even try to shake them off.”

O, O! I thought what’s he got in mind for me now? Surely I’ve wanked him dry!

But I did as he asked (?) and could feel the warm sun on the inside of my spread legs; it was nice. I felt his fingers gently part my lips and gently stroke me, slowly work me open, it was nice, it made me squirm and wriggle to his touch, Slowly I feel him opening me up. His fingers holding me open, his fingers penetrating…darting in and out…I was getting so wet…I wanted him so…to fuck me properly…to push his big knob into me! But I knew that wasn’t going to happen as he was still fully clothed, well he had taken his shirt off. Then I felt something different, something solid, hard, being gently but firmly pushed into me, it was getting thicker, it was uncomfortable. I moved my head to shake off my knickers he was kneeling there with a big wicked grin on his face and the coke bottle he had been drinking from was being pushed into me! I looked at it; my first reaction was to pull it out. “No! Don’t move.” He said. I looked at him. “I think” He said “that with a bit of practice we should get all of that up there.”

O my, I thought, and then I realized that my reflex action was slowly squeezing it out. He pushed it back in, it would only go as far as the start of the first bulge in the bottle, far enough I thought. “Do that again.” He said. So I did and with me adopting different positions we played that game for a long time, or so it seemed!

The sun cooled and I started to feel chilled, he let me get dressed and we headed back home. The drive home was mostly in first this worried me, had I displeased him in some way??? But after a while it was obvious he was deep in thought. Eventually, when we got to the car park near my home he told me what he had been thinking about. “All the way back, Joy, I’ve been thinking of what else we can get up you, Joy, are you willing to have a go at it? Think about it…we will start tomorrow.”

So much for my thinking about it; So much for my yes or no! But at the same time it made me tingle with anticipation, what was he going to do to me??? “OK” I said giving him one last kiss…”I will think about it!”

The items started short and thin like the handle of a small screw driver he kept in the glove box or the handle of my hair brush. As they got easier to use it was replaced at our next date with something either longer or thicker – mostly thicker! And, with his encouragement I started fetching objects too. Now that really excited me and soon it was me providing the things that we used. I was looking at things in a different way now, I would see something, an object, didn’t matter what it was, the question was always; would or could I or he manage to get that up me? I was pushing things into me now while he watched…wanking himself silly! I liked that, the power I had over him as to when and where he could shoot his spunk over me.

It was almost impossible to go shopping with my mother – I would be looking at the carrots and parsnips not thinking of them as food, especially the really thick ones! I would go back later and buy some. Round objects were a bit different –eggs, ping pong balls or golf balls – they were difficult – I couldn’t manage them for a long while. No matter how much I tried. Eventually I did But more about that later.

As I got better at managing these items, as I became more stretched so he was able to get more of his fingers into me…the more relaxed I became about these activities, the more he was able to work into me so that on several occasions – and he told me that his objective with all these exercises was to try and get his whole hand into my cunt – I was to have an on off relationship with Tom until 1969 and it was not until the later months of 1969 after I had been well fucked by him and many others that he almost did.

But at this time what I wanted most was his cock, I was still a cock virgin!

As a matter of interest the only person to manage that feat with his hand was the man I eventually married though many had tried, he was the only one I was able to relax enough with to push my pubic bone over the knuckles. And what a tremendous out of this world sense of achievement…totally beyond description… he was also to be the only man I ever let cum deliberately in my mouth!

My Adventure Starts

25 Jun

After I got in the car he kissed me and felt my tits again, just to make sure there was no bra. There was that wicked grin again, what has he got planned for me I thought. I soon found out. He couldn’t get parked up quick enough. When we stopped he looked at me again with that wicked smile. “I want you to take off your shirt and lay down along the back seat, now”!

I was at first reluctant, it wasn’t quite dark and, despite my protests that anybody passing by could see in, he always left the inside light on. “I like to see the pleasure on your face” he would reply. That wasn’t so bad before because we just looked like any other kissing couple that would sometimes be parked up nearby. But this, this was different. I was shy, no one, not even Tom, up to this point had seen my boobs or any of my secret places.

Eventually I did as I was told and got into the back .To do so I was not allowed to clamber over the front seat I had to get out and in the back door. As I was moving from the front seat to the back seat he was laying a towel to cover the back seat to make it more comfortable for me – so he said! Any way it was better than lying directly on the back seat. Whilst I was getting myself sorted he was back in the front sliding both seats as far forward as they would go. When he joined me I had unbuttoned my shirt and let it fall open but was covering my boobs with my arms.

“Right off” he said “for what I have got in mind for you take it off and to make sure it doesn’t get messed up put it on the front seat. Ok?”

I did as he said but still covered my boobs with my arms. Then, on his knees he straddled me as best he could so that when he got his knob out he could poke it into my tits, or try to as  my arms were in the way. “Come on Joy, start Wanking it” he said. Now this was quite awkward for me as I was still trying to cover my boobs with one arm. “That’s no good”. He said then grabbing my wrists he pushed my arms up above my head. To do this he leaned forward and I could feel his stiff cock jabbing me under my chin. “Keep them there” he said and started poking at my tits and nipples, but I kept trying to grasp his cock. I kept trying to pull him down to kiss him, for him to gently stroke or tickle me which was something I particularly liked. Eventually he told me to put my hands under my head and keep them there and not to move them…

Then he wanked himself. I had never seen that done, I was wide eyed; I couldn’t take my eyes off what he was doing so that when he came it was such a surprise! His cum squirted into my face, my hair, my boobs, it seemed to go everywhere. He settled back still astride me and brushed my tits and nipples with his now softening cock – it was nice. Then I became aware of the tickling effect of his spunk trickling down my face and body, it was surprisingly nice!

And that became the pattern for the next few dates until I was doing the wanking and deciding where I wanted to be squirted. I liked it on my face, the feel of it trickling down my cheeks but not in my eyes because it would sting. I didn’t like the spunk in my mouth either – the taste was awful and made me feel as though I wanted to puke. So in the end it was mostly over my tits which was also a very, very nice sensation.

The next demand wasn’t very long in coming.

“Tomorrow, Joy, when I pick you up make sure you are not wearing any tights or knickers”!

“Ok” I said. Now I was quite happy about that, funny as it may seem, as I had really missed the finger fucking which then resumed.

I was really enjoying our times parked in our secret places. To make things easier for us I started wearing easy access skirts…Now that pleased him immensely, for, now when we were driving along he would pull my skirt up and fiddle with me.

At his insistence so that the seat wouldn’t stain I had to put a towel on the seat because I often got very wet with excited anticipation.

It was about now that we started stopping at a car park near my home to make sure that I was clean and presentable and for me to put on some knickers and tights that I would keep in my bag. I left home wearing them, so I had to return home wearing them!!!

At times I would become so sexually aroused that I would be begging him to “fuck me, fuck me now. Do it, do it now”! And burst into tears of pure sexual emotional frustration.

He always said no!

As far as I can recall he would say something like….

“No Joy, not yet, not now. Don’t you see it’s something special? You have got to be properly prepared for the first time. And when you are – which I am hoping will be soon. Very soon! I will make the first time unforgettable. Unforgettably special, and that’s what I want it to be for us, you understand?

When the time is right, when the occasion is near I will let you know; you will be beside yourself with excitement, anticipation; you will remember it forever. Which, after all, is how a first anything should be. Not a quick fuck in a parked car.”

Boo hoo hoo. “I want it now! NOW! now!

The next demand, too, wasn’t long in coming.

In fact it wasn’t a demand; I was wearing an elastic waist skirt, and whilst lying on the back seat he was standing at the open door looking in at me. “Put your hands behind your head Joy and don’t move them.”   He took hold of my ankles and pulled me to the open door until my bum was almost off the seat he then  just reached in lifted my bum and yanked my skirt off! I was totally surprised, caught unaware, totally naked! I wanted to cover my doo doo.

The door was still open and any one could see in… “That’s how you will be from now on.” He said. I just nodded, what could he mean by ‘from now on’?

I did not have time todwell on this as I could see that he was holding that tube of gel he used to lubricate his fingers, only this time he put the tube onto my lips and  squeezed some of the gel directly into me; It tickled. Nice I thought, so I wriggled closer and thrust up to him. The next thing it was in me! I had inadvertently pushed onto it at the very moment he was squeezing some gel into me. The tube went in deep, quickly and easily. I felt it sliding in, not unpleasant but when it got as far as it would go it wasn’t a particularly pleasant sensation. It didn’t hurt it just sort of let me know that it couldn’t get any further!

Then it sort of felt nice, very nice!

That surprised us both, he looked, I looked, and we looked at each other. All we could see was the crimped end of the tube just sticking out of my vagina, just visible in the folds of my lips!

“I didn’t mean to do that Joy.”

As I went to pull it out, he told me not to. “Let me, Joy, let me.”

Then with that certain smile on his face he pushed my knees as far apart as he could and, with the pair of us watching intently, he started to pull it out, and out, and out, it seemed endless. It must have been the large size; it was at least five inches long!

Before I could stop him he started pushing it back in. To my surprise it was even more enjoyable this time. He did this several times; slowly in and out a few times then a few times very quickly and when he inadvertently squeezed the tube I could feel the gel oozing into me! A weird sensation; quite exquisite really. We played this game for what seemed ages; time stopped; he was alternating fucking me with the tube slowly, quickly then his fingers slowly and quickly then the tube and his fingers. Eventually he could contain himself no longer and wanted me to wank him off. We had been so engrossed in what we were doing (well I was) we had become oblivious that we had been doing this in the open door way in full view to anyone passing by!

He helped me slide along the seat, then after closing the door but before he straddled me and I wanked him off over my tits. I remember that he put the cap back on the tube and then to my consternation but too late to stop him he pushed it back into me. I thought it would be a bit painful at best uncomfortable but he had pushed it in before I could say anything. But, fortunately, I was so well lubricated it just slipped in, though I could feel that the cap was on the top of the tube, I could feel it hitting my cervix!

Instead of feeling the tube inside me I wanted to feel the pulsing and twitching that I felt from his nob in my hand when he squirted his stuff: I so wanted to feel his nob sliding in and out and the explosion of his climax inside me. It must surely be better than a squirt of gel from a tube?

From then on, whenever we were together, he started stuffing all sorts of things into me. Working them in and out and twisting, and turning with all sorts of movements. I couldn’t help myself this was so good.


I got more alright!

The items started short and thin like a screw driver handle or the handle of my hair brush….in fact anything that was to hand would inevitably end up in me!

Not that I complained.

Joy, A Willing Victim. Tom’s Target

7 Jun

Meeting Tom in the Wimpy after work on a Wednesday was a bit of a nuisance for me; I didn’t work on a Wednesday. I had just enough time to get home from school, change, and get back to town with time to spare so I was actually waiting for him.
There were a couple of school friends there and I had to tell them I was meeting my boyfriend which was why I didn’t want to join them.
Damn! That was silly of me because now they were bound to hang around just to see if he turned up and see who it was.Whatever happened it would be all round school by lunch time! If he didn’t turn up I would be a laughing stock!
Phew…he’s here, and they left all of a giggle…bitches!
“Hello Joy.” He said and looking after them he asked me what that was all about…But before I could reply. “I am so pleased you’re here, I didn’t think you would be, after I told you I had a date with Alice.”
He went and got a couple of drinks and we sat chatting for a while and he eventually asked me if I would like to go out with him Saturday night; he didn’t know where to yet but would pick me up in the Wimpy after work.
“Ok” I said. Trying not to appear too eager. But what about tonight?”
“Tonight! Oh, I’m meeting some of me mates later. I never said I would take you out tonight, just to meet me in here after work, that’s all. Where do you live Joy? I will give you a lift home.”
A lift home! He has a car! Wow this was a first, a boyfriend with a car. So, although I could have gone to see Anne to tell her all about it I opted for the lift home. Maybe he would want to kiss me and if I let him have a feel of my tits too he would change his mind and forsake his mates. The thought of this was exciting me but when we got home he got out of the car to open my door to help me get out. Then he gave me a peck on the cheek. “I am so pleased Joy, see you Saturday then.” Got in the car and drove off!
I got the next bus into town and went to see Anne at the youth club we usually went to on a Wednesday and told her all about it. Rob was there too. I had been with him a few times and he had always wanted to walk me home so I let him. At least someone would appreciate me!
Anne told me that she too had a new boyfriend, Brian. She had mentioned to me about this boy that she had noticed about town that kept looking and smiling at her and had eventually, in the town library, asked if she had a boyfriend and if not would she join him in the café; she had a date with him on Saturday too. They eventually married and are still happily so too. Which, considering what I found out later is quite ironic!

Now it’s worth mentioning, at this stage, that with the benefit of hind sight and putting together unconnected comments made by other people over the years I can look back now and see it all for what it was. We had been targeted.

Although we knew the lads were talking about us as easy feels it really didn’t bother us that much it just added to the excitement and seemed pretty harmless. If anyone asked outright we would just look all doe eyed and deny it with a question…”What! Do you think that we would be doing that?”
Besides, we enjoyed the attention that it brought from the older lads that were working and had the money to treat us. Mercenary bitches, eh!
Any way eventually several years later after I had left town and married I found out that our tin mish escapades had come to the notice of Tom and his mates and that they had been checking us out. Brian had particularly liked the look of Anne so Tom decided that he would try his luck with me.
Now we were aware that a lad called Tom was in the habit of throwing a party whenever his parents were away for long weekend visits to friends and relations; that it was this Tom I found out soon after I started going with him which just added to the thrill of being his girlfriend. What we were not aware of was that they were in the practice of grooming, likely girls to be the party entertainment!!!

Because of all the talk about us being an easy feel double act they had decided to check us out as likely candidates to provide the party entertainment and had decided that we were the type of likely girls they were on the look out for and just might be a double act too.

What saved Ann from what they were planning for the pair of us was that Brian really did fall in love with her.

Whether she was aware of what they were upto I dont know; I certainly wasnt.

I thought Tom was as  in love with me as much as I thought I was in love with him. But now I realize that he liked me because he could use and abuse me so much; I would do any thing for what I thought was his love. I was so blind to what he was doing to me. I did everything he asked and I think it was because I was so pliant that he carried on seeing me after I had unknowingly fullfilled my groomed role as party entertainment!

I also found out much later that their succes rate was verry low and that only a few other girls had been of some sort of entertainment and that those that had were usually from some distant town and subsequently dumped! Whereas I was local, whether that made any difference I will never know. Perhaps it was more that I had become the common property of him and his pals; he liked to watch me performing with his mates or other lads of his choosing!

For a long while I thought we were a courting couple, eventually the truthe and the enormity  of it all dawned on me. Not only that, a good girl friend told me that to the local lads I had become a ‘must fuck’. They werent anybody unless they could say they had fucked Joy!

How blind and stupid can a girl be???

I digress;

At last Saturday; once again I was in the Wimpy early. I was all butterflies with eager anticipation – and doubts – as to whether he would turn up. It was torture every time the door opened. I couldn’t help but look up; it must have been so obvious I was waiting for someone!
I was there over an hour and was beginning to think I had been stood up.
Feeling a bit fed up by now I never noticed him come in; I was so looking forward to this date. I was thinking that Anne would be with Brian; what was I going to do now…
Then he was there.
“Lo Joy, you ready to go?”
“Tom! You startled me. Where are we going?”
“My works social club. There is a dance on and Lemon Grass is playing.”
What a wonderful time I had every one was trying to see who Tom’s new girlfriend was. But all too soon it was time for him to take me home.
After that date we saw each other as often as his job would allow, he said he worked shifts – I found out much later that was something apprentices didn’t do. However, I believed him.
My father was a department manager at the same works and warned me not to associate with him as he was a well-known ‘no gooder’. The more my parents disliked him the more attractive he became…typical teenage girl.
So the die was set.

Tom’s Parents were away for the week end visiting relatives in Leek. Leek was only a few miles away but they always stayed for a long Friday to Monday weekend. They went about 3 or 4 times a year and Tom always stayed at home because he was often at work on the Saturday morning shift at the local engineering works. He was 20 and in the final year of his apprenticeship. When his parents were away on these trips he would often invite a few of his pals round to stay over the Saturday night. They became quite well known but they were always ‘invite’ only – no gate crashers as some of his mates were right hardnuts so that made sure of that.
I had been going out with him for about six weeks or so when he had his last party to which I was not invited. I recall not being happy about that and had sharp words with him about it. He told me that he hadn’t known me long enough; that most people stayed overnight because the last bus into town was just after 11. And, the final insult, that I was too young and that my parents would not let me stay overnight with a new boyfriend.
“WHAT” I said “I am 16 nearly 17”. I was lying and hoped it wouldn’t show – it seemed to work.
“That’s as may be but you aint coming and that’s that. I might let you come to the next one if we get on together like I hope we will and also if your folks let you stay the night. Ok?”
“Ok” I sullenly agreed “but don’t you go kissing anyone”.
“Agreed” he said
We kissed and as he fondled my tits we became friends again and so I stopped sulking.
I am sure he really thought I was a young looking 16 because I’m sure he thought I worked full time, where in fact I only worked part time; Saturdays and after school on market days.
I thought things were pretty serious with us. I was madly in love with him and he with me – or so he said – I so wanted to believe it.

Soon after we started dating and as he had a car we would often park up somewhere for kissing and cuddling and I, rather nervously at first, let him finger fuck me and he taught me how to wank. I began to really enjoy our parked up time together and couldn’t wait till the next time. Soon it was all the time and some weeks it was every night. Then I wouldn’t see him for a couple of days, some times over a week. I always went to our meeting places every day just in case…. Perhaps I ought to explain; after we had started parking up somewhere he for some reason wanted to meet me at a different place for each day of the week unless he specified otherwise. Odd I thought but did it anyway .I could, if I wished, do or go anywhere I wanted but only after going back home.
(Looking back on it this was the start of the process of his total control of me – there was a lot more to follow. I just never realised what was happening to me.)
I was to wait 30 minutes and then go home if he didn’t arrive. I was always so disappointed when he didn’t show up. He never explained and I was not allowed to ask…. Then he would turn up bright and smiling as if nothing untoward had happened. If I missed a date, or was late, even if he didn’t turn up himself he would always know. Like he would always know when I didn’t go back home, if he didn’t accept my reason he would at times be a bit rough with me yet I kept going with him. I must admit though, sometimes I quite liked it when he was masterly! He never hit me…he was just a bit rough in the way he handled me…
When I was with him he always got me home by 10 on weekdays and 1030 Fridays and Saturdays. He said it was so he could have a pint with his mates and that was it, there was no arguing, no ifs or buts, and I just accepted it. Anyway it pleased my parents that he didn’t keep me out too late – I think they were beginning to mellow!
At first I only let him fondle my tits either over or under my top and finger me by putting his hand up my skirt and pushing my knickers to one side. And I felt his cock by putting my hand through his trouser fly. When I did eventually pull it out my eyes nearly popped out of my head. Up to then I had only ever seen the willies of babies or little boys, I never imagined that they would be so huge!!! I am thinking that will never fit inside me! I never realized that he was actually preparing me for that event and more beside.
At first it was all he could do and all I could stand was for him to push in one finger. To help he started using what he called special gel. This helped and soon it became a lot easier and with my own natural juices we were managing two fingers with ease. When I wanked him I soon learned, after having his cum all over my clothes (try explaining that away to your parents) to cover the end of his cock with something, a tissue or handkerchief, anything even my other hand.
Then, one night on the way home he told me that from now on when we met I should wear a blouse or shirt and no bra, if you don’t you can just get yourself back home. I did as he said though I did wonder why. That’s how naïve I was!
On our next date I was attired as requested. He kissed me and felt my tits to make sure there was no bra; he smiled a great big smile like our Cheshire cat.

“Get in” he said “this is going to be fun.”

I soon found out what he meant, he couldn’t get parked up quick enough.

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